Giants Be Nimble, Giants Be Quick at Candlestick

NEW YORK – Hey Giants fans, can you believe we are only one game away from playing in another Super Bowl? It is really starting to hit me today as we get closer to the big game against the 49ers in San Francisco this Sunday night. Let me start by saying that I believe the Giants will win this game. However, I think this will be a very close game with a victory point margin between 1-3 points. I’m going to give a final score prediction of 28-27 with a Giants win by Manning taking over the game in the fourth quarter. The Giants ‘Road Warrior’ mentality continues to produce results and this team seems to do their best work when the pressure is on.

The secret ingredient to this game is going to be speed. The Giants need to use speed to their advantage here and utilize RB Ahmad Bradshaw with the majority of carries. I would also unleash WR Mario Manningham in this game and throw to him until they leave WR Hakeem Nicks or WR Victor Cruz with a ‘one on one’ situation to manipulate. The 49ers have an extremely aggressive defense and they didn’t get to the NFC Championship game by pulling punches. The physical play that Head Coach Tom Coughlin preaches will be important but speed kills. I am not just talking about the offense here, the defense will need speed to get to QB Alex Smith often and disrupt his game. The areas of concern for Big Blue are the same as the past few weeks, on offense it is the offensive line and on defense it is the secondary. Both of these groups have really improved their games in the past few weeks but they cannot compare to the production of Manning or the defensive front four.

Roger Goodell and the NFL can be sure that fans will be watching the refs like hawks in this game and if they ruin the game with bogus calls, the NFL will have it’s integrity questioned by many. Teams spend hundreds of millions of dollars and players give blood, sweat and tears to make it to the playoffs and to have it ruined by a blind ref is unacceptable in 2012. Another thing, Giants fans came out in force for the Green Bay game in Wisconsin and I expect the same thing to happen in San Francisco. Let’s hope the fans can keep things classy and stop acting like idiots in the presence of women and children. Enjoy the game but if you’re willing to go to jail for a long time because you cannot control yourself, then just stay home. Leave the stadium seats for the true fans.

Who do you think will win the game on Sunday night and why?

RD –

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10 Responses to Giants Be Nimble, Giants Be Quick at Candlestick

  1. bobbyg says:

    That was the most incisive article i read put everything in a nut shell as usual.we both differ on our predictions however.and i know you wont be upset if the score is what i predicted.i feel the g-mens pass rush make alex smith look like a 3rd stringer in this one.i feel if the giants pass rush could ruin the timing of arron rodgers,it will have no problem throwing off alex smith and the 49ers timing,only look for more sacks and disruption by the g-mens front four rattling smith into throwing interceptions.the 49ers will bring the house on defense to there dismay,because the giants o-line will pick up blitz all day leaving cruz and manningham wide open all day long.the difference this week is the mistake the 49ers will make double teaming nicks letting the g-mens receivers and tight ends open for runs to the house.the 49ers will not know what hit them this week thinking they will keep this a dogfight until the end because of the drizzling weather and 50 dgree temps thinking the giants will try to establish a run game.but by the time the 49ers figure out that eli is going to throw all day,it will be to late and the g-men will have this one in the bag.look for gilbride to open the book on this one,and the giants run game coming in the fourth quarter to put the icing on the york giants 37-san francisco 49ers 14.someone left the cake out in the rain,and it will be the 49ers all wet and soggy after this one buddy.g-men roll big and will not be denied.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, thanks buddy! I appreciate the compliment. I would not mind at all if your prediction came true because I really do not want to sit through another heart attack game lol. I’m sure that our defense will get to Alex Smith but what really concerns me as how much the Packers were getting to Eli. I hope our offensive line can stand up and push the 49ers defense back on their heels. It was really troubling to see Manning going down so much and you know how I feel about some of the cheap shots and non-calls. A rainy and messy game might be the biggest equalizer of them all, let’s hope the G-Men remember to pack the proper cleats lol. Still, I really think Big Blue will be back in the Super Bowl following the game.

