New York Giants DC Perry Fewell Will Return in 2011

NEW YORK – Giants fans can finally exhale with the news that Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell will return to Big Blue in 2011. Fewell was being interviewed by a few teams searching for a new head coach, Denver and Carolina were the front runners but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Denver and Carolina decided to go in a different direction, which means that Fewell will be coaching for the G-Men and honoring the last year of his two year contract. He was extremely vocal about wanting a head coaching position but I still expect him to give his best to the Giants this season. I’m sure he will and I am very excited to have him back for another year. I’m pumped to see how far he can take the defense in 2011. The Raiders are the last team looking for a head coach but all of the experts say it is highly unlikely that Fewell will end up in Oakland.

If Fewell would have been chosen for one of those coaching positions, that would have meant the New York Giants went through four defensive coordinators in four years. They include Coach Spags, Coach Sheridan, Coach Fewell and whomever the fourth DC would have been. That kind of inconsistency is something that does not help a team mesh together or make the players buy into a defensive system. I’m glad Fewell will be around for the 2011 NFL Draft, training camp and all of the preseason games. I think the man has great input and although GM Jerry Reese is Yoda when it comes to the NFL draft, I know he respects Fewell’s opinion.

Coach Fewell has also become a fan favorite and everything I’ve read about the players, tells me they love the guy too. I would have been very upset if the team lost yet another solid coach after short stint. I understand that the Giants organization has to be cautious about locking up staff in long term deals but this might be a good time to offer him an extension before next season. We need some stability at the DC job and Fewell is a great fit with the team, so why wait? Now fans will have to wait and see what the team decides to do with OC Kevin Gilbride. What do you think about the Giants coaching situation?

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2 Responses to New York Giants DC Perry Fewell Will Return in 2011

  1. Kyle L says:

    Best news in a while. I dont make much of his comments about wanting to be a head coach other than that just being good business. Hes just looking out for himself by showing such enthusiasm about being a head coach. If he was like meh, coaching is alright, he wouldn’t have been considered now or in the future.

    Bottom line is, like you said, the players love him. And thats all that matters.

    I expect a big 2011 from the defense. I think the organization will see what they have in Fewell and give him a few more tools on defense.

    • robdomaine says:

      That makes sense but it was still nerve racking to hear him so ready to leave New York. We would not go far if we had another replacement like Sheridan waiting in the wings.

      I saw you talking about p90x on your twitter. how do you like it? It seems like everyone I talk to and respect has given it praise. What’s your take on it?

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