12/13/11 Christmas DAC Day 13, The NYG Defense

NEW YORK – Hello Giants fans, I would like to discuss the New York Giants defense. I think everybody understand the situation we are in and why the team has been less then perfect in that department. People can look at me funny all they want but the truth is the Giants defense is simply using rookies, second stringers and a few solid veterans. Most of the guys injured are starters and the IR list must have close to 20 Giants players on it now or roughly 2/3 of the team. This doesn’t include the current list of banged up players that miss a few games here and there.

Some Giants fans understand and agree with me and other Giants leaders out there must show their displeasure in order to motivate those youngsters to play harder and smarter. Giants leaders such as Michael Strahan, Antonio Pierce and Carlos Emmons. Where the fans are supportive vocally and see the rookies out there trying their best, the veterans must stay on them to make them better. The respect is worth more then the money. I get it. The grasshopper understandeth the lesson.

I think DC Perry Fewell is doing an outstanding job with the personnel he has to work with. He is missing some major star names out there. Guys like CB Terrell Thomas, DE Osi Umenyiora, LB Clint Sintim, S Kenny Phillips. He is also using a bunch of rookies. Guys like CB Prince Amukamara, LB Jacquian Williams, LB Greg Jones and S Tyler Sash. These kids are playing their hearts out and will only get better. It is only a matter of time before they start picking up the game and getting to really understand what is happening. Then they will be able to read and react much better. Guys like Jason Pierre-Paul do not come around very often. This is a very special football player, if he keeps himself out of trouble he will go in the record books, I firmly believe that. I’m going to buy a home jersey with No.90 on the back. Guys like LB Michael Boley and S Antrel Rolle don’t come around often either, natural born leaders out there.

The Giants have had three straight years in a row where injuries have really dismantled a solid team put together by GM Jerry Reese. It is a shame that they got hit so hard because this would be a good looking squad playing together on the field. I really hope the fans can see that one day. The reality for right now is the Giants rank at the very bottom (bottom five) of the NFL defensive rankings. In order for them to improve on that area, players are going to have to stay healthy. It is unacceptable in New York to have anything less then a strong defense.

DAC Fact

Have you ever met any New York Giants players? I’ve met a few including New York Giants legend Michael Strahan. Check out the NYG Fans section and read the comment section for the whole story.

What are your thoughts about the Giants defense in 2011?

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Check out New York Giants Team Captain, Justin Tuck’s camp info here Justin Tuck ProCamps.

5 Responses to 12/13/11 Christmas DAC Day 13, The NYG Defense

  1. bobbyg says:

    if the g-men could limp into the playoffs i believe that would save some coaches.but if the giants somehow fall apart and dont make a playoff spot,i think fewell goes and possibly coughlin.i just wish this team could put together a solid defensive performance the next 3 weeks,its all right there in front of them.i know the defense is injury riddled but theres been to many blown coverages.the way teams have been getting so wide open into this giants secondary is inexcusable even with all the injuries.they get osi back and that should help the pass rush.the skins would love nothing more then to spoil the g-mens party and big blue has to be ready for these next three because coaches will be throwing the kitchen sink at them.the home crowd and playoffs on the line,maybe the defense starts to show up this week,god willing.

    • robdomaine says:

      I’m not sure how they can save some of these coaches jobs. Tom Coughlin has nothing to worry about and it annoys me that the media likes to bring that up all of the time. It holds no water and is quite disrespectful if you ask me. The Giants should beat the Redskins, leaving fans with the Jets and Cowboys to tend to. Big Blue can beat both of those teams but the question is will they?

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