Faithless Whisper Secrets in Dark Corners About the Giants

NEW YORK – There are a lot of people out there who have given up on the New York Giants. I am not one of them. The Giants must win four of the last five games to make the playoffs in my opinion but we’ll see what happens. Maybe three wins gets them in depending on the state of the NFC in a few weeks. Forgive my ‘Gladiator’ title to this article but it feels like the end of that movie to me, when everything seems surely lost and the odds are stacked against you. Maybe Coach Coughlin should screen that film for the guys before the Packers game to inspire the men.

The moment has arrived for the Giants. The last five games will not define this depleted roster but it will give the other players a ton of valuable experience. When the Giants finally field a healthy team, they will make a run deep into the playoffs. I know people will say “no excuses” but this really goes beyond that. The Giants have lost about 15 players this season and a number of players are playing banged up. Couple that with the fact that the Giants have lost about 25 players to IR for the two years prior to this one. Some might call that an epidemic when looking at it on paper. The Giants have now consistently lost 20% of their team due to injury for three straight years. No wonder they’ve missed the playoffs for back to back years and now find themselves in jeopardy of making it three in a row. If they can’t find a way to win some games down the stretch, there might be some big changes coming to New York.

The time has come to throw caution out of the window when it comes to the play calling. Both Coach Fewell and Coach Gilbride need to be dynamic against Green Bay and realize that the season is on the line. Break out some of those plays you were saving for a rainy day. That day is here and it is pouring outside. We need some real change, real quick. Some of these players who are filling in are truly playing to the best of their ability, so I thank them all for their effort. And for the Giants fans who have lost faith and believe that the season is over, all I have to say to you is, I’ll see you in the playoffs.

Do you believe the rumors that the Giants season is over? Can the G-Men pull themselves out of this hole?

RD –

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2 Responses to Faithless Whisper Secrets in Dark Corners About the Giants

  1. bobbyg says:

    im not giving up yet either rob. i heard something interesting this morning,when the giants fans give up on them and the new york media has them going down like the titanic,thats when this team excels for some strange reason or another like in i implore all giants fans who gave up on the season to boo like crazy and really let them know how you feel at metlife stadium come sunday and maybe,just maybe we will see that dramatic finish to get the g-men into the seems that when we give the giants to much credit they crash and burn,but when we count them out they seem to come through for us.go figure.

    • robdomaine says:

      I have been really surprised by how many Giants fans have thrown in the towel already. The online vibe has been buzzing with doubters and there are still 5 games left. smh. The G-Men have their work to do no doubt but nothing is over yet.

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