12/4/11 Christmas DAC Day 4, Game Day Fact

NEW YORK – Because of the normal nygreporter ‘Game Notes’ article today, we will only be doing a short DAC fact for today and on all game days. Just a little something for you while you wait for our article later after the game. It is hard to believe we are only 20 days away from Christmas Eve now and 20 days away from that Christmas Eve game with the Jets that I’ll be going to. Remember, my Giants/Jets article will be published on December 26, 2011 for that weekend because I will be away. I am very excited for that game! The Giants play the undefeated Green Bay Packers today at 4:15 PM EST. Go Giants!

DAC Fact:

Do you know how many retired jersey numbers the Giants have? The answer might surprise you. I have to be honest, when I think of retired numbers and teams that might run out of numbers to retire one day, the same team comes to mind, the Yankees. But the Giants are a close second with 11 numbers retired so far. DE Michael Strahan should also have his number retired one day down the road. Let’s take a look at the numbers and players retired.

New York Giants retired numbers.

No.1 – Ray Flaherty, Ray has the honor of being the first person with a professional sports number retired, in any sport.

No.4 – Tuffy Leemans

No.7 – Mel Hein

No.11 – Phil Simms

No.14 – Y.A. Tittle

No.16 – Frank Gifford

No.32 – Al Blozis

No.40 – Joe Morrison

No.42 – Charlie Conerly

No.50 – Ken Strong

No.56 – Lawrence Taylor

What is your favorite New York Giants number and why? Do you own any Giants jerseys?

RD – nygreporter.com

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2 Responses to 12/4/11 Christmas DAC Day 4, Game Day Fact

  1. bobbyg says:

    89,mark bavaro.as a giants fan,to me he was all business and did what he had to do in the trenches dragging guys on his back to win games for the g-men earning the nick name rambo.i own that jersey and of course many more as a giants fan you always want to fly those big blue colors.happy holidays.

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