Giants Need to Win Five Games Before the Bye Week

NEW YORK – I was talking about the season with one of our readers here and expressed how I thought the Giants needed to win five games before the bye week in order to make it back to the playoffs. Which pretty much means winning the next five games in a row. I am sticking by what I said and I truly think it is an important benchmark, because we all know the second half of the schedule is brutal. I understand that any NFL team can win on any given Sunday but this schedule is ridiculous. If the G-Men fail to win five of their first six games, I think there is a real possibility of becoming a 500 team or maybe even falling below the dreaded sub-500 mark. Fans can dilute themselves with pep talks but reality bites hard. Of course, I hope that none of this happens and Big Blue makes the postseason.

Giants fans will have to wait until the Monday Night Football game is over to find out if the team will start the season at 1-1 or 0-2. Everyone seems to assume that the Rams are an easy win for some reason. They have a pretty good football team in St. Louis and I hope I don’t have to remind fans about how easy a win the Redskins were. The Redskins kicked our butts all over the field last weekend in a game that fans chalked up as an early victory. Do not get overconfident and take each game week by week, until you start building some momentum. Face reality and understand that the Giants are in last place right now and need to battle out of the basement in a very tough division. After the bye week, the Giants schedule transforms into the toughest in the NFL in my opinion.

The Giants signed WR Brandon Stokley this week in an attempt to bolster their WR corps. I wish Brandon well and hope that he can stay healthy this year. He has only participated in 3 full seasons during his 13 year NFL career, which makes his signing suspicious considering the team has been plagued with injury prone players. He was clearly brought in to help out in the slot and to try and give Manning another Steve Smith type of WR. DE Justin Trattou was waived in order to make room for Stokley and WR Chris Hogan was added to the practice squad. I also question why so much emphasis is being placed on the WR position when the TE, CB and LB positions are clearly in need of some help. All we can do is sit back and have faith that GM Jerry Reese has a plan. The Giants play their home opener against the Rams on Monday night at 8:30 PM EST.

Do you agree with the title of this article? Do you think the G-Men need to win five games before the bye week?

RD –

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11 Responses to Giants Need to Win Five Games Before the Bye Week

  1. bobbyg says:

    the all important slot receiver for eli is absolutely paramount.even though i have been getting killed for liking this signing by other giant fans,i still love the idea of stockley in the offense.gilbride got destroyed for all his pass play calls sunday,but with a legitimate slot receiver in there,i believe it would have been a different story.first of all,eli couldnt help the ball being tipped on there own 10 for the interception.but if we had a guy to swim the middle of the field while dragging receivers deep on other passing calls,eli would have been successful.i do believe this was a really good signing and will help the g-men not only in there passing game,but also with the run.i actually like all the pass plays called,but of course when you dont blend the mix of run and pass,it could fail,especially when the giants looked like they totally abandoned the run.but like a lot of the running plays last year that failed,gilbride got killed for calling running plays,the pass plays failed last week,so now he is getting killed for that.listen,its week one,i know the giants are playing light on both sides of the ball.but i guarantee the giants will be a different team this week on monday night,and we will see different looks bot defensively and offensively.i see this game as the bears game last year,only bradford getting could best believe the giants will be ready and consider this a must win.i push all my chips in the middle of the table on the not afraid to eat my words,but i dont believe i will this week.g-men 35,rams 14.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, I do not have anything against Stokley at all. In fact, I hope he can stay healthy and be a big contributor to the team. I really do not like Gilbride’s play calling at all and haven’t for a while now. He has lost his feel for the game and cannot grasp the flow properly anymore. This isn’t just my opinion either.

      That is a bold prediction with the final score and I sure hope you are right. I do not think the Giants will blow out many teams this year at all. I think every win will be a close game and earned. I will guess the final score will be Giants 27- Rams 21.

  2. bobbyg says:

    and i think we can go 5-2,which means must win on monday night.

    • robdomaine says:

      They are going to have to win 5 or face another year without playoffs. Unless they can somehow win 7 on the back end of the schedule. This is just my opinion of course.

  3. bobbyg says:

    i agree,even with a loss to the eagles,i believe they can still win the 5 they need.but this rams game is the season in my opinion.and as they win the games they should win in the 1st half god willing,they better be getting healthy while they do it.i respect everything you say rob,and i know they need that all important 5 wins in this 1st half.i really cannot see them blowing out the competition in the second half of there season,i do believe that if they can get healthy,they will compete and could win 6 in the second half,but the health is the key unless the second stringers play lights out.but i do see them having a smoke and mirrors game against the rams, and it will be much needed for the confidence of the g-men.and even though they are not that blowout kind of team right now,this will be that game that will be the head scratcher that makes us say,how did we let the skins get away with that last week.

    • robdomaine says:

      This Rams game is a big deal, no doubt about it. This one game could swing the post season either way. And you’re right about the health issues. That will be a big part of their success as well. I’m excited for the game tomorrow night and to get a better idea of how the rest of the season could go.

  4. bobbyg says:

    looking forward to a big giants win,and your article the day after tomorrow.enjoy the weekend rob.

  5. bobbyg says:

    the last thing anyone wants to see is someone getting hurt with a concussion.but with mike vick questionable next week,and i know its not good to ever look ahead.but dont you feel that this is a huge opportunity to turn the giants season around in the next 2 weeks.that 5-2 record in the 1st half we talk about could start looking very its up to big blue to come together,and it starts tonight.

    • robdomaine says:

      I agree with you. Nobody wants to see a player get hurt but there is absolutely an opportunity here for the G-men to squeak by with a win, if they play it right. They have to take care of the Rams tonight first and unlike other peoples opinions, I do not consider the Rams to be a pushover. It will be a hard fought win if they can pull it out. That being said, I expect the Giants to win and get their record up to 1-1.

  6. bobbyg says:

    im with you rob,i believe the giants will win ,and i dont by any means feel the rams are pushovers.especially with spags knowing the g-men so well.which is why,i think the giants will power run the ball and go back to play action.and i do think that this is one of the rare high scoring games for the giants,and a much needed win for big blue and there confidence going into next sundays battle with the birds.

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