Would DE Jason Pierre-Paul Make a Good DT for the Giants?

NEW YORK – I was having a conversation with one of my writer friends about the draft and he mentioned the defensive tackle position being a problem in 2011. The Giants will more then likely have to let one go and most think it will be DT Barry Cofield. Personally, I hope the team doesn’t let Cofield go because he is a rock in the middle and one of my favorite players. Unfortunately, there is a very real possibility that he will not return. If it were up to me, I would lock the man down with a four year contract. This situation at the defensive tackle position will no doubt effect the Giants 2011 NFL Draft but to what extent?

There are a number of possibilities that could occur before the draft in April, such as a free agent signing or a trade. One of the more interesting scenarios I have come up with is the possibility of converting DE Jason Pierre-Paul to a defensive tackle. Now before you all rip my head off just hear me out and remember this is only an idea. JPP was drafted in April of 2010 and was listed at 270 pounds. By the time the 2010 regular season started in September, Pierre-Paul bulked up to 285 pounds and was still flying around the field like he was a welterweight. My question is simple, what would JPP do if he put on another 15 pounds (to round it out at 300 pounds) and got those extremely long arms a yard or two closer to the opposing quarterbacks at the defensive tackle slot? It is a very intriguing thought.

It is extremely unlikely that this will happen but DC Perry Fewell has been using the “nascar” defense quite a bit this year. The name of the game is to get the talent on the field. Imagine Tuck, Osi and JPP on the field for every single down the defense played in 2011, that’s scary. Ultimately, Pierre-Paul’s talent at defensive end will prevail when Osi or Tuck decide to retire or move on to another team. But wouldn’t it be amazing if JPP were to change the defensive tackle position forever with his unique combination of size and speed? Where ever the team decides to play JPP, one thing is for sure, the guy is going to be a pro bowl player within a year or two. He is just too talented and committed for things to turn out otherwise.

I would like to hear your thoughts on whether or not JPP would be a nice fit at the DT spot in 2011 or if you feel he is too valuable as depth for the DE spot. Please keep in mind that the Giants will be getting a guy named Mathias Kiwanuka back from injury in 2011 as well.

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6 Responses to Would DE Jason Pierre-Paul Make a Good DT for the Giants?

  1. don says:

    Kiwi is a free agent and I think the chances we retain him are slim to none. They will keep JPP in Kiwi’s role.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hello Don, I keep hearing that it will either be Barry Cofield or Kiwi that will go but that one of them will stay in 2011. Most believe it will be Cofield that leaves. Honestly, I’m not sure who will stay but the team likes pass rushers and it would seem more likely that Kiwi would stay. Do you think the team will lose both guys this year?

  2. Kyle L says:

    Ultimately I think Justin Tuck is football’s best pass rushing DT. Let Osi and JPP work magic on the edges while tuck does his thing in middle of defense.

    • robdomaine says:

      As long as all three of those guys are on the field, it really wouldn’t matter to e who played where lol. JPP could get to 295-300 in a week if he ate the right foods. The guy just has so much potential. I expect him to be an elite DE some day but I still wonder how he would do as a DT.

  3. Kyle L says:

    We have been down this road with Mathias Kiwanuka and linebacker. Not that I dont think JPP wouldn’t be a serviceable DT, I just think he will be an all- pro DE.

    Thanks for the shout out btw..

    • robdomaine says:

      I have already said that it is unlikely and I believe JPP will become a pro bowl DE but just remember where you heard this idea first. The idea is too big to ignore.

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