Rodney Hampton Continues Giving Back with Hamps Camp

NEW YORK – Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to have an interview with former Giants RB Rodney Hampton. I found Rodney to be a genuine good man who is trying to make a difference in kids lives. He is very passionate about his charity Hamps Camp, which provides after school programs to kids and holds football camps during the summer. Hampton provides a safe environment for kids to express themselves freely and learn about the game of football from a 2x Pro Bowler. Rodney has been involved with charities in Texas, New York, New Jersey and Georgia for many years now and it’s about time he got some shine for it. On behalf of the Giants nation, I would like to say thank you Rodney.

They have some good things going on over there at Hamps Camp and I expect them to have another successful year in 2011. They accept donations for the kids in many ways. Some local area companies provide drinks or hats or snacks. Then of course there are companies that prefer to donate some money. Every little bit helps out the cause and specifically to local Houston companies, if you can donate something to Hamps Camp, please call 1-888-635-HAMP (4267). Get involved today

I cannot not tell you how many compliments I’ve received about that Rodney Hampton interview last week. So many fans were reminded about a player who they love and they had to share their opinions about him. It was a nice treat for our readers and something I will never forget. If you have any original ideas or suggestions for Rodney’s charity, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact them directly. Local Houston media outlets would acquire good karma, if they were to give a plug or two to Hamps Camp and let the locals know all about it.

RD –

Please visit to learn about how you can help.

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