Giants to Play Panthers, Bears, Jets and Patriots This Preseason

NEW YORK – The New York Giants learned what their preseason schedule will be. They still haven’t gotten the times or dates 100% correct but we do know they will play the Bears in East Rutherford on Monday Night Football in late August. It’s the 2nd game of the four. That should be a battle between the defenses and a nice look at the rookies for game two. I enjoy going to a preseason game just as much as I enjoy a regular season game. I know that sounds strange but it’s true. These new players are a part of the Giants family now and I want to see what they can do on the field. I can name a ton of players that I have watched during preseason games or training camp and knew they would be stars. It’s a cool feeling to know that before the general public and a lot of fun to track their careers from day one.

Let’s take a look at the 2011 opponents. The Carolina Panthers were atrocious in 2010 and have the number one pick overall in this years draft. The Bears had a much better season and quite frankly surprised the heck out of me. I did not expect them to play as well as they did in 2010. The Bears have the 29th pick in the draft this year. The Jets have gone deep into the playoffs the past two years and should be good again in 2011. The Jets have the 30th pick in this years draft. The Patriots are not the Patriots of old. They have not won anything significant since 2004 (8 years) but yet continue to win a nice handful of games each year. Their legacy was forever stained (18-1) by the G-Men in Super Bowl XLII. The Giants beat the undefeated Patriots in convincing fashion and took home the Lombardi trophy. It seemed to be destiny for Big Blue following an amazing 2007 season where they were dubbed “The Road Warriors”.

On a direct note to the NFL. We the fans know that you milk every event or action to the maximum and we are OK with that. However, let me share something with you that annoys fans. Please do not tell us that you are releasing a preseason schedule, then not include dates and times. I’m sure that fans would rather wait until you have all of the information to share before this annoying tease. We understand that things could change schedule wise and that dates and times are always subject to change. All we ask is that you give us a few days notice if possible to make arrangements to attend or watch the game on TV. You have the 2011 NFL Draft coming up in 2 weeks and should have plenty of information to share with the fans on that subject. Release the “complete” schedule after the draft or prior to it with a tentative date and time.

2011 NFL Preseason Games: New York Giants

Week 1 – Giants @ Panthers – Date/Time: TBA

Week 2 – Giants vs. Bears – 8/22/11 @ 8:00 PM EST

Week 3 – Giants vs. Jets – Date/Time: TBA

Week 4 – Giants @ Patriots – Date/Time: TBA

Have you ever attended a Giants preseason game? Will you be attending any preseason games this year?

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