The NFL Can’t Lock Out Passion!

May 12, 2011

It truly feels good to be writing this article. A lot has happened not only with the Giants but the NFL in general. We received a bit of a tease a couple of weeks ago, thinking the lockout would be resolved. Players were allowed inside facilities but couldn’t use the resources. I strongly believe the NFL learned that an athlete doesn’t like it when you flirt with talent or progression. Next, we had the NFL Draft, many of you would agree that it had more than a handful of surprises. In my opinion, it was one of the best drafts we have had in recent years. I have stated previously to friends and colleagues that I didn’t agree with Commissioner Roger Goodell hosting the draft. I believe the proof is in the pudding. The Commissioner’s reception was awful and it played out all night. It would have been better and shown more class if an NFL great hosted the Draft to maintain its tradition of fun and excitement. However, that’s just my opinion.

I have faith in all of our draft picks. Beginning from the first to the last pick. The first pick was a wise pick. The last pick was a safe bet. The New York Giants draft displayed careful research and consideration of both character and talent. We have good young men coming into the organization. Whenever there is a training camp, it will be filled with competition. I’m excited to see what happens at cornerback and the linebacker positions. In my best estimate, I believe it’s almost safe to say we have seen the last of DT Barry Cofield’s services.

Eli Manning is showing maturity. Very impressive for a player who many thought was timid. The franchise QB organized a few workouts with a solid number of players. It’s not just the workouts but the response of the players that shows how much respect he has earned. These workout sessions will go a long way for players like Kevin Boss and Victor Cruz. Hakeem Nicks has bulked up and Mario Manningham proved a lot last season but he will surprise a few more people this upcoming season.

Giants Country is growing. I believe we will surprise not just the NFC East but the entire NFL. We have great talent. However, the Giants have always been known for great coaching. With great coaching, preparation, and healthy players the sky will be the limit. The NFL can’t lock out passion. The players are ready to compete and get back to work. Hopefully the lockout ends soon, so both the NFL fans and Giants fans can finally breathe.

“Heaven Yes”

Andrew G. –

Can Fantasy Football Survive a Cancelled 2011 Season?

May 12, 2011

NEW YORK – I have been a fantasy football player since 1999. I have seen that industry grow into a $15 billion dollar a year beast. There are only a handful of websites that can claim to be big time in that industry. Among them are, and to name the big three in my opinion. If the 2011 NFL season is cancelled, I am sure that those three sports sites will be fine. But what about the smaller websites that offer fantasy games or the emerging fantasy sites people don’t know about yet? I’m sure this is the furthest thing on the NFL’s mind but it is just another issue that will arise from the 2011 lockout that has now reached 62 days.

Could the 2011 NFL lockout actually benefit the larger sports sites, by creating a monopoly on fantasy football by eliminating competition through attrition? I know there are a lot of people out there who could care less about fantasy football but the fact remains that thousands of people have jobs working on the game. The economy is bad enough right now without adding a few thousand more people to the unemployment line. Sure there will be fantasy basketball and hockey that will emerge in the fall but everyone knows the bread and butter of fantasy sports is football. If the NFL cancels the 2011 season, fantasy staffs all over the country will be cut in half or laid off. The reality of “no football” until September 2012 would set in immediately and effect the economy instantly.

Personally, I do not think they will cancel this season. The amount of money is so great that the players or owners will eventually give in. The players I feel bad for are guys like New York Giants DT Barry Cofield who get stuck in the middle. Here is a guy who has played his heart out since being drafted by New York and he could wind up getting the shaft over politics. Free agents are the walking dead right now with zero options. I am a big Cofield fan and hope the team does the right thing with him. We all understand it is a business but giving Chris Canty almost 3 times the money Cofield makes is a joke. I have nothing against Mr. Canty but even he knows Cofield had a better season then he did last year. There is no denying that fact. Barry Cofield is a Giant through and through and deserves some respect for his contributions to the team. Cofield expressed his frustration in an article this week that I found to be honest and truthful. What do you think about his situation?

Top New York Giants for 2011 Fantasy Football

1. WR Hakeem Nicks

2. QB Eli Manning

3. WR Steve Smith

4. NYG Defense

5. RB Ahmad Bradshaw

6. RB Brandon Jacobs

7. WR Mario Manningham

8. TE Kevin Boss

Would you add or subtract anyone from the list above? Do you think there will be a 2011 NFL season?

RD –

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