Happy Halloween to the Giants Fans and Kids Out There

NEW YORK – On behalf of the nygreporter, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. I hope that everyone has a great time and enjoys this spooky holiday. All of you kids be sure to have your parents check your candy before you eat it and be safe out there trick or treating tonight! In the old days, we went out in groups of kids with usually only one or two parents there watching us. I’m sure things are different now but all of you kids better have a parent with you while trick or treating. DO NOT go out by yourself and be careful scaring the older folks.

The Giants pulled out the win yesterday against Miami in a very sloppy game. They improve to 5-2 on the year and the second best thing to happen yesterday was the Eagles beating the Cowboys and knocking each other into mediocrity. The Cowboys, Eagles and Redskins are all tied with 3-4 records. I’m sure this could change rather quickly but for now the G-men are sitting pretty with a two game lead in the NFC East. Most fans are dumbfounded by this but will take it anyway. The really hard part of the schedule begins now with the Patriots coming up next Sunday (11/6/11 at 4:15 PM EST) in New England. The Giants better get their act together before this weekend in order to have a shot at competing with QB Tom Brady and the tough Pats at home.

The Giants played like zombies yesterday but still got the win. Ultimately, I realize that’s the only thing that matters but fans still have a right to be concerned. Big Blue seems to be playing from behind in most games this year and it would be nice to see them blow out a team or two before the year ends. Especially, these teams that are on the bottom of the NFL food chain. If they can win five of their last nine games, they have a god chance at making it back to the playoffs. They have missed the playoffs for the past two years and must want to break that cycle as much as the fans do. They could not have started the year any better in their efforts to do just that. And by the way, QB Eli Manning is playing at an elite level this year, where are the sports media “experts” now admitting they were wrong? They are invisible like ghosts in a dark room.

What are your plans for this Halloween? Boo!

RD – nygreporter.com

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2 Responses to Happy Halloween to the Giants Fans and Kids Out There

  1. bobbyg says:

    the plan every year is my wife and i always get the economy size bag of candy and we end up getting 3 kids if that, because we live in a condo community.then we end up eating the candy and feeling guilty the next day lol.have a happy and safe halloween everyone out there in giants nation and around the country.its actually my favorite time of year.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, Happy Halloween to you and your family buddy. Halloween certainly isn’t the way it used to be. The word is so crazy these days that parents are afraid to do anything traditional. it’s a shame because Halloween is a fun holiday for the kids dressing up and all. I hope you get more kids today and save your belly from the ache that is sure to follow after you eat all of that candy lol.

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