NFL Week 4: Giants vs. Cardinals, Game Notes

NEW YORK – The G-Men traveled all the way across the country to Arizona to play a pretty good Cardinals team today. After beating up the “Steam Team’ Eagles last week and improving to 2-1 on the season, the Giants needed this win to gain some ground in the NFC East. This was a tough battle between two teams and neither team wanted to lose. The Giants pulled out the comeback victory late in the 4th quarter by the score of 31-27. The G-Men improve to 3-1 on the year and this was by far the most entertaining game to watch so far this season.

The first half was pretty sloppy by both teams and considering the Giants were playing up and down football, a bit embarrassing. The first quarter was all about the Cardinals and they seemed to be pushing the Giants around. The Giants came to life in the second quarter and changed the momentum going into the locker room at halftime with a 10-6 lead. The Giants could have very easily have been losing the game at this point but some key defensive plays allowed them to jump ahead. Arizona came back to life in the third quarter and scored pretty quickly to give them the 13-10 lead. But the fourth quarter is where all of the action happened with both teams combining for 28 points and 21 of those points going to the G-Men. Giants fans were going crazy on twitter when they realized the Giants were actually going to win.

This was really a very exciting game to watch as I mentioned before. The only thing that concerns me is the fact that Big Blue had some trouble with a team they were supposed to beat easily. I’m not taking anything away from a really tough Cardinals team that played their hearts out but I had the Giants winning this game by 10 points. The other issue that caught my attention was the amount of penalties Big Blue had again. They finished the game with 7 penalties for 55 yards and really need to work on their discipline. The Giants will play the Seahawks at 1PM EST next weekend at home.

Let’s take a look at my notes from the game. 

QB Eli Manning – Easy Eli kept his cool and finished with 321 yards, 2 TD’s and 0 INT’s. Manning has played extremely well the past 2 weeks.

WR Hakeem Nicks – Nicks led all WR’s and had an outstanding game finishing with 162 yards and 1 TD.

RB Ahmad Bradshaw – Bradshaw ran hard as usual and finished with 39 yards on the ground, 11 yards in the air and 1 TD.

DE Justin Tuck – Tuck was not able to play in this game and had to watch from the sidelines. Get well soon Justin!

WR Mario Manningham – Super Mario had a quiet game but that was expected in his first game back after a concussion.

LB Mathias Kiwanuka – Kiwi was the second leading tackler in this game and seemed to be all over the field. Great game for Kiwi.

DE Dave Tollefson – Tollefson had a great game and finished with 2 sacks. This guy has become an invaluable asset to Big Blue.

LB Greg Jones – The rookie Jones quietly had a nice game and finished in the middle of the pack with tackles.

DE Osi Umenyiora – Osi returned to the field for the first time this season and all he did was record 2 sacks and 1 forced fumble. Welcome back Osi!

RB Brandon Jacobs – Brandon was having trouble getting it going on limited carries but still finished with 18 yards and 1 TD.

S Antrel Rolle – Rolle knows the Cardinals very well and had a great game by leading all tacklers and getting 1 INT.

LB Michael Boley – Boley continues to be the strong, young veteran leader who just continues making big plays.

TE Jake Ballard – Ballard had a nice game and finished with 33 yards and 1 TD. Congrats on the TD Jake!

C David Baas – Baas had a good game despite getting a little banged up early in the game. It looks like he was a solid signing this offseason.

WR Victor Cruz – Cruz continues to make noise on the field and finished with 98 yards. He also had a weird play in the 4th quarter that Coach will question.

LB Jacquian Williams – Williams had his first quiet game of the year. Keep an eye on this guy and watch his star rise.

DE Jason Pierre-Paul – JPP had a quiet game by his standards and some think it is because he had to switch sides on the defensive line when Osi returned.

CB Aaron Ross – Ross had a decent game and is doing the best job he can do for Big Blue.

P Steve Weatherford – The weatherman had another good game and fans are starting to really like this guy.

K Lawrence Tynes – Tynes had a good game and finished with 1 FG and he made all 4 extra point attempts. He was also banged up in the 2nd quarter when a player ran into him.

Giants Defense – The G-Fense had a very good game finishing with 4 sacks, 1 INT and 1 forced fumble.

Giants Offense – The Giants offense started the game a bit slow and sloppy but finished strong and thats really all that matters right?

Giants Special Teams – This group had a decent game but still needs a ton of work.

How would you rate the Giants performance against the Cardinals on Sunday?

