Update: Giants Have a Solid Day in East Rutherford, More Signings

NEW YORK – The Giants went back to work yesterday and continue to work on improving the team. They signed a few new players and have sent out offers to WR Steve Smith, RB Ahmad Bradshaw and TE Kevin Boss. None of the three mentioned players have signed yet but at least there is a starting point to negotiate. Signing those three offensive players is an absolute priority. Prince Amukamara still isn’t signed but the team expects to get him into camp soon, per Coach Coughlin. And NFL teams can now cease pursuing WR Plaxico Burress, who signed a one year deal with the Jets today. The Giants however, went out and signed three more players last night. Big Blue signed OL Chris White, who is a seven year NFL veteran, OL Brant Clouser who is a rookie from Villanova and TE Christian Hopkins who played a couple of years in the UFL.

Fans had an opportunity to see the players on the field last night, as the team started preparing for the season. There is a ton of work to do in a very short period of time due to the lockout. Nobody understands this better then the coaches and the players. Giants.com provided fans with some terrific coverage of the practice and activities yesterday. I encourage all of our readers to go to their site and look through the photos and videos they have there. It really gives fans an inside look at what is going on and a first look at the rookies wearing Giants blue.

All-Pro defensive end Osi Umenyiora showed up at camp last night after receiving a letter from the team notifying him they would be charging him the standard $30,000 fine per day he holds out from his commitment. Osi’s agent said he does not want to speak to GM Jerry Reese and that he still wants a new contract or trade. Osi must realize how deep the G-Men are at defensive end and the fact that they are all signed already. He must feel disrespected by this fact but continues to approach the situation the wrong way. It’s easy for us to speculate because it isn’t our money tied up but Osi still needs to have a cool head when talking to his bosses. The Giants will be back at practice this evening and I hope we see some of these guys signed and suited up to play ball.

GM Jerry Reese really deserves some credit for dealing with a bad situation. Fans have to understand that the team was $6 million dollars over the salary cap when the free agent frenzy began. I continue to see fans throwing darts at Reese for not doing enough but I ask those fans to really take a long hard look at what he has accomplished with little wiggle room. I think they will see that he addressed a lot of areas that needed work including the offensive line and punter situation. Yes, he isn’t signing the flashy names but he is certainly signing solid players who keep their mouths shut and go to work. I applaud you Jerry Reese for handling team business with a visionary approach in gaining quality players.

What do you think about the state of the New York Giants as of today?

RD – nygreporter.com

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2 Responses to Update: Giants Have a Solid Day in East Rutherford, More Signings

  1. bobbyg says:

    I think the gmen really need to get those deals done with bradshaw smith and boss all 3 of those guys are key contributers,im wondering if we would have a shot at braylon edwards.but it seems the gmen are satisfied with the receiving core ,and i am also confident in those wideouts and the rooks. and who really knew if plax was even that same guy.im really glad he didnt end up with the eagles in our division.it would be nice to take down those jets this year,especially since they are saying the g-men are the little bro in new york now.back on track though,keeping it within the topic,sorry about getting off track the last few days,i kept thinking i was on the old giants.com facebook with the open forum.it does feel like big blue does have that quiet arrogance about them this season and it kind of feels good that they didnt woo plax like the steelers did.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, I agree that we need to lock down Bradshaw, Smith and Boss. I think the team is satisfied with the WR’s as you mentioned. We would be in trouble if we lost Nicks and Manningham and if Smith could not play for an extended period of time. Those are our top 3 WR’s. I wouldn’t say that getting another WR is out of the question but I think they need to spend that money to keep current players in house.

      lol the Jets and their fans can talk all that they want, they are the Giants little sister until they win a few Super Bowls and find their own house to live in. i wish Plaxico well with the Jets and lets face it, if he stinks in 2011, the Giants will look genius.

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