Scuttlebutt Swirls Around Giants Nation About Teams Future

NEW YORK – The Giants lost to the Redskins for their season opener. We are all well aware of that. However, since that loss, the rumors and worry warts have come out in full view and have begun a campaign of shame about Big Blue. It seems like prior to the Redskins game, everyone was full of positivity despite the gargantuan amount of injuries the team had suffered. The latest being star WR Hakeem Nicks and DE Justin Tuck who may miss his 2nd straight game this week. When does it end? Some fans have started to panic causing a mutiny between the true blue fans and fair weather fans. Things could get very ugly if something isn’t done to stop the “sub-500” talk which has become rampant.

There is no doubt that there is cause to be concerned. It is simple math at this point and when you add up all of the first string talent that has been lost for the season (particularly on defense) it becomes hard to argue with the numbers. The Giants are in serious trouble unless these second string players perform like first string players. I need not remind the fans about what Redskins QB Rex Grossman did to our secondary last weekend. What do you think will happen when we play QB Drew Brees, QB Tom Brady or QB Aaron Rodgers this year? Are you starting to get the picture? I’m a positive guy and not one for pep talks, rather I prefer action and seeing results. The Giants need to fix a lot of problems and there is no time left on the clock. QB Eli Manning has his own issues to work out because he has not been himself this entire year. Fans are waiting for him to break out of this funk that seems to be plaguing him despite all of the “everything is fine” talk.

There is no theory or discussion that can replace talent on the field. For three years in a row now, the Giants have fallen victim to the injury bug and there is nothing they can do about it. There is no quick fix for this problem. There is no pep talk that will cover WR DeSean Jackson or WR Dez Bryant. You simply need the best possible personnel on the field to battle with the opposing teams pro bowl players. The Giants do not have their best squad on the field and will have to deal with it. Head Coach Tom Coughlin knows this but must remain the rock for both the team nd the fans. It is amazing how a team with so much talent can remain so mediocre on the scales of progress due to injuries. There needs to be some changes made and GM Jerry Reese knows it. The Giants will face the St. Louis Rams next on Monday Night Football at 8:30 PM EST.

What are your thoughts about the Giants future this season? Can they make it back to the playoffs?

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10 Responses to Scuttlebutt Swirls Around Giants Nation About Teams Future

  1. bobbyg says:

    i know that no game is guaranteed,however i think there could not be a better team to play right now then the rams,especially with steven jackson out,and bradfords banged up finger. i hate to say this is a must win situation right now,but i believe it is.a win would at least restore confidence in the team with a huge eagles game on the horizon the week after,the giants need to put it all on the line,especially on a national stage on monday night.i feel this is also a must win because philly is up next and we cant go 3-0.i still believe that some how,the giants will find a way to make the playoffs,but a win against the rams is absolutely paramount in order not to fall to far behind in the division.the giants put together a really good first half against the skins,but somehow they got away from what was successful in the first half.and then it fell apart for them in the 3rd and 4th quarters,even though they were behind,they had many opportunities in that game and a lot to build on which is very i dont believe anyone should pack it in on the g-men just yet,but thats there,im going down with the ship,and the ship is not going down just yet.

    • robdomaine says:

      Sure buddy, a win is a win and I will take what we can get at this point. We have to focus week to week on each opponent. But that second half of the year is staring us down man and it is hard not to think about missing the playoffs if they don’t get it together very fast. We have to win 5 games before the bye week at minimum in order to make the playoffs in my opinion.

  2. bobbyg says:

    rob,we just made a great move picking up brandon stokley,do you think he will play monday night.

    • robdomaine says:

      In a year when we have so many players going down with injuries, I do not like the fact that they signed a guy who has only played 3 full seasons our of 13. I do not like this signing and would have rather taken someone else like a LB.

  3. bobbyg says:

    it does seem that as soon as nicks got dinged up,they made a receiver move,but with all the defensive injuries,they decide to go as is a head scratcher.i heard an analyst say that pittburgh is over the cap by 26 million almost every come these teams are still allowed to make moves when the g-men were actually 3 million under and still keep the 2nd stringers on the field without any moves.i have to say that i think the stokley signing will help manning with the long ball.of course ive been known to be wrong about everything this season, you expect or hear whispers of any other unorthodox moves this week by big blue,or do you think this is it.also with tuck and osi up in the air for this week,your right,i think a defensive move would have made more sense.i probably got over excited with the stockley move because big blue has kind of twiddled there thumbs with reaching out to other players in free agency.either way,we rise and fall with the g-men.and dont forget rob,stranger things have happened.lets get some health back on this team and get to 5-2 in the first part of this season.

    • robdomaine says:

      They have their work cut out for them buddy. They need every win they can get before the bye week because the schedule goes from bad to worse following the break. I haven’t heard about any other moves the team is considering but that doesn’t mean that Jerry reese is checking out every possibility. I hope the Stokley signing turns out to be a positive thing for the G-men but I’m nervous about him missing so much time in his career due to injury.

  4. bobbyg says:

    wow,i was just on a site where giants fans are irate,not only about the skins game,but also about gilbrides play calling.i cant believe its this bad after 1 game.i guess thats the fair weather crew.there calling for the heads of coughlin and reese,but with the giants possibly spanking the rams monday night,it will only calm the storm for a week.then to philly we glad i blog on your family friendly site,its getting ugly out there.

    • robdomaine says:

      Yeah, I don’t tolerate any cursing or disgusting talk here. People can express themselves without getting ugly and I do not like those fair weather fans who think they know everything without doing their homework.

  5. bobbyg says:

    Amen to seems we forget that only a short time ago we might not have had a season at all.and just being able to watch the g-men and the rest of the nfl play this season is a blessing.and if big blue has a winning year,it would be an amazing bonus.myself as a fan,i would never imagine the injuries a team like the giants were plagued with this year,or have to endure.and your right about the fair weather crew of fans not doing there homework,otherwise they would realize how difficult it would be to win a game without starters,but also, how incredibly sweet and amazing of an accomplishment it would be if the g-men could put it together and end up in the playoffs with all this adversity.its not the adversity the g-men face,its how they respond to it.thats why im a giants fan and thats why i watch year after year for the last 44 seasons.if the giants can bounce back this year and have winning year. with all that has happened,it not only would be one of the greatest accomplishments in there organization.but would go down as one of the greatest comebacks in nfl history.then we will see all the bandwagon jumpers.lets keep the faith rob.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, I’m right there with you buddy. it would be awesome for the Giants to pull out some big time wins without having all their starters on the field. Crazier things have happened. The overwhelming amount of issues the Giants face are just too much to ignore. Special teams are atrocious and the amount of injuries are the two biggest in my opinion. Monday Night Football will be a big test on a national stage in my opinion. Enjoy the weekend!

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