Is Keeping Coughlin Really The Best Choice?

How in Holy Simms’ name did the Giants let this season slip through their fingers like that??? Really, all the Giants needed was to hold on to a big lead against Philly at home with 8 minutes left on the clock and they were in the playoffs! Sure, there were other games lost, like that pathetic loss to the Titans in week 3, when the Giants self-destructed and gave the win, and I mean literally handed it, to a pedestrian at best Tennessee team. There is also the loss to the Romo-less Cowboys at home in week 10, in which Jon Kitna, yes, Jon FREAKIN’ Kitna, tore our defense apart throwing for 327 yards and 3 TDs.

These were three games that Big Blue should not have given up in any circumstance. These losses define just what this Giants team had become in 2010: slackers. I remember saying during the ‘07 Super Bowl run that when the Giants were on fire, there was no stopping them and the bigger the stage, the better they played but now all I see are excuses and laments.

Furthermore, when the head coach of the New York Giants tells anyone who criticizes a 10-6 season to kiss his butt, well, I begin to think it’s time for a change. The problem is less about the record, as 10-6 usually gets you into the playoffs but more about the way the G-men posted such a record. This team had every chance to go 13-3 and be the No. 1 seed in the NFC but no, they killed themselves along the way with sloppy play (hey, it even rhymes!).

Don’t get me wrong, I love Tom Coughlin, and I really respect what he’s done for the Giants but lately I’ve been wondering what some other coaches could do with this talented team. In other words, I find it difficult to see what contributions are specifically made by Tom Coughlin himself! He doesn’t call the plays on offense or defense (actually, it seems as if he has no control over his defense at all), and this season the team was so anti-Coughlin that I began to question his ability to reach the players lately. The offense was a turnover machine. The defense, albeit playing well for the most part, too often settled for playing the coverage game and forgot that blitzing may actually be good, especially when you have such talented pass-rushers!

Where is Coughlin’s finger on the team? I thought he was supposed to be this strict, fundamentalist coach but his team lacked fundamentals A LOT of the time this season. On offense, drops occurred by the dozens, fumbles killed tons of drives and don’t even get me started on the interceptions!! On defense, when they were clicking they seemed unstoppable but there were games in which they looked like a bunch of fools playing a pickup game in somebody’s backyard in inner New Jersey – completely clueless!

Now, just to prove how talented this team is, even with all the mistakes that were made, they still won 10 games! Imagine what a coach who the players actually listen to could do with this team. That’s why, even disapproving of the attitude and the way they came out to the public, I tend to understand what KP and Antrel Rolle were talking about in that interview.

I truly believe it’s time for a change in leadership and I don’t know if bringing in one of the big guys (Gruden, Cowher, etc) is the answer either. All I know is that the players need a fresh start. They need a coach they can rely upon and rally behind to win games, much like the Patriots do with Bill Bellichick, and I hate to say it, like the Jets do with Rex Ryan. Sadly, the coach for New York is just not Tom Coughlin anymore in my opinion.

Saulo Padua –

4 Responses to Is Keeping Coughlin Really The Best Choice?

  1. robdomaine says:

    Hey Saulo, good to hear from you buddy. I hope all is well and good fortune is your companion on your travels around the world.

    You sound upset in this latest article but I can understand why. A lot of Giants fans were disappointed by the final outcome of the 2010 season, myself included but I like the fact that Tom Coughlin is staying with the team. I think the 16 players landing on the IR list and all of the turnovers were the two reasons why the team missed the playoffs.

    There are however, a lot of fans who completely agree with your perspective and think it’s time for Coughlin to move on. It will be interesting to see what the team decides to do with the coaching staff this offseason but Mr. Mara has already given Coughlin his full support and said he will return as head coach in 2011. Perry Fewell will be returning as well. Kevin Gilbride and Tom Quinn should be concerned though.

  2. Padua says:

    Hey Rob, thanks man. I grant you that the injuries killed us, but I also think we had all the tools in place to overcome those. I’m not gonna put all this season on Coughlin’s shoulders, I mean, yes, ultimately he is to blame, as he is the head coach.

    One major problem, for instance, was the fact that the Giants lost Chris Palmer in the last off season and replaced him with guy who, although having experience with receivers, had never worked with QBs in his life.

    How is Eli Manning supposed to continue his growth when he knows more than his coach about the matter at hand? I truly think Manning needs somebody who’s been around for a while, worked with several other QBs, someone who will be able to stand up to the franchise QB and tell him where he was wrong and what he needs to do to get it right. Heck, every QB needs that, and that’s what Chris Palmer used to do.

    Another thing is Kevin Gilbride. Everybody has been thrashing this guy forever for his playcalling, and, yet, he continues as the OC. I’m not even saying he is a bad coach, just that there are a lot better than him out there, and I’m pretty sure all would have no problem in working with a prime O-line, an elite QB and a dynamic trio of WRs. I imagine what a guy like Marty Mornhinweg could do with our offense.

    That’s why I think Coughlin should go. I get that a 10-6 season needs no rebuilding, but I don’t like to see Big Blue as underachievers, and that’s what they have been.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Saulo, you make some good points as always and I agree with you about OC Gilbride but I’m not sure how much pressure is put on Coughlin to keep certain coaches on the team. I understand that ultimately the buck stops with Coughlin on most decisions but I still think he is a good coach. Tom Quinn and Kevin Gilbride should be replaced but I’m still giving Coughlin a pass until those below him do their jobs well, as Fewell did in 2010.

      I still believe it was the injuries, turnover and atrocious special teams play that were the top three reasons the Giants collapsed in 2010. It’s great to hear from you as always and I hope this finds you well and in good spirits buddy!

  3. Kyle L says:

    Been a while Saulo, but I must say I agree with Rob here.

    Tom Coughlin benches the starting running back because hes fumbling too much and then his backup fumbles as well.

    Hows that on TC?

    How is it on TC Manning and his receivers (yes and the receivers) had 25 ints?

    I think a lot of people have overlooked how gooda year Manning had because of the ints, but that said I can’t wrap my head around him being absolved yet there is a need to fire TC.

    I caution the “fire TC” folks out there. How many teams could have 7 guys start center and left tackle yet be one of the best line in the game?

    How cana similar situation happen with the receivers yet we keep going?

    Everyone lumps all the credit on Jerry Reese but that simply isn’t true. Coughlin put these guys in a position to succeed and they missed out. Bottom line.

    Tons of Philly fans would love to see good old Marty M. out of there. He and Jon Greuden are not “Giants guys” and never will be. I expect TC to remin the coach of this team for years to come

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