Giants Owner John Mara Steps Up Once Again

NEW YORK – You have to love Giants owner John Mara. Here is a man that is a throw back to the old school days of NFL football. He was one of the first owners to address the media when this whole lockout started 71 days ago. He was one of the first owners to address his fan base directly with a letter explaining what was about to happen. Thursday, he stepped up once again and addressed the media about the current state of the lockout. He explained how silly this whole lockout is and expressed his feelings about getting back to work and coming to an agreement soon. The players lost their battle in the court system already but now we have what amounts to a staring contest between the team owners and the players. Of course, this is a $10 billion dollar staring contest and one that will not end without feelings getting hurt.

Mr. Mara urged everyone to come back to the bargaining table because nobody is making an effort to resolve the issue. He is right. The only way to end this thing is to get into a room and make a deal. One way or another, the resolution must be made soon or the very real possibility of a lost 2011 NFL season could become a reality. Mara is clearly trying to get something done before the point of no return. The point of no return is when it takes longer to go back to the beginning then it does to reach the end of something. We are now only 16 weeks away from the first scheduled regular season game against Washington on September 11, 2011. At some point, a cut off date will be given and that date will decide the fate of the 2011 season.

What do you think about owner John Mara stepping up once again? Are you proud to have an owner that consistently takes a leadership role among NFL owners or would you prefer to have an owner that stays in the background? I have already acknowledged that I prefer a leader with Mr. Mara’s style. Someone who can examine a situation and immediately know where he stands. Leadership like that seems to be rare these days but I am glad it is not completely nonexistent. What do you think?

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2 Responses to Giants Owner John Mara Steps Up Once Again

  1. joe g says:

    You are being very naive in thinking that this Mara is a standup man. He is the man who created the psl that has forced many of the most loyal fans out of his new palace. I had to give up my seats after 45 yrs! Unlike his father,who was a man of great morals who personified Giants tradition,this guy is a businessman and nothing but. I hope his new palace sits empty in 2011.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Joe, you will get no argument from me about the PSL. I was on the waiting list for 17 years for season tickets. When they finally called me about them, I was told I could finally buy a pair (including the PSL fee) and if I didn’t, I would be removed from the waiting list because it would not exist anymore after the PSL’s were sold. There are thousands of fans like us that hate the PSL fee and what it stands for. However, I’m not sure the new stadium could have been built without the fee. New Jersey is in crisis mode right now financially and was even more so back when it was being built. The entire Mara family has my respect and I truly feel for you having to give up your tickets after 45 years. That really stinks man.

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