The New York Giants: Injury Report 10/1/11

EAST RUTHERFORD- In the past, injuries have been known to crush the hopes of making it to the Super Bowl for many teams in the NFL. I used to believe there was no such thing as a ‘one man marching band’, but this year, the Indianapolis Colts have made think twice about that. Since the 2006 season, Colts QB Peyton Manning has lead the Colts to two Super Bowls and one championship. Unfortunately, due to a neck injury, Peyton has seen only the sideline this season. The Colts have started 0-3 this season for the first time in quite a while. That goes to show you that perhaps there is such a thing as a ‘one man marching band’.

In my opinion, Eli’s brother Peyton has clearly been the one and ONLY anchor for the entire Colts team. Now, many of you know the Giants have been riddled with injuries this season. But unlike the Colts, I believe the Giants have adjusted well enough to losing some key players to win games. The Giants have a 2-1 start after stopping the so called ‘dream team’ last week, the Eagles. So enough babbling, here is the Giants injury update for this Sunday’s game in Arizona.

CB Prince Amukamara: Out

No surprise here. Giants fans were told before the regular season began that Amukamara would most likely miss 4-6 weeks this season after suffering a foot injury during training camp. Of course, he would be a key player this week with the Giants facing Larry Fitzgerald and the Cardinals but I believe the CB’s have performed rather well without him and will continue to do so this week.

WR Brandon Stokley: Out

Eli Manning will have to play without Stokley this week because Stokley left practice early Wednesday with a quadricep injury. Still, I think that Eli will have plently of options and will be able to find a reciever to throw to seeing how WR Victor Cruz has stepped up to the plate. No word on when Stokley’s return might be.

DE Justin Tuck: Questionable

Justin Tuck’s lingering neck injury may keep him off the field this Sunday. This could end up being the missing link this week. With Tuck not on the field I think Card’s QB Kevin Kolb would have ample time to toss a pass to WR Larry Fitzgerald. This could prove to be deadly for the Giants. All Giants fans are hoping to see No.91 on the field this weekend.

DE Osi Umenyiora: Questionable

Giants coaches and Umenyiora are ‘optimistic’ that Umenyiora may take the field Sunday after being sidelined since August after knee surgery. Umenyiora could be a sigh of relief it Tuck cannot take the field Sunday.

LB/LS Zak DeOssie: Questionable

DeOssie was listed as questionable with a back injury and did not practice on Friday. Zak is a tough guy and it would take something serious to keep him out of a game.

Among the banged up players who will likely take the field on Sunday are Mario Manningham and Hakeem Nicks. This will be a sigh of relief for Manning who will need all of his weapons and also because Stokley is out this week. If the Giants can shut down the Kolb-Fitzgerald combo, I think the G-Men will have no problem taking down the Cards tomorrow. The game starts at 4:05 PM EST. GO GIANTS!

Spencer Conlin –

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8 Responses to The New York Giants: Injury Report 10/1/11

  1. robdomaine says:

    Good stuff Spencer. It should be a good game and I have the Giants winning by about 10 points. 21-10 or 24-10 maybe. The Cardinals weakness is in their secondary, so I expect Manning to throw 2 or 3 TD’s.

  2. bobbyg says:

    i think it will be an awesome game,of course with a big blue glad manningham is playing,especially with stockley out.i know stockley did not have a big game against the eagles,but i watched several plays seeing him open underneath,and i believe he will be a great presence on the field when he returns healthy drawing attention to get our young receivers open.and also,i want to congratulate you on your articles for ny giants reporter,and commend you for becoming a journalist at such a young age.i look forward to your articles,and welcome you as a new fellow blue blood.go g-men.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, I’m very happy to see Manningham doing well too. That kid has become one of my favorite players and has that little brother feel to him. As far as Stokley is concerned, can you guess who the oldest player on the Giants is? Yep, it’s Brandon Stokley. The guy has only played in 3 full seasons his entire career and he can now add this year as another that he will not fully start.

      Thanks for the warm welcome for Spencer. This kid has a drive in him and really wants to do well. He is also a huge Giants fan like we are lol.

  3. bobbyg says:

    i know you were really leery about the stockley signing,you called it buddy.i think i was so devastated by all the injuries week by week, that i thought anyone could help as an extra go to guy.but you hit the nail on the head,when stockley went down in practice,i thought about what you said about the injuries he has been through in his 13 seasons. i guess thats why you write and i clean restaurants the mean time big blue needs another big win this week,talk with you after the game.enjoy the weekend buddy.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, you know just as much about the Giants as I do. I was excited when they brought another WR to the team too. I just did some checking on the guys career and saw all of those down years, plus like I said, he is the oldest guy on the team now. I hope the guy does well at some point for us because he is a Giant now. I will do my game notes tomorrow after the game and I look forward to talking about it with you.

  4. bobbyg says:

    sounds good rob.

  5. bobbyg says:

    i know this is off the topic,but my how the tide changed this week on nfl network discussing the there picking them to win the division, and eli throwing for 3 hundred yds and 4 more TDs this week.theres no consistency in the reporting on these networks,but yet all they talk about is how teams have to be consistent.its 3 games into the season for cryin out loud,without the training camps or OTAs because of the lockout,it had to take teams like the giants to get into a rythym,because there a rythym team,they always have kind of preferring the under the radar roll for the giants,because even with the success they have, even with the injuries,its a win win situation.

    • robdomaine says:

      Very interesting indeed. Maybe someone over there has finally realized they have been bashing the G-Men long enough and need to be more fair and balanced. they have no idea how powerful social media can be when it comes to fans expressing their feelings.

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