New York Giants Seek a Big Blue Redemption

First of all, let me begin by saying Happy New Year to everyone because I know it has been some time since my last post. However, I had to allow the reality of the New York Giants missing the playoffs this year to marinate. Reality has finally set in and the ill feeling has subsided. At this point, all we can do is take a look back at the 2010 season and try to learn from it, understanding that our playoff absence is deserved. Many Giants fans have a strong understanding of why we missed the post season and many others are still in denial. There is no need for perceptions or assumptions. It is what it is!

Why aren’t we playing in the NFC Championship game? Many factors have stopped Big Blue short of their goals but I will list just a few. Mental and physical mistakes? Take a look back at the Eagles game. The Giants pride themselves on defensive schemes. More importantly, the execution of the scheme is a priority for success. In the last 8 minutes of the 4th quarter, many of the players seemed to be confused and out of position. Poor tackling allowed Michael Vick to be elusive and gain extra yards on 3rd and longs. Deion Grant attempts what looked like a sure sack and Michael Vick blows right by him. Kenny Phillips has to make a play on the TE and if he can’t defend the pass, then all he has to do is make the tackle. Instead, Phillips gambles and allows a touchdown. The Eagles then have the Giants in the red zone. Terrell Thomas gives the opposing Wide Receivers so much of a cushion, the play ends in either a sure touchdown or a setup for a goal line score. The above examples are just a few that contributed to the 2010 collapse in my opinion.

What do I see in the future? Well, the Collective Bargaining Agreement will dictate so much next season. However, let’s take a look at what we have now. We must re-sign Kiwanuka! Also, take care of Ahmad Bradshaw and Barry Cofield, two huge team contributors. Steve Smith has great chemistry and continuity with Eli Manning and should stay. We must keep our WR corps intact and a potent threat to defenses. Not only a threat on the field but a headache for other teams when they have to prepare and game plan. Retain the playmakers that we have because they know the coaches and the system. That is an advantage for any NFL team.

What should we look for in the draft? Honestly, I realize that we need help at the Linebacker spot but I don’t believe it’s an immediate need. I strongly believe we should take a strong cornerback in the first round. We have a strong front four and everyone in the league knows this but in order to be a shutdown defense you need a strong secondary. We have great safety help but we don’t have any shutdown corners. With our first pick in the 2011 draft a strong corner is recommended. I believe we have young talent at the Linebacker position that can be groomed. I still believe in Gerris Wilkinson and the speed of Clint Sintim. We also have a sleeper on the practice squad roster by the name of Kenny Ingram out of Florida State. Just my synopsis from my General Manager mindset. Keep the faith Giants fans!

“Heaven Yeah”

Andrew G. –

4 Responses to New York Giants Seek a Big Blue Redemption

  1. robdomaine says:

    Hey Andrew, good to hear from you buddy. I hope you enjoyed the holidays! I agree with what you are saying. The Giants have a lot of work to do this offseason and some tough choices to make. I do not envy Tom Coughlin or Jerry Reese this year because it is going to be hard trying to put this puzzle together.

  2. Kyle L says:

    Great great job. So rare to see a Giant fan now who actually does NOT want to completely overhaul the roster.

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