Update: Giants 12 Days Away From Preseason, Osi to Leave?

NEW YORK – When I flipped over the month of July on my calendar this morning, the realization that football games are really close hit me. The G-Men are only 12 days away from hitting the field to play their first preseason game of 2011. It is hard to believe that after all of the lockout madness we endured, the season is right around the corner. The Giants have a very small window of opportunity to prepare for the Carolina Panthers who they play on August 13, 2011 at 8:00 PM in Carolina. Everything goes into warp speed after that until the first regular season game, which is less then a month away from the first preseason game on September 11, 2011 against the Washington Redskins.

The Giants hope to have some of their crucial players signed very soon. RB Ahmad Bradshaw is still shopping his services around the league but seemed to get thrown for a loop when the Bengals decided to re-sign RB Cedric Benson and the Redskins brought in RB Tim Hightower. Bradshaw was expected to visit both teams before the news broke yesterday. The news that they went elsewhere for running back help must have been hard to swallow. I really hope Ahmad Bradshaw remembers who took a chance on drafting him, when all of the other NFL teams passed him by. I hope he remembers who stuck by him during all of his legal issues, which included jail time after he was already with the team. I hope he remembers who believed in him and who needs him now. Money cannot buy loyalty and the Giants organization has certainly shown loyalty toward Bradshaw over the years. Yes, he should be paid a fair salary but he shouldn’t try to play them for fools either. Come Home Ahmad, where you are wanted. WR Steve Smith is also a priority signing that has yet to happen.

QB David Carr could not contain his excitement when he tweeted that he would be returning to New York for “round two”. The news broke yesterday afternoon that he will be returning to the Giants. I am very happy that the team decided to get a serious backup QB for Eli Manning. At the same time, I am very concerned that the Giants felt the need to bring in a serious backup QB for Eli Manning. With the Giants offensive line in question after releasing two of the five starters and a solid backup, it does beg the question about the teams confidence in the replacements and if they can adequately protect their franchise QB. The offensive line is my biggest concern for the 2011 season.

DE Osi Umenyiora was given permission to seek a trade today. This puts an end to all of the speculation and gives Osi exactly what he asked for. The team is having issues staying under the salary cap and just didn’t have the money to appease Osi’s demands. The Giants will surely get something in return for him, either a player or draft picks. Rumors are saying he could be worth a 1st or 2nd round pick at minimum. I am going to miss Umenyiora if he goes and I want to wish him well where ever he ends up. Also, the Giants first round pick, CB Prince Amukamara remains the only rookie not signed yet by Big Blue.

What is your biggest concern for the Giants as of today August 1, 2011?

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4 Responses to Update: Giants 12 Days Away From Preseason, Osi to Leave?

  1. bobbyg says:

    great points as always,im a little nervous that the giants want to bring a quality backup for the same reasons you are,is this offensive line going to be ready and is eli at risk.i dont want to see eli get banged up while a young o-line is trying to get on the same page.another thing bothering me is this osi situation,do the giants really need this distraction in the locker room.and if another team dont pick him up and the giants dont get that first rounder,will osi play to his potential or lay down.as for the season opening in less than two weeks,im thrilled,but big blue has a lot of questions to be answered by them before the 1st regular season game,its bad enough were picked 9-7 and 8-8 according to espn radio,s colin cowherd behind dallas and philly.and dont get me wrong,its okay, the giants like flying under the radar like in 07,but in 07 they had the players,this year i question the o-line and veteran leadership especially with cofield gone,he was a leader in the locker room and this year i hope someone on the giants can take that role and run with it.

    • robdomaine says:

      I wrote a whole new article about the offensive line. I’m sure you checked it out and I address all of these questions. I am nervous like you are about the o-line this year. We can’t afford to have anything happen to Eli.

  2. bobbyg says:

    with all the drama with the osi situation,i wonder if the g-men need the drama in the locker room.i know they were seeking a first rounder and no team was going to go for that,but now they are saying he hurt himself and thats why he is not practicing.but if osi dont get what he wants,do the giants believe he will give his all on the field and is it worth the gamble,there are still some good free agent defensive players and with the great season osi had last year and the g-men didnt give him the big money now,they will never give it to him.i think the giants have a good team this year and they have a good possibility to shock some teams,they really dont need the osi aggravation and unless jerry reese has some sort of plan through all of this,i say let him go.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, you make some good points but I do not think there is any way that Tom Coughlin would prefer any team drama. He is the essence of a no nonsense kind of guy. Osi is right about being underpaid and he wants his money. The Giants feel Osi is asking for to much and they are right. Both parties have to meet in the middle. I am really disappointed in the fact that Kevin Boss has left for Oakland. That is another move I could have never seen coming.

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