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10 Responses to NFL Week 4: Giants vs. Cardinals, Game Notes

  1. bobbyg says:

    until about 6 minutes left,i thought the g-men were blowing this one.especially when victor cruz was declared down,i really thought we were going to lose the argument,because the giants have been on the wrong end of those so many times.and the bottom line is the g-men and us fans caught a huge break on that call.we will take it far as the performance,i feel like you, that they were getting pushed around in the 1st half but then came to life late in the third.but somehow after the emotional win against the eagles,i thought they were going to be flat and take some time to get in a rhythm again.either way,this was an exciting victory that i believe the g-men escaped with.and with dallas and philly both losing,its good to share first,even though i know the giants should be 4-0 except for a sub par game against the skins.the giants have been on the losing sides of those calls for years and probably should have been on the losing side this week,but a win with a call going our way like that could really start a nice streak going and have the giants knowing they got away with one and being real careful with the ball handling in the future.thank god we came away with this one rob.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, I think a lot of people felt like you did, including me. That 4th quarter was a roller coaster ride to watch emotionally. So much drama and up and down game play. I really enjoyed watching that game last night and I’m sure I wouldn’t be so happy if they had lost the game. We need every win we can get before the second half of our brutal schedule.

  2. bobbyg says:

    i agree my friend,we need to sweep the rest of the half.whats also interesting to me,is the analysts on the sports networks with the last 2 giants wins are making it seem like the g-men have to apologize for winning those games.between the hits on vick that were totally legit,or the call yesterday.its amazing to me because the giants have been on the wrong side of those calls and arguments for so long,its nice to get one for us for a change and its like everyone is mad that the giants got the call.another thing is that they were constantly talking about how dallas could fix this and the eagles could fix that.if that were the giants under 5 hundred,they would be throwing them under the bus.its like why cant they call it the way it is.dallas and the eagles just dont seem to be that great.and as i speak,mike golic is saying how the eagles will come back and win the drives me crazy that when the giants win,theres a collapse by the other team,but not that the g-men straight up won the game.two nice wins back to back and not one sports network give credit to the g-men.i know this was your topic last week with the haters,its starting again this week.

    • robdomaine says:

      It is absolutely ridiculous man. Now we have to hear about this completely legal fall that Victor cruz made and hear about how he fumbled. The stupid main stream sports media just cannot give it a break. How about the fact that the Giants made a huge comeback during what should be the game of the week? They seem to lose that in the mix and that is the real story.

  3. Nice write up Rob…

    WOW! I was speechless and pacing the floors at the tail end of that game… Anywho, when the G-Men pull out a victory, I consider it a nice conclusion to the weekend.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Spencer, I was too buddy. I jumped up in the air when they got that last TD to take the lead. I was going crazy over here lol. it’s nice to see them beat teams late in the game like that. Now they know they can do it if it comes down to a similar situation later in this year. I also consider this an excellent conclusion to the weekend!

  4. bobbyg says:

    i just want to add that i thought osi had a tremendous first game back,and he helped big time to get the g-men the ball back late in the fourth.i believe osi deserves his money and coming back playing the way he did showed me a lot.classy move osi,glad to have you back out there with the g-men.

    • robdomaine says:

      Osi was phenomenal! I expected no less from the guy who continues to play his heart out. I was on Osi’s side during the whole contract talks. The man deserves to be paid an elite salary for DE’s. I’m glad to see him back out on the field too and expect him to produce consistently the rest of the season.

  5. bobbyg says:

    whats up rob,just wanted to touch topic as usual lol.i seen that the g-men picked up a few additions and let mr,stockley go,you called it buddy.but the one thing i found interesting,and the rest of the league and analysts have to agree,and thats all is not what it appears to be in the nfl.with all the giants injuries,they seem to be surviving in a tough nfc division.and teams like the eagles and cowboys had historic collapses, not unlike the desean jackson game last year for us.even the jets picking up plaxico,i thought that was such a slap too us and yet not so bad.the jets could be bottom feeders after the pats game this week with the cowboys and eagles of all teams.even namdi is not turning out so great for the eagles,seems he cant pick up the playbook,not so dreamy in eagles land.i guess my point is we just never know.of course i cant smile just yet,a long way to go,but much better results then i think we both anticipated back when i called you mr.domaine lol.looking forward to your rundown this week.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, you’re right about that. Nobody could have seen the Giants starting the season the way they did. You must be getting in my head because I just wrote an entire article about this very topic before I read your comments here lol. We are certainly on the same page. Still, even with the great start, they need the next two wins before the bye week to have a great shot at the playoffs. Without the next two wins, it is going to be very difficult to get to 10 wins for the season.

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