Giants Face Biggest Test of the Year Versus Patriots

NEW YORK – The Giants have compiled a respectable 5-2 record so far this year and sit in first place in the NFC East. Some are very surprised by this fact because the G-men have been playing sub-par football during the first half of the year. I mean no disrespect to Big Blue by saying that, it is simply a fact for fans to see on television each week. True Giants fans know the team can play much better then they have been thus far. The Giants will need to step their game up on Sunday when they play the red hot New England Patriots in the Boston area. The Patriots will forever have a bad taste in their mouths for the Giants because New York beat them thoroughly in Super Bowl XLII. They will play extra hard versus the G-Men every single time they do battle because New York ruined their perfect season. The phrase “18-1” has become synonymous with choking big time in the sports world.

This is without a doubt the toughest game of the year so far for Big Blue. This will be a game in which everyone expects the Pats to win by a couple of touchdowns. I think those football “experts” will be surprised when they see an offensive shoot out going back and forth. I have less confidence in the Giants defense (I haven’t said that in years) then I do in the offense. Still, the offense had some key players get banged up against the Dolphins including RB Ahmad Bradshaw and WR Hakeem Nicks. Another issue could be the fact that RB Brandon Jacobs didn’t do much when he got back on the field and it makes you wonder if he is fully healthy yet. The Giants will need all of their weapons on the field to give the Pats a real run for their money. Something else the fans are pondering about is the debut of rookie CB Prince Amukamara, will it be this weekend? QB Eli Manning is an elite NFL QB, so I’m not concerned about him one bit and never was. All of you sports “experts” are awfully quiet now that Easy Eli is balling on a top 5 QB level. Man up and admit you were wrong or lose credibility.

The Giants defensive backs will be the deciding factor in this game. There is no doubt in my mind that the Giants defensive ends can get to QB Tom Brady early and often. CB Corey Webster and CB Aaron Ross will need to bring their A-game on Sunday and hold down the backfield. Safeties Kenny Phillips and Antrel Rolle will also be held accountable and must prevent giving up the huge plays opposing offenses have enjoyed this season. The Patriots utilize their TE’s more then most NFL teams, so it isn’t just the WR’s the G-Men need to worry about. If the Giants DB’s do their job and the running game can get it going, I truly think the Giants can squeak out a victory by 1-3 points in a close game. I’ll predict a final score of 35-33 with the Giants win.

What do you expect from the Giants this weekend versus the Patriots?

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4 Responses to Giants Face Biggest Test of the Year Versus Patriots

  1. bobbyg says:

    i say the same, that it will be a shootout with a a much higher score then people far as jacobs goes,i think they should get rid of him.he has never been the running back we all expected to run all over defenses since 08, and his mouth is making waves in the locker room,the giants dont need that nonsense.eli i never doubted, and quietly with no one even mentioning him,he is having a pro bowl year so far and i knew if he would stop throwing picks he would be fine. and i know he is an elite quarterback.but if you watch espn,mike vick and tony romo will be the mvp and face each other in the championship game even though both teams are under 500.the giants at 5-2 have not gotten any mention or respect and the analysts are just waiting for them to sink the ship starting this week with the pats.i think the g-men not only should use this as fewell for the fire lol,but have to ride the disrespect factor all the way through the 2nd half of this grueling schedule.and i feel the same way as you do about the defense,there really worrying me lately,however this is the game sunday that the giants need to shut up the critics and i think there defense will show up big.i keep hearing about the seattle game when the giants are mentioned and it seems to be a measuring stick this year of why the g-men are not getting the respect around the league.but beating the pats on sunday in foxborough will be just the medicine the giants need to really kickoff the second half and bring that much needed momentum factor.i expect the g-men to win of course and i really believe that when big blue plays there brand of football they can beat anyone including the superbowl champion packers.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, I understand your frustration with Jacobs. If Bradshaw wasn’t playing so well things might be different for Brandon but he can’t seem to get going with the limited carries he gets. ESPN is filled with New York haters and I have stopped watching them completely. I get all of my sports news from the local New York media. I’ve reached my limit with them.

      I agree that anyone can beat anyone on any given Sunday but those teams are playing with full squads. The only thing that concerns me is the fact that Big Blue has yet to field a full team in four years. They can beat anyone when fully healthy, no doubt about it.

  2. bobbyg says:

    i was watching the coughlin presser this morning and thought you would get a kick out of this.the question was asked if coughlin heard espn analysts not put eli in top five,coughlin responds i dont pay attention to that stuff.pat hanlon in the front row stands up and turns to the other reporters and says thats espn, take it for what its worth.i guess everyone knows about the bias reporting from espn,again you hit the nail on the head.unfortunately i cant get direct tv to get the new york im basically stuck listening to the nay sayers on nfl net and espn.however a friend of mine down hear that lives on marco island told me i could stream the local stations on the computer.i think you know the guy im talking about,his name is mark bavaro.we play golf every once in a while.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, thats very cool that you get to play golf with Bavaro. I actually met him at the stadium in the stadium club private area. He was very nice and polite. Everyone here in New York knows how ESPN treats the teams here. Even I was blind to it until my Uncle pointed it out to me. I just wasn’t paying much attention to it and staying busy. But when I really started to look at it my eyes were opened. it’s amazing how it could be right there in front of my face all of this time but I didn’t notice it until about five or six years ago. I was away form the New York area like you and had to rely on ESPN for my sports fix. It’s crazy!

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