Giants Training Camp Opens, Rookies Get Jersey Numbers

NEW YORK – The Giants are going to have a very busy day. The workers at the stadium are busy getting all of the equipment together and the players are working out the butterflies in their stomachs. It’s a rainy morning in the New York area and scattered thunderstorms are expected throughout the day. If the weather is bad, the practices will be moved indoors and closed to the public. Fans also have to remember to arrive early if they plan on attending training camp tomorrow because it is on a first come, first serve basis. Some Giants players were at the facility as early as 7:00 A.M. getting physicals and the twitter accounts of fans were buzzing with anticipation. It is sure to be a great day in East Rutherford.

Getting back to the physical and mental work of practice is a tremendous step in the right direction. The players have a short period of time to get into football shape and the rookies have almost no time to memorize an NFL playbook. The only thing that balances out these disturbing facts, is that it is a league wide issue due to the lockout and not just something the G-men will be dealing with. The front office will be working hard to make sure the team can re-sign the valuable players who are still without contracts. The coaches will concentrate on coaching.

There are big names floating around out there today. RB Ahmad Bradshaw still hasn’t agreed to the contract terms and RB Brandon Jacobs is said to be working with the team to restructure his contract, a classy move by Brandon. DE Osi Umenyiora is a hot topic and he wants to be paid a fair wage equal to his on-field production. WR Steve Smith is still on the mend but should be a priority signing for the Giants and TE Kevin Boss could make his way back to the team very soon. These players equal a ton of production for the Giants and will need to return in order to maintain the balance that already exists. The team and the fans are still a little woozy from the players who have already been released, if the players above don’t sign, we would essentially be looking at an entirely new team.

There are other players who need to sign contracts but the guys mentioned above are the big names. The team still needs to sign the majority of their 2011 draft picks and also get them acclimated to the Giants way of doing business. Be sure to check back with us later in the day for transaction updates and players moves.

Let’s take a look at the jersey numbers the rookies will wear.

1. CB Prince Amukamara – No.20

2. DT Marvin Austin – No.96

3. OL James Brewer – No.78

4. LB Greg Jones – No.53

5. RB Da’Rel Scott – No.34

6. WR Jerrel Jernigan – No.3

7. S Tyler Sash – No.39

8. FB Henry Hynoski – No.45

9. LB Mark Herzlich – No.58

Do you plan on attending a training camp session this year at the Timex Performance Center?

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5 Responses to Giants Training Camp Opens, Rookies Get Jersey Numbers

  1. bobbyg says:

    it would be great to hang on to the 2 running backs and kevin boss.but i cant help but think that if bradshaw is released,marion barber would be a great 3rd down back, and the g-men struggled running the ball on 3rd down,either fumbling or not getting the necessary yardage in key situations last season.i know whats on my christmas list at 6pm,i hope the g-men have the same list.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, I want to hang onto Bradshaw and Jacobs too. I don’t think there are any RB’s left out there, that would be an upgrade to our guys. Plus, they know our system already. Marion Barber was great back in the day but has become a huge injury risk now in my opinion. The guy is always hurt and we can’t afford to have 3rd string RB’s doing the work on a 1st string RB. This is just my opinion of course.

      • bobbyg says:

        that is a great point,with all this juggling,i get caught up and dont think before i leap,thank god jerry reese doing a lot of wishful thinking pick ups in free agency,but i know so much room is being made,i could feel something big happening at 6pm.of course after 43 years as a giants fan i lead with my heart and not my mind,and it seems sometimes everything that i would think is the best move,turns out not to be the best thing for the team.but it is fun to get caught up in this excitement.allow me to say that this site is really growing on me.i made a lot of friends writing blogs on and i thought when the new site came out,that was it for me with blogging back and forth with the fans,but this site is great and thank you,what better way to blow steam and cheer for joy then blog about our new york giants,

        • robdomaine says:

          There is nothing wrong with the ideas you have at all. The news is coming out so fast now that it is difficult to keep up with. These free agent players are being dropped and signed at an unprecedented rate. It just feels good to kick around ideas with you on getting players and such. I expect news to break about at least one of our RB’s signing today.

        • robdomaine says:

          PS – thanks very much for the kind compliments. I work very hard to keep this website running with no budget and pure passion. It feels good to hear when readers and fellow Giants fans like it.

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