Super Bowl XLVI Weekend Finally Arrives For NFL Fans

NEW YORK – The media coverage for this Super Bowl has been good and by that I mean, NFL fans have been saturated with everything New York Giants for days now. It has been a lot of fun watching the interviews and press conferences. The Giants seem calm and focused and I really believe they are going to win another ring on Sunday (Giants win 38-27). I guess this would be as good a time as any to say “Thank God it’s Friday” and the weekend officially begins tonight. I am ready to get this game started because with the bye week in between, it seems like it has taken forever to arrive. Have no fear my fellow fans, Super Bowl weekend has arrived!

Fans who were able to check out the NFL Experience this year probably attended the best one ever. They continue to add things to that wonderful part of the Super Bowl entertainment activities for fans. I have attended 2 NFL Experiences (Miami, Tampa Bay) in my life so far and they were both a lot of fun. I highly recommend this for Dads and Sons and Uncles and the guys to attend and enjoy. They have lots of cool football activities for the kids and tons of video games and history areas to look at including the Lombardi trophy itself and all of the Super Bowl rings ever won thus far. There are also players all over the place with autograph booths set up and an event schedule that tells you who will be where and when.

Everyone keeps talking about how playing in Indy helps the Giants out but I think it might actually help the Patriots out more. Think about this for a minute, who has played more games there and feels more comfortable? It has to be the Patriots and with any other team that might make the Patriots look favorable but this is the ‘Road Warrior’ New York Giants where none of that applies. The Giants are simply awesome on the road (hence the Road Warriors nickname) and relish being called underdogs. So in a strange way, the worst thing you can do to them is compliment them. There is nothing that is going to rattle this team and the players will need to manage each other and stay cool until the game is over. Once the game is over, you can celebrate for a month if you want. Win the ring before you plan parties or talk about partying. Life comes down to a few moments and this is one of them. The fans are all in, are you?

Who has the edge playing at Lucas Oil stadium in Indianapolis?

RD –

Check out New York Giants Team Captain, Justin Tuck’s camp info here Justin Tuck ProCamps.

12 Responses to Super Bowl XLVI Weekend Finally Arrives For NFL Fans

  1. ajcnj56 says:

    Hey Rob – It sounds like you are in Indy?? I am really jealous! I considered driving out there this week since I am currently between jobs (obviously my wife would not have appreciated it). It looks like a fun city!

    I hate the 2 week wait. It certainly drags things out and the hype seems to be bigger than in past years. But with the NY-Boston story lines, the fact the teams have played each other in 2007 and the Brady Manning storyline, no wonder the hype is Hyper! It seems like a lot more people are picking the Giants than the pats, and of course the Giants are talking a lot which they have done since the Atlanta game. As usual I am getting nervous that the Pats might win this one, especially since the Giants won in 2007, and earlier this year (including the pre-season win). It is hard to beat Belichik 3 times in a row when it counts. I really do hope we can get to Brady, and stifle their running game.

    My sense is that the Giants are going to run the ball more than people expect and would not be surprised if Bradshaw has a big game.

    I hope we win this game…..

    • robdomaine says:

      Hello AJ, I am not in Indy unfortunately, I need to hook up some of those press credentials this year and see what I can do about getting into these games. I would love to have attended this game and Super Bowl XLII for that matter. If you can make the trip, I suggest you go. Who knows when the Giants will be back in the Super Bowl again, you know what I mean? We’re only 3 days away now so stay calm and cool and get ready for the best game of the year! Enjoy the weekend!

