Big Blue Should Win The NFC Championship Game

NEW YORK – Hello Giants Fans, the internet and twitter has been exploding with a ton of trash talk this week. I can honestly say that I do not remember a game in recent memory with this much hype. For some reason, the 49ers fans out there in cyberspace are insecure about their team pulling off a victory on Sunday night. Now, the San Francisco fans have every right to feel confident about the 49ers in this game because they have a very good football team and earned their place in the NFC Championship game. All of this trash talk isn’t necessary and only shows the true fear and embarrassment the ‘San Fans’ would like to avoid with a win. Unfortunately, I think those fans will be greatly disappointed come late Sunday night but they still had a great season and should be commended.

I do not want to sound overconfident but I really believe in my heart that the G-Men will be back in the Super Bowl. There is something in my gut that tells me the 49ers will not be able to overcome the Giants defense. If you give me a choice between 49ers QB Alex Smith or Giants QB Eli Manning versus equally solid defenses, I have to take Eli Manning. And I’m not just saying this because I root for Big Blue. I think NFL fans from every city in America would agree with me, except in San Francisco of course but the numbers don’t lie. Eli Manning is a superior QB to Alex Smith. The Giants defense will need to have a solid game and the front four will need to do their thing and knock down QB Alex Smith often. The Giants have the best front four in the NFL and they will need those guys to play like a bunch of crazed dogs out there on Sunday. I also expect RB Brandon Jacobs to run hard after former 49ers WR Jerry Rice called him soft. I’m sure the current 49ers players didn’t appreciate Rice sticking his nose into their business like that and angering a real Giant in Brandon the Bull.

I’ve already mentioned how I believe speed will play a big role in a Giants victory and I’m sticking to that. The weather report calls for rain on Sunday night, which will only make the game more interesting. Yes, it will certainly effect a few plays during the game but we will have to wait and see just how bad the weather is before making any further predictions. The one prediction that will not change in my mind is a Giants win by the score of 28-27. In other words, I’m all in.

What group of Giants players will be the most crucial to a New York win?

RD –

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11 Responses to Big Blue Should Win The NFC Championship Game

  1. bobbyg says:

    Eli manning will be the crucial giants player this week.because the game plan the niners are expecting is the g-men to come out trying to establish the run.this will not happen because kevin gilbride will open up the g-mens offense right off the back and start play action passing down the field.the reasoning behind this wide open game calling by the g-men is the 49ers with the rain and muddy field are thinking run all day.but the giants will open this offense right away because they know that in every game since the jets game,the new york football giants play a different brand of football with the lead.and you can best believe the g-mens coaching staff are going to make sure the gmen play with a lead and never look back confusing that 49er defense all day long.easy pickens for this giants offense on sunday and a big blue victory.the headline on the nypost reads,new york giants stay classy in blowout victory over san fran.its really very simple,you dont get in front of a moving train.that train being the ny giants.

    • robdomaine says:

      Good points as usual Bobby. I have to say that I think Big Blue should start with Bradshaw early instead of Jacobs to get them winded then pound the ball with Jacobs later. Not the other way around where the use Jacobs to soften them up first.

      And I completely agree that this game will be won or lost by Eli Manning. Of course, the WR’s need to catch the ball and hold onto it with no drops or tips too.

  2. bobbyg says:

    I know victor cruz and nicks will be crucial also.just by getting double coverage will leave giants receivers open all night long.look for the g-mens tight ends to have a field all in buddy.

    • robdomaine says:

      I think Manningham will have a BIG day if they try to double cover Nicks or Cruz. Manningham has really brought his game to the next level this season. I can see where he has worked on his game and made a point to know where he is on the field.

  3. bobbyg says:

    Im in that calm relaxed mode with this game tomorrow seems everyone is talking home field advantage for the 9ers,the rain and the mud,the 49ers rough and tough defense that smacked around the saints and drew brees and all that other nonsense the sports media could dig the way,my wife and i just moved into a place with direct tv,so now i have 900 sports media shows to watch all the g-mens nay sayers lol,but at least now i get ny stations like msg to get positive nygiants talk.but anyway,im feeling that the weather,the mud and the pressure of the home game for the championship will be to much for alex smith and the 49ers to handle.and the nygiants who have been there done that will play fast and loose,and this will turn into a giants home game by the 3rd quarter.the weather and the mud is going to hurt the 9ers not the g-men. eli will have time to throw and the g-mens receivers are going to catch everything coming there way and look for the giants defense to score tomorrow also.alex smith and the 49ers left there best game on the field last week against the saints,and by the 3rd quarter the g-men will have this one going prepared to be very happy by 930pm tomorrow night buddy.and get some rest,you hands will be tired from all the ny giants yards and stats you will have to write about in your next article.

    • robdomaine says:

      The one thing those fans are forgetting is the fact that the Giants are the Road Warriors! The Giants play better on the road because they play better when the pressure is on them. Having a messy field is going to be an issue for both teams, I heard a rumor that the field was so bad that the NFL had to step in and say something about it. Not sure how much truth there is to it but that is the rumor.

  4. bobbyg says:

    Oh yeah,im all in.lets get that lombardi trophy again buddy.

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  6. bobbyg says:

    rob,they did it.i told you my friend,never worry lol.unbelievable game.

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