Twas the Night Before Training Camp, Big Blue in the House

NEW YORK – The New York Giants made a few moves on the night before training camp. Fans expected to see a bunch of transactions but it seems like there were more negotiations, then there were signings. It was also an emotional day for fans as Rich Seubert, Shawn Andrews and Shaun O’Hara said their goodbyes to the press and fans. They have all said they would not mind coming back to New York if the right situation were to arise. It really stinks when you have to say goodbye to old friends but it is a part of life and a part of the NFL. The Giants also released FB Madison Hedgecock who appears to still have health issues. I would like to wish all of you well and the best of luck. Oh yeah, the Giants also released Tiki Barber.

Fans will get to see the players for the first time in a very long time tomorrow when training camp officially opens. One fan favorite, DE Mathias Kiwanuka, will be on hand since signing a new contract today. Kiwanuka reportedly signed for two years and should really heat up the Osi Umenyiora situation. Kiwi made the biggest splash in the news today, as fellow teammate Justin Tuck (new to twitter) decided to tweet the good news to Giants fans around the world. This is good news for the team and the defense as a whole. Kiwi is a dangerous man on the field and will bring intensity to every play. The Giants also signed rookie RB Da’Rel Scott to a four year deal. The Giants drafted him this year in the seventh round. This kid has been very excited to play and fans heard his name more then once at Eli Manning’s “player only” practices over the summer.

The Giants also signed 10 undrafted rookies today. Those players are LB Mark Herzlich, OL Jerriel King, FB Henry Hynoski, S David Sims, DT Martin Parker, LB Spencer Paysinger, DE Justin Trattou, DE Craig Marshall, S Jerrard Tarrant, DT Ibrahim Abdulai. The Giants have also reached out to former Giant punter Brad Maynard, which tells me that they may have had enough of the Matt Dodge inconsistency from last season. I feel bad for the kid but this is a “hit the ground running” league and if players don’t perform they are gone.

Here is a little poem to honor the occasion of training camp opening tomorrow.

Twas the night before training camp,

In the house of Big Blue,

Not a rookie could slumber,

Knowing the work they must do.

The Veterans were nestled,

All snug in their beds,

With visions of hazing,

And taping rookies to sleds.

Coach Coughlin won’t have it,

Because the drills must get done,

So say goodbye to Albany,

And the dorms filled with gum.

Jerry Reese will be smiling,

As he admires the young guns,

With a pacing Perry Fewell,

Reminding players to have fun.

All the boys will be there,

Eli Manning and Justin Tuck,

Pat Hanlon on his blackberry,

And fans to bring good luck!

Are you excited for the 2011 NFL season to start Giants fans?

RD –

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4 Responses to Twas the Night Before Training Camp, Big Blue in the House

  1. bobbyg says:

    with kiwi now signed and maybe plax on the way,seems like a 2012 superbowl is not that far away,i know that coach coughlin will keep them in line,and eli throwing bullets,the g-men will be nfc east dont take this to heart,when big blue gets off to an 8-0 start.friday 6pm,let the chips fall where they may,the g-men will sign who they need,so get out of there way.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, signing Kiwi was a huge step in the right direction, no doubt. I still want to see what happens with Bradshaw, Jacobs, Smith, Boss and Osi. It’s almost guaranteed that one or two of those five mentioned won’t be back in 2011. The Giants have the right players to make a Super Bowl run, they only need to stay healthy and perform to their ability in my opinion.

      Go Giants!

  2. bobbyg says:

    i agree 100%,and i felt that way last season also,it was very disheartening to say the least that they didnt make the playoffs.but it feels very electric with all thats been going on with all these moves in the last few days.i feel very good about what jerry reese is doing and even though we seem to be losing veterans by the hand full,im feeling confident in the organization and what they have accomplished this week,and the big time moves i know they will make starting 6pm tomorrow.very exciting stuff.

    • robdomaine says:

      I have faith in Jerry Reese and whatever plan he has in his head. But that is the problem too because only he has it in his head lol and sometimes it’s hard to figure out what he is trying to put together. I’ve learned to relax more now but still losing all of those talented players made my jaw drop. I hope his vision comes together soon.

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