12/8/11 Christmas DAC Day 8, Sunday Night Fever

December 8, 2011

NEW YORK – The New York Giants will play the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football in Texas. To say this is an important game would be an understatement. The Giants have no choice but to sweep the Cowgirls…huh hum, I mean the Cowboys or face another year without the playoffs. I wish I could say that I am confident the Giants can pull this task off but I’m not. I have to be honest with my readers and myself. The Giants are more likely to miss the playoffs this year, then they are to make it back. Let me explain why I feel like this and let me be clear, the Giants always have a shot to pull off the miracle because of QB Eli Manning. However, winning three out of the next four games will be extremely tough for Big Blue.

OK Giants fans, it’s time for some reality and serious reflection on the current situation. The Giants offense is ranked 9th in the NFL overall but that is only because of the passing game which ranks 4th. The Giants rushing game is ranked 29th (ouch!). It gets even worse on defense where the Giants passing defense is ranked 28th, while the rushing defense is ranked 23rd. The Giants overall defense is ranked 29th (ouch!) Elite teams won’t need much time in the video room to realize that you have to stop Eli Manning to win a game. It is no secret that the Giants have fallen down the rankings because of injuries and not the poor play of first string athletes. It has been this way with injuries for 3 straight years now.

DAC Fact

Did you know the Giants were purchased for only $500 dollars back in 1925 by the Giants original owner Tim Mara? As of 2010, the New York Giants are reportedly worth $1.3 billion dollars (according to Forbes estimates). Not a bad investment huh?

Will the New York Giants sweep the Dallas Cowboys this year?

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