The Good, Bad and Ugly Giants News This Week

NEW YORK – This has been another crazy week for the NFL and Giants. We have now reached the 84th day of the 2011 NFL lockout (regardless of what other sites say because they choose to minus the 4 day break a judge gave) and although both sides have started talking again, there is still no deal. The rumors say the owners and players are making progress but nothing has happened yet. This is the ugly news. This is the annoying thorn in your mind that will not go away. This is the insipid nightmare that teases fans about losing an entire year of NFL football. Well, maybe it isn’t really nightmare since all of this is happening in reality. Keep your fingers crossed that they can work something out within the next few days.

The good news came from WR Steve Smith giving a positive update on his condition and saying how he wants to return to New York. There have been quite a few Giants players in the news this week but they mostly speculated on the lockout situation. Justin Tuck attended a charity event and the news about WR Plaxico Burress being released from prison in 3 days has people wondering if he will play for Big Blue in 2011. I think the man deserves another chance in the NFL and have said that from the start. It will be very interesting to see how all of this plays out during the next week or two. RB Brandon Jacobs seemed less certain about Burress’ future with the Giants as well as his own. This lockout has a lot of players concerned and it seems like Jacobs is clearly one of them.

The bad news for Giants fans this week came from the passing of DE Andy Robustelli at 85 years old. A New York Giants legend and a real stand up man. Everyone in the Giants organization had nothing but praise for Mr. Robustelli including owner John Mara who called him a mans man. Robustelli played 9 years with the Giants and helped them win an NFL Championship in 1956 during his first year in New York. He was a seven time Pro Bowl selection, a Pro Football Hall of Fame member and a New York Giants Ring of Honor member. He also worked in the Giants front office for six years in the 1970’s. The funeral will be held tomorrow at 11:30 AM in Connecticut and he will be remembered as a true blue Giant forever.

Our prayers go out to the Robustelli family and friends. God Bless!

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