Can Giants Beat NFC South Saints in New Orleans?

NEW YORK – It is amazing how dominant the NFC has been this year. The AFC is almost completely devoid of it’s former star teams, such as the Colts (0-10). The great teams of today are clearly the NFC  Packers (11-0), Saints (7-3), 49ers (9-2), Giants (6-4) and Cowboys (7-4) just to name a few. The AFC has the Patriots (7-3), Ravens (8-3) and Steelers (7-3) but all of those teams are not what they once were. The Ravens have been the best of the bunch this year. The NFC is deep with talented football teams, take a look at the standings and even teams like the Panthers, Falcons, Bears and Eagles are all young and exciting clubs to watch. If your team doesn’t win the division outright, it will be no easy task making the playoffs. NFC teams are explosive and can win big at anytime. The Giants need this win to keep up the pace with the pack.

All of this takes us to the Giants battle with the Saints on Monday Night Football in New Orleans. This is going to be a knock out brawl of a game in my opinion. Coming into this game, the Saints have the No.1 ranked offense in the NFL, while the Giants are ranked No.13 offensively. On the other side of the ball, the Saints are ranked No.20 defensively, while the Giants come in at the No.21 spot for defense in the NFL. The numbers don’t lie. How often do we hear that phrase? Being the No.1 ranked offense in the NFL is a statement and a wall to get over.

The Giants defense is going up against the elite of the elite, No.1 ranked offense in the NFL. That is a dramatic thing for any team to contend with but with Big Blue missing half of their starting defense to injury, don’t think the Saints won’t look to exploit the secondary. QB Drew Brees is too smart and too talented to hold under three touchdowns in my opinion for any team in the NFL. Other Saints stars to keep an eye on are TE Jimmy Graham, RB Darren Sproles, WR Marques Colston, RB Mark Ingram and WR Lance Moore. Watch the TE Graham closely.

For the Giants, I expect TE Jake Ballard and WR Mario Manningham to figure in for a bunch of yards and maybe a TD or two. You cannot overlook WR Victor Cruz who can easily end the night with 100 yards and 1 TD. Brandon the Bull will be looking for some respect and running hard in Who Dat land. Makes you wonder why I haven’t mentioned stud No.1 WR Hakeem Nicks yet. Because I’m saving the best for last. if this guy gets going he can put up 125 yards and 2 TD’s before halftime. Keep an eye on 88 and let’s see if this is one of those nights. The players need to hold onto the ball when it is thrown to them and players need to stop making so many mental errors on the field resulting in penalties. If the G-Men can improve these two areas on Monday night, I think they have a real chance at beating the Saints. My final score prediction is Giants 38 – Saints 35, the Giants win because they know they have to right now.

Where would you rank the New York Giants in the NFC at this point of the season? Will the Giants beat the Saints on Monday Night Football?

RD –

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