2011 New York Giants Free Agent Frenzy

NEW YORK – The New York Giants have a lot of work to do once this lockout ends. They have some really good players that need new contracts. WR Steve Smith, RB Ahmad Bradshaw and DT Barry Cofield are the top three in my opinion. Some will disagree with my assessment but some will also agree with me. There will be areas of need that will arise out of the pile once the free agency madness begins. DE Osi Umenyiora is one of the big time players seeking a new contract as well, even though he still has 2 years left on his existing contract. The guy backed up his talk by having an excellent 2010 season and in my opinion deserves a better contract. DE Mathias Kiwanuka and RB Brandon Jacobs are no easy fixes either.

Ahmad Bradshaw’s agent Drew Rosenhaus came out in the news today and said that although Bradshaw would prefer to stay in New York, he would also not mind playing for the Miami Dolphins if a deal could not be worked out. While this appears to be a game of trickery of the agents part to strike some fear into Big Blue, agents should be very careful when dealing with the Giants or they just might oblige. The weather might be nice down in Miami but they have not be relevant for decades in the football world. Going to Miami would be about the money and the weather, while staying in New York would be all about the Championship rings.

DT Barry Cofield was also in the news over the weekend and rumors have started swirling about him possibly going to Washington if things can’t be worked out in New York. I really like Barry Cofield and hope they can make a fair deal to keep him. Cofield has been the biggest anomaly on the team as far as I’m concerned. The previous rumors of draft day trades and the lack of a new contract really have me dumbstruck. Perhaps the coaches see something that I am missing because he seems solid as a rock in the middle of that defensive line. Another player and former Giant who may end up playing in the same division (NFC East) is WR Plaxico Burress, who could end up in Philadelphia of all places.

The player who is the most important re-signing of 2011 is WR Steve Smith. The Giants offense has a better rhythm with him in the games and QB Eli Manning has really leaned on the sure hands of Smith, now that the two have become more aquatinted with each other on the field. Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham are awesome wide receivers in their own right but Steve Smith is the glue that holds that passing attacking together. Smith and Bradshaw seem to be the two locks for re-signing in my opinion. With the lockout expected to end any day now, fans better get ready for the free agent frenzy that is right around the corner.

Which player signing should be the number one concern for the Giants during this free agency period?

RD – nygreporter.com

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4 Responses to 2011 New York Giants Free Agent Frenzy

  1. bobbyg says:

    Im very excited about free agency,especially the jacobs and bradshaw situation,with one of those running backs leaving,maybe the g-men will go after reggie bush.and i do agree with the players you selected that the giants need to resign,especially steve smith.maybe a miracle power play would bring plax back.if not,i would feel comfortable if the g-men also went after a veteran wideout.

    • robdomaine says:

      I agree with you buddy. I think we need to prepare for an all out flurry of activity as soon as the news drops. Plaxico Burress made it very clear that he would never play for Tom Coughlin again. A very stupid mistake on his part in my opinion. Still, there will be plenty of player who do want to play for Big Blue and Coughlin!

    • Anonymous says:

      how can u even bring reggie bush in this convo are you serious..bradhsaw and jacobs had more production in 4 games then in bush had in his whole career that was just a stupid thing to say and plax threw coughlin under the bus forget him were better than that

      • robdomaine says:

        Everyone is entitled to their opinions here and let’s try to keep the comments classy please. I would prefer to keep Jacobs and Bradshaw too but if that can’t happen, we need to start talking about possible replacements. You’re right about Reggie Bush always being injured but the guy is still young and he might have his best years still ahead of him.

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