  2. bobbyg says:

    Hey guys.a lot of the patriots fans are talking revenge factor for this game, and i notice the pats players and belechick playing the respect card a little to much with the aw shucks these giants are really good stuff.when the deal is,the g-men winning in 07 has been talked about as just luck with the tyree catch and that the g-men were not supposed to win the game at all in 07.i think coughlin is stressing that fact that people are saying the g-men should not have been there at all.boomer esiason said he spoke with coughlin today and if the game was played today,the g-men would beat them because coughlins body language embodied seems the patriots are trying so hard to be the underdogs here and its ticking me off because it just seems so ingenuous when belechick or the patriots players speak to the all in and i made my prediction and im sticking to it.i think the g-men have the edge because there playing with house money and they have been playing with house money since the jets game because lets face it,the g-men know that everyone believes they dont belong here,now thats a motivation for the the g-men and i know the patriots know that and thats why there walking on eggshells with army boots.this game will be like the g-men are at metlife stadium and when that ball is kicked off sunday night,the patriots will know they are in for a long night.the nygiants will score first and often,the g-mens defense will cause much confusion and possibly knoock brady out of the game for a few plays to which brady wont recover from.g-men win this one going away.the heart attack free game nygiants fans have waited all season for will be sunday night in the superbowl.good things are worth waiting for.ny giants 37-ne patriots 14.there is no doubt my big blue nation will be dancing in the streets sunday night by 930pm.

    • robdomaine says:

      Let the Patriots fans talk revenge all they want, this game is about the Giants winning two Super Bowl rings within four years of each other. That is where the story is and I have to believe that the NFL would prefer the clean cut and football fierce Eli Manning to be among the greatest ever talked about. Tom Brady is already there, he might even be a gentleman and pass the torch to the younger Manning and wish him well if he wins another ring. The Giants are right on the money the way they are handling this and choosing to stay calm but focused solely on football. Coughlin will give them a break and work on mental but still have them ready to play on Sunday. My final score prediction remains Giants win 38-27.

  3. bobbyg says:

    Oh,and rob,please write a twas the night before superbowl article so nygiants fans could do there ryhmes.for example,twas the night before superbowl and belechicks game plan looks shady,but the g-mens defense is not fooled,on the ground is tom

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, you really liked that poem I did huh? Sure I can do another one for the Super Bowl this year. You already know my final score prediction so there is nothing to guess about there. I will include that in my ‘Twas the Night Before the Super Bowl’ poetry.

  4. bobbyg says:

    Awesome,i love that stuff.

  5. I’m thinking the crowd is going to be a GIANTS crowd, obviously not 100% but pro-GIANTS, maybe that helps a bit…
    I bELIeve Rob…this offense for the GIANTS is on point right now and I expect Eli to pick apart that NE defense, as long as the O-line keeps Eli vertical the pats are in trouble. I say the G-MEN get 3 sacks on Brady, 1 interception, and 1 forced fumble…win the turnover ratio!!
    Is it Sunday yet?!?!?! GO GIANTS!

    • robdomaine says:

      Hello Dan, I think there will be plenty of Giants fans on hand too. I heard reports saying that they were asking ticket buyers if they were Giants fans or Patriots fans and most said Giants. I also think Big Blue will get at least 3 sacks on Brady. One more day and it’s Super Bowl Sunday!

  6. says:

    Hey Guys – I am readdy for the game to start now! Did any of you watch the Social Media event Thursday night with the interviews of Ballard, Sash, Prince and Weatherford. It was very cool. As we get closer I get more nervous. I really think on some level that we are so much better and stronger than the pats, but………….you never know. I am expecting Belichik and his coven of coaches to whip something up in their cauldron. I was watching a replay of the Super Bowl confidential with parcells on ESPN. He said the pats are much much better on Special Teams. I see that as a deciding factor in this game. Big plays usually come from special teams, especially in Super Bowls. All other areas i think the teams strengths and weaknesses even out. So then it becomes a turnover battle……I think i overanalyze these games to death.


    It has been fun sharing this with you guys, and hopefully we can enjoy a celebration!!

    • robdomaine says:

      Agreed AJ, I am really ready to explode lol and I’m glad the game is tomorrow finally. Still, tomorrow is going to be a long dat in itself waiting for kickoff. I watched that Bill Parcells Confidential program too and thought it was very good. We will be here all offseason too and covering the draft and everything so don’t make it sound like goodbye buddy lol.

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