Giants Coaches and Staff Keep Busy Prepping for 2011

NEW YORK – The New York Giants staff and coaches are staying busy during the 2011 NFL lockout (55 days now). Head Coach Tom Coughlin was sure to point that out during his press conference earlier this week where he discussed their draft picks. Both GM Jerry Reese and Coach Coughlin expressed their desire to get the ball rolling and start digging into free agency. They cannot have contact with any of the rookies either until this mess is cleaned up. So they plan, they work on the schedule, OTA’s and opponents. They work on the playbook, and make plans for minicamp, and training camp. They watch video and try to decide who stays and who goes once the lockout is over. They are staying very busy working on what they can.

Coughlin was sure to add his opinion on players remaining in shape during this lockout. He said the players should be prepared to hit the field as soon as this squabble over money subsides. The Giants staff has their work cut out for them with re-stacking the boards, as GM Jerry Reese would say, with all of the college rookie free agents available out there, nevermind all of the pro players who will be ripe for the picking as they look for a new home. I am one of the people who thinks the team will get a veteran offensive lineman via free agency and possibly more additions for special teams. The possibilities could also include a tight end and a linebacker.

Fans who have been starving for any morsel of NFL news will have to wait a little longer. Of course, no one knows when the lockout will end, but I can pretty much guarantee it will end the moment the owners lose some significant amount money. That will be the beginning of the end. After almost 2 months of this lockout crap, I am beginning to sound robotic even to myself. I’m tired of talking about the same subject when there are so many other interesting things we could be discussing if the lockout were to end. Either get a deal done, or cancel the entire 2011 season, but stop holding the fans hostage. I’m sorry to put it so bluntly, but I’m on my last nerve with the lockout and ready for it to end one way or another. What do you think?

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2 Responses to Giants Coaches and Staff Keep Busy Prepping for 2011

  1. tufdan says:

    I think it is imperative for the owners to get a “Win” in court to re-level the playing field. The players feel they are invincible in court, and are winning the PR battle by holding these sham workouts. The OTA’s and Mini-Camps were the first thing the players asked to be eliminated in their first counter they can’t wait to practice. The PLAYERS will feel the economic pinch earlier than owners and will crack first if it last that long. I think a win by the owners in court gets both sides back talking, and that’s what needs to happen to settle this entire situation.

    • robdomaine says:

      Good stuff Dan. I am a believer in keeping it simple. Keep the player payments on a three tier system for rookies, players in their prime and the old crafty veterans.

      The rookie salaries should be the same across the board with players in their prime having the most flexibility and negotiating power based on their on field performance. The veterans could have some flexibility based on the “Jerry Rice clause” that has some humans able to endure punishment for a longer period of time based on how well they maintain their health. Practice is practice, if a player has a problem with practice or any other team activity, let them leave the NFL and work at McDonald’s or Target to refresh their memories on how the rest of society lives. It the same token these owners cannot abuse their positions and must keep everything fair for the players who make them billionaires. Spread the love around a little more financially but I agree with the players needing to attend all practices and team activities.

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