New York Giants QB Eli Manning is a Superhero

NEW YORK – The New York Giants have a superhero on the team. I know it sounds strange but it’s true. Can you guess which superhero I’m talking about? I’m talking about QB Eli Manning being an Iron Man in the NFL. I have talked about this in previous articles as one of the many achievements Easy Eli has accomplished so far in his short career. I simply added it to the list of other achievements such as Super Bowl MVP, Pro Bowl player and Super Bowl Champion. The NFL Iron Man title is reserved for the players who have the most consecutive career starts.

I was a bit shocked when I checked this out today and realized that Eli Manning is ranked 6th for quarterbacks on the all-time consecutive starts list with 103. Yes, you heard me correctly, he is ranked 6th All-Time in NFL history. He is also ranked 3rd among active players, his brother Peyton is ranked 2nd all-time with 208 starts, trailing only Brett Favre who sits on top of the list with 297 consecutive starts. Only Peyton and Eli have active streaks in the top 10 still going right now as well. The others on the list have had their streaks snapped at some point. That Favre record is amazing considering all of the injuries that occur on the field each and every year. If things go right for Eli in 2011, he will easily overtake the No.5 position on this list by week 5. By week 9, he will have surpassed Tom Brady for the No.4 position on the list and by week 14 he will hurdle over Ron Jaworski for the No.3 spot. I do not want to jinx Manning which is why I am writing this article before the season starts but it’s pretty cool to think he will be ranked 3rd on the all-time list by seasons end if things go well.

I will leave the list below for all of our readers to check out and I would love to hear your opinions on this subject. Is this a record that deserves more attention such as the Cal Ripken Jr. consecutive starts record for baseballs Iron Man title? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that football is much more violent then baseball. While Ripken’s record is extremely impressive for baseball, it cannot truly be compared to the staggering 297 consecutive game streak held by Brett Favre. This is just my opinion, what do you think?

The NFL All-Time Consecutive Starts List for QB (Iron Man Streak)

1. QB Brett Favre, retired – 297 consecutive starts. The number is 321 if you include the playoffs.

2. QB Peyton Manning, active – 208 consecutive starts. The number is 227 if you include the playoffs.

3. QB Ron Jaworski, retired – 116 consecutive starts. The number is 123 if you include the playoffs.

4. QB Tom Brady, active – 111 consecutive starts (*streak ended in 2008). The number is 128 if you include the playoffs.

5. QB Joe Ferguson, retired – 107 consecutive starts. The number is 110 if you include the playoffs.

6. QB Eli Manning, active – 103 consecutive starts. The number is 110 if you include the playoffs.

Are you surprised to find out about this ongoing accomplishment by QB Eli Manning?

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2 Responses to New York Giants QB Eli Manning is a Superhero

  1. bobbyg says:

    With the amount of consecutive starts without missing a game is an unbelievable achievement.especially the hits he has taken through the years.eli is a true giant hero and with the young receiving core in his arsenal and a solid 0-line this season,im sure his consecutive streak will i said last week about derek jeter being a true gentlemen of the game of baseball,eli manning on and off the field is a true gentlemen of the game of football.and im glad he is a new york giant and im also looking forward to his achievements this season.

    • robdomaine says:

      It’s crazy when you think about all of the other QB’s in NFL history and only 5 of them have been tougher or more durable then Eli Manning. That is just crazy to fully digest. You’re right about him and Derek Jeter being true gentlemen. They are both the toast of New York for certain.

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