Giants Fans Endure Another Week Without Football

NEW YORK – There hasn’t been much news recently for fans to digest about the Giants. The players have taken it upon themselves to practice at New Jersey high schools, risking injury and their careers. There was an increase in the number of team members who attended but that was the extent of new Giants news. The NFL owners and players union met again this week but still no end to the 2011 NFL lockout (91 days long now). I’m starting to sound like a broken record now, even to myself. I am not immune to the frustration or the bad moods that accompany watching these silly negotiations that have turned up no solutions. It is truly exhausting trying to endure this lockout.

The major sports sites began rolling out their fantasy football programs, just in case there is a football season in 2011. CBS Sports and ESPN specifically rolled out their fantasy programs to fans. The mock drafts are beginning to pick up in what seems to be the only football ravenous fans have had in a while. The chats in these mock drafts all revolve around the question about whether or not there will be a season. The same old story we’ve been hearing for the past three months. Still, doing these mock drafts and setting up a real fantasy league gives one a sense of normalcy for this time of year.

The only other piece of news that could be considered “Giants related” was the release of former WR Plaxico Burress from prison on June 6, 2011. This has become a much larger topic of discussion due to the lack of NFL news in general. Should the Giants re-sign him or not. That seems to be the biggest question surrounding the Giants this week. All I can say is, Thank God it’s Friday. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and maybe we will hear some good news early next week.

How are you spending your time without NFL football this summer?

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