New York Giants News, NFL Lockout Reaches 32 Days

NEW YORK – Hello Giants fans, I would like to discuss some current New York Giants news with you but there isn’t any. Things have absolutely screeched to a halt in the NFL world and have been doing a favor for the other big 3 sports such as baseball, basketball and hockey. I’m sure they must be garnering a much larger portion of website traffic and viewership. The bad news is that NFL fans are suffering from the drought and some are beginning to lose interest. Not a good sign for the NFL. Not a good sign at all.

The 2011 NFL Lockout has reached 32 days. This is really getting ridiculous now. The 2011 NFL Draft is just a couple of weeks away and the rookies are now being pressured to boycott the draft? Really? This is a shame and something that has no place in the NFL. Take the stand that you do not negotiate with dream killers. These kids worked their entire young lives towards the goal of standing on that stage and agents want to use them as a tool for leverage in the CBA talks, shame on you. Even remotely joking about that is a shame. I really hope that these rookies ignore the pressure to boycott and go enjoy themselves at Radio City Music Hall in New York on draft day.

The only thing fans can do now is speculate. Speculation, speculation and more speculation. The problem is that even the speculators are getting tired of reading their speculations. A month without any real NFL news and now 16 days away from the draft have got to be weighing harshly down both sides. Remember, I predicted that the lockout would end before the draft and I’m sticking to what I said. Well, we are now 16 days away as I mentioned and still no resolution. My prediction is beginning to look like Tony Romo in playoff games, bad.

Let’s be honest, the NFLPA is trying to protect the players and get what they can, while they can. The owners will haggle over every dime until they concede to any new deal. The players have a rare opportunity to go spend some money and enjoy their lives while the other guys fight it out. Deep down inside, the players must be fine (for a little while anyway) with only having to hit the gym for a couple of hours and then having the rest of the day to themselves. A small and rare hiatus that allows them to be with family, friends or do the things they haven’t done in a long time. If you play for a team like the Giants, who call New York City home, then the options just multiply while at home but I’m sure some of these players got their passports out and are doing some traveling. Can we blame them?

Judge Nelson has ordered a mediation between the NFL and NFLPA this Thursday 4-14-11. More news will certainly follow this meeting but for now we must wait.

What would you do as a millionaire athlete with a month off from work?

RD –

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