12/20/11 Christmas DAC Day 20, GM Jerry Reese

NEW YORK – I thought our readers would like to discuss Giants GM Jerry Reese for a moment. Let me start by saying that I am a fan of Jerry Reese. Reese has done an outstanding job of stacking this team with talent. The amount of injuries endured by Big Blue are extraordinary. Three straight years of IR list members and IR list candidates. The most frustrating thing about being a Giants fan the past few years is the injuries. If you bring up the injuries to other fans, you are perceived as complaining, with them saying “it’s part of the game” or something like that. They can say whatever they want but true blue fans know the real deal and it’s disgusting. It’s almost worse then losing out right by better competition. Growing pains will pay off next year.

Jerry Reese has made all of the right moves with the situations he was given and made the right choices at that time in my opinion. Looking back some have been brilliant like bringing in LB Michael Boley, S Antrel Rolle and drafting DE Jason Pierre-Paul and signing punter Steve Weatherford. Who could argue with him taking rookie CB Prince Amukamara in the first round of Aprils NFL draft? Nobody said anything because it was the smart thing to do. Amukamara is going to get better, mark my words. He also took a shot on drafting a rookie RB named Ahmad Bradshaw who turned out alright. Bradshaw is a beast and has kept out of trouble off the field.

Let’s not forget Reese drafting WR Hakeem Nicks and WR Mario Manningham. Were some of his draft picks a bust or did some signings not work out? Of course some of them didn’t work out, that is part of the business, things happen that are out of your control. But nobody can deny his success in the draft game where some consider him a guru. There are other fans who do not like Jerry Reese and I invite those to make their points in the comment area. I am interested in hearing your point of view. Reese has five years under his belt now and should be evaluated by fans. Congrats on five years by the way Jerry!

I’m sure that Mr. Reese has February 2, 2014 marked on his calendar with a circle around it. Getting the Giants into a Super Bowl to be played in MetLife stadium has to be the goal. If the Giants end up playing the Jets, I would think the game is fixed. A subway series for Big Blue and Gang Green? Are you kidding me? The Battle for Broadway? The Times Square Scuffle? The Turnpike Fight? The Block Party? The Five Borough Brawl? The Rumble in Rutherford? Are you kidding me? It would be the game of the century with the Giants winning of course, 47-31.

DAC Fact

Since taking over as Giants GM from Ernie Accorsi back in 2007, the G-men have had 50/50 postseason success. The first two years were good and the G-Men went to the playoffs both years. The past two years were clearly not very good because they missed the playoffs. The Giants still went 10-6 in 2010 which is considered a very good season. They won the Super Bowl in Reese’s first year as General Manager in 2007 and finished with a 10-6 record. They finished 12-4 in 2008 and 8-8 in 2009. This year in 2011, the best they can hope to finish is 9-7 if they win the last two games against the Jets and Cowboys, both at MetLife stadium. The Giants are currently 7-7 and have never had a losing season under Reese’s watch.

How would you grade GM Jerry Reese on his performance since taking over the GM position from Ernie Accorsi on January 16, 2007?

RD – nygreporter.com

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