Giants QB Eli Manning is a Top 50 NFL Player

NEW YORK – The recent news about Giants QB Eli Manning being absent from a list of the top 100 NFL players has fans enraged. This only confirms the number of New York haters there are in the world. If there are Eli Manning haters out there, then they are just miserable people in general. You would be hard pressed to find a QB, past or present, that has conducted themselves more professionally then Manning. The omission of Manning from any top NFL player list is a slap in the face to the Giants organization and Giants fans alike. The burden of proof lies on the accuser, so I would love to hear them explain how Manning can be left off this list.

These uninformed dorks who think Eli Manning isn’t a top 100 NFL player are right, he isn’t, he is a top 50 NFL player! Eli Manning is an iron man who has never missed a game. He is a Super Bowl Champion, Super Bowl MVP and Pro Bowl player. He was a top 5 NFL quarterback in 2010 and topped 4,000 yards for a second straight year. Some people want to mention his 25 interceptions in 2010 and that is fine. I understand that unless you are a Giants fan and watch each and every game, you would not know that between 8-10 of those INT’s were dropped or tipped passes. Yes, sometimes he refuses to take a sack and tries to force a play but that is due to his competitive nature.

Pat Kirwan wrote a wonderful article about this very subject on, he was equally flabbergasted at Manning’s omission. The Giants liked his article so much that they included it on their website. I love seeing them stand by their leader in a situation like this. In the end, none of this will matter because Manning’s career will speak for itself. I am not concerned about what his legacy will be since he has already reached and conquered the pinnacle of his profession. The lack of respect he gets from so called “experts” and the media in general is a shame. He is a stand up guy who has done nothing but remain a class act and they instead choose to idolize the fools who make the news over dopey actions. I am still amazed by this. Eli Manning will use this information to his advantage and have a career season, that is simply what he does. He does not talk a lot but he certainly walks the walk. The rest of the NFL will not doubt his elite “status” among the other NFL players after this season (if there is a season).

Do you think that New York Giants QB Eli Manning is a top 100 player in the NFL (dumb question I know but someone thought it was smart to write it)?

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