  2. bobbyg says:

    Amen too that rob.the nygiants are truly blessed and will give the big blue faithful a stress free runaway victory on sunday night.rob,i never asked you, who would you like to see the g-men play in the superbowl next month.a rematch with the patriots from 2007 or a rematch from 2001 with the ravens.being tebow and the broncos are out of it,i actually would like to see the g-men beat the ravens because they lost to them in 2001, and knockout the 2 harbaugh brothers the way they knocked out the ryan brothers.keep me posted buddy,and remember,it only takes a snowflake to start an avalanche,and the new york football giants are coming down that mountain snowballing like rolling thunder at the 49ers.its great to be a nygiants fan,im all in buddy.

    • robdomaine says:

      Good stuff Bobby. To be honest, Im not sure who is going to win the Ravens vs. Patriots game. it is clear that you better have good LB’s if you want to beat the Patriots with those TE’s, so I think the Ravens have a good shot at winning. That leaves the question about who will cover Welker though.

  3. bobbyg says:

    It kind of looks like the ravens game plan could actually be the same as the g-mens when the giants played the pats earlier in the season.its funny about joe flacco,when he seems to get flack about not putting enough points up,the ravens usually put about 30 to 35 points on the board the week after, and about 10 to 14 come by there defense.i think brady could be in for a long day.ravens should shake it up with there pass rush ala g-men,and the ravens secondary with ed reed will pick it off for a giants-ravens showdown in the superbowl.g-men match up good on defense with the ravens,but the g-mens offense is leaps and bounds better then the ravens and the giants are a buzz saw teams do not want to get in front of right now.this is destiny rob,lots of happy giants fans for the next few weeks.speak to you after the post game article,be prepared to write a lot of yards down for the gmens offense and the g-mens defense to score points in this one.

    • robdomaine says:

      I honestly don’t know who will win that game buddy. It’s a really good matchup between a solid offense and solid defense. I am going to enjoy watching that game for sure. I’m leaning towards the Ravens at the moment but that could change on game day. Brady is having a heck of a season and he has a lot of weapons this year.

  4. bobbyg says:

    I was thinking of the way eli is compared to big brother peyton,and when eli wins the superbowl in indianapolis next month,it will not only solidify eli as better,but he will do it in peytons house.notice how i said when and not if eli wins the superbowl with the g-men next month in indy.the new york giants are just a little over 3 weeks away from being the best team in the nfl for the 2nd time in 5 years.pretty exciting stuff rob.i know the sports media is going to talk stats about eli and peytons careers.but to me,the rings on the fingers are all that matters and when the smoke clears in a few weeks,eli will have 2 to peytons one.and with the youth on the new york giants roster,the g-men could be dangerous for years to come.

    • robdomaine says:

      I know what you mean Bobby and there is one thing that Eli doesn’t have that Peyton has and that is 4 NFL MVP trophy’s. That is a tough one to over look. Even if Eli gets more Super Bowl rings, he will need to do a lot of work to win all of the other accolades to be truly compared to Peyton, who some say might be the best QB in the history of football. Of course, If the Giants do go on to win the Super Bowl, it is almost a lock that Eli will get his second Super Bowl MVP award and that is something you can’t over look either. I’m just glad Eli is being seriously talked about now as an elite QB, instead of all the negative stories about him out there.

  5. bobbyg says:

    Okay,everything has been said,everything has been looked at, and now its time to play the game.a lot of people say im nuts for my prediction of the game with the score nygiants 37-49ers14,but there are a few of us who believe the g-men will blowout the 49ers.,to my surprise,one of them was mike greenburg of mike and mike who predicts a nyg 28 to 10 victory which shocked me because its espn lol. i really feel in my heart the g-men will win the game on sunday convincingly and have it wrapped up in a bow for giants fans by the fourth quarter.god bless the nygiants and there fans,enjoy the game in peace rob,were all to you in your happy post game article.

    • robdomaine says:

      You’re right Bobby but I had to write another article anyway lol. But you’re right it’s simply time to play the game and see who comes out with the win. I haven’t been this excited for a game in years. I’m sure we will speak before the game but if we don’t I hope you enjoy the game.

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