Giants are Facing Possessed Miami Dolphins Team on Sunday

NEW YORK – The Giants “experts” and most football fans believe that the G-Men will run all over the Dolphins on Sunday. My advice to all of those thinking this is an easy win is to remain quiet until after the game. The Dolphins have been disrespected and pushed around all year. The worst thing about this team is they have absolutely nothing to lose by playing crazy. By playing crazy I mean doing things out of the ordinary and making crazy plays like it was a meaningless Pro Bowl game. I think DC Perry Fewell needs to keep the players on their toes this week in practice and prepare them for some funky college-type madness.

The Dolphins are 0-6 so far this year and trust me, Coach Coughlin does not want to be the guy to give them their first win. He will have his team ready to play and the recent news of DE Justin Tuck, RB Brandon Jacobs, OL Chris Snee and rookie CB Prince Amukamara practicing is very encouraging. All four of them are returning from injuries. The G-Men will need all hands on deck to compete with the elite teams they face in the second half this year. Dolphins QB Matt Moore was banged up in last weeks game but is expected to play against the Giants this weekend. Still, the Dolphins went out and signed QB JP Losman to back him up in case the sack happy Giants knock him out of the game. Miami has not stopped tinkering with their roster for months now. This might be one of the reasons why they are 0-6. These players keep getting new blood rotated into the locker room and have no real chemistry with each other.

Miami has the 19th ranked overall offense and the 23rd ranked defense in the NFL. If not for their winless record, you would think they were a middle of the pack team (on the low end of course). Most experts have them ranked in the bottom three teams for the entire NFL. The Giants are ranked 11th overall for offense and 22nd for defense. After last weekends heartbreaking loss to QB Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos, late in the fourth quarter, I fully expect the Dolphins to play like a possessed team this weekend. They have a lot of pride down there in Miami and will look to save face by beating Big Blue at home. If the G-Men beat the Dolphins and improve to 5-2 on the year, the next best thing that could happen would be the Eagles beating the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football and knocking each other deeper into the middle of the pack of the NFC East. The Giants and Dolphins will play this Sunday at 1:00 PM EST at MetLife stadium.

What concerns you the most about the Giants playing the Dolphins this weekend?

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6 Responses to Giants are Facing Possessed Miami Dolphins Team on Sunday

  1. bobbyg says:

    this is a game the g-men will welcome for the injured players coming back,give them just enough time in the game to work them out for the grueling schedule in the coming weeks ahead.i also agree with not boasting until the game is over,especially after that seahawk game.although no game is a piece of juniors cheesecake,i believe the g-men will handle there business. and the one thing i know couphlin drilled into the giants players heads after that seahawks game is,dont give games away to the other team,and thats one thing i know the big blue will not do this week is shoot themselves in the foot.i also like the same 30 to 35 points you said the g-men will put up. i guess my only concern with this game, is not if the g-men will win,but can they come away without anymore injuries.

    • robdomaine says:

      I agree that the players are looking forward to coming back and get the injuries behind them. Better to start with the Dolphins then the Packers no doubt. I still think this is going to be a tough win for the Giants. Not so much because of the quality of the teams but because I really expect a bunch of trick plays and Hail Mary passes that will break free for one or two TD’s. The Giants have a habit of giving up huge plays this year, imagine if teams doubled their efforts to make them happen. I also hope they don’t get anymore injuries, the team can’t take anymore of that crap!

  2. bobbyg says:

    there is one thing that sometimes i wonder about with the offensive coaching of the g-men,and it does sometimes concern mentioned that the dolphins probably would open the playbook and use a bunch of downfield plays and maybe some trickery.when was the last time this giants offense used a flea flicka or bootleg,or even an endaround play for that matter. if the media is talking about the dolphins using these plays,the g-men should head them off at the pass and use a few trick plays of there own,especially early.but if i know gilbride they will go run run pass and win win 7-3 lol,either way i will take the win.

    • robdomaine says:

      The Giants never use trick plays. I honestly cant remember the last time they tried anything crazy like that. Probably because they haven’t been desperate enough to need to try those plays. I think the Giants will win too, I just don’t want everyone getting overconfident like they did with the Seahawks game. The Seahawks are quickly becoming one of my most hated teams in the NFL. They have played very well against the G-men the past few years and it’s annoying. lol

  3. bobbyg says:

    the 3-3 cowboys and the 2-4 eagles sunday night,there making it sound like saints packers.i guess the analysts have the eagles and cowboys back in the playoffs,i dont know,maybe there just promoting sunday night football.but all i been hearing this week is how the eagles are going to put this thing together and win the division and how the cowboys with there new super running back is going to get the wildcard.could someone tell the analysts that if rex grossman dont throw 4 interception they lose that game.and could someone wake up the cowboys enthusiasts and let them know they were playing the rams.which brings the question rob,do we want to bury the eagles with a cowboy win,or do we want to shut up cowboy nation.i say we bury the eagles.i know im off topic,however the rah rah eagles – cowboys talk concerns me when both teams are less then mediocre at best,but i guess they want andy reid and jason garrettt to get coaches of the year lol.

    • robdomaine says:

      lol main stream sports media loves the Cowboys and Eagles. I still have no idea why they get more love then the Giants. it really makes no sense except to say they are in line with the New York haters of the world. I guess it could be entertaining to see two teams fight to a third place victory in the the division. lol

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