Super Bowl Saturday and the Spectacular Satellite Soapbox

NEW YORK – The New York Giants are going to play a very important game tomorrow and they know it. All they need to do is remain confident and stay focused on the game. Win the game. Focus on making yourself play on a consistent level the entire game and do your job. Cover your assignments and sack Patriots QB Tom Brady often. Back in the old days, a man would ride into town on a horse pulled carriage with a sign on the side that read ‘Magic Elixir Cures All That Ails’. This man would “park” his carriage somewhere in town and pull out his soapbox to stand high on top of while he sold his soul for a satchel of silver. This man was a dream killer and used hope to blind the faithful. Selling them empty promises filled with poison, he calls himself Professor Belichick and boy does he have a monkey named Manning on his back.

The only difference between this ‘false prophet’ man and how the New England Patriots media machine sells confidence, is the Patriots use a satellite orbiting the earth from outer space as their soapbox in the year 2012. The truth is the New England Patriots look rattled to me and nervous. They look concerned and blinded by their desire to avenge the most devastating loss in New England Patriots history, when the New York Giants beat the undefeated Patriots (18-1) in Super Bowl XLII. The greatest upset in Super Bowl history with the greatest play in Super Bowl history. That is something that will never go away and will be around for centuries. There are Giants fans right now, carving Super Bowl XLII Champions and the 18-1 story into marble and stone somewhere in the tri-state area. Those are things that will be around forever, yes Andre 3K, I mean, forever ever. And I too am sorry Miss Jackson. I am for real.

If the Giants beat the Patriots in the big game for a second time, the G-Men go down in history as beating them twice in four years. If the Patriots were somehow lucky enough to win (knock on wood they don’t win), history wouldn’t say they avenged the worst loss in team history, football history will say the Patriots evened up the score with New York. I prefer to win this game on Sunday and ponder the future on Monday. Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin has really done a great job with this team and it’s clear that he has never stopped believing in them. I am proud to include myself among the few who never stopped believing in this team and I can be seen from time to time asking fans “Do You Believe?” on twitter during games. I’m all in and ready to get this game started. Being this happy all of the time is exhausting and my face hurts from smiling all of the time when checking out the Super Bowl XLVI coverage. However, I am getting concerned that my head might explode from the information overload that has occurred these past two weeks.

Be sure to check out our New York Giants articles the entire offseason, draft coverage, fantasy football coverage and news about the upcoming nygreporter 2 year anniversary on March 6, 2012 will follow the Super Bowl coverage. Since there is a retractable roof at Lucas Oil stadium, it won’t be necessary to check the weather reports. The roof can be closed in 9 minutes if need be and at 4.5 acres, it is the largest open space and retractable roof in the NFL.

Despite all of the hype surrounding this game, which team is physically more prepared to win Super Bowl XLVI?

RD – – Good Luck Giants!

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4 Responses to Super Bowl Saturday and the Spectacular Satellite Soapbox

  1. bobbyg says:

    Its not about luck,its not about if.its about when the new york football giants win tomorrow night in indy.the bottom line is the g-men at health which they are now thank GOD,are a better team then the pats.the g-men right now are the better team and there healthier then the pats.your article says it all rob and you put it perfectly when you said how the patriots media machine sells confidence.but i think there selling it to themselves.the good news is the g-men are not buying in,but you can see that the sports media world is,especially our friends at the, we hate the nygiants network espn.those guys who were rah rah giants last week have now been interviewed and swayed for two weeks and yesterday they all picked the pats.but i see what you see,and thats once the g-men set the tone in this game right off the bat and they will by punching the pats in the face right from the get go,the pats and there coaching staff will start to doubt themselves and say here we go again.the g-men are not only better physically prepared,there mind set is business as usual and once the g-men get up on them and they will,brady will start to make mistakes and that g-men front four will reek havoc all night long.this game tomorrow is going to be a nightmare for the pats,the nygiants are a run away train that the patriots do not want to get in front of.tomorrow.this will be 6 in a row for big blue,and as hakeem nicks would put it,,a 4th round knockout of the pats.ding ding ding ding.

    • robdomaine says:

      I agree with you. The Giants are just more prepared for this game physically I think. The Patriots have a good offensive line but the Giants front four are all universe. It’s going to be a fun game to watch, I’m sure of that.

      They have no choice but to tell the media what they want to hear but like a poker player who is past his prime, men start to show signs and give tells when they get older. it becomes much more difficult to fake on air. What I saw was clear, the Patriots are concerned and trying to cover it up with bravado like the proud peacock by planning victory parties and such. The Giants are going to win the Super Bowl because the Patriots defense cannot stop Eli Manning. One more day buddy!

  2. bobbyg says:

    Im all in,and the patriots media machine thats trying to sell confidence,i dont think is working for order to have confidence,you have to believe in yourself.tom coughlin and the g-men have it.i know the pats dont,you could see it in there body language.your right on the money with that rob.dont forget our twas the night before the superbowl looking forward to that.and its been really exciting times,you must be extremely tired writing all the articles,and they are well appreciated.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, it is already done, I’m just waiting for dusk to publish it. About another two hours. When I originally started this website it was to gather Giants writers and fans in the same place. It worked well for a while and about a half dozen writers have come and gone until I decided to take the full burden of just writing myself. So it does get a bit taxing at times but it also comes with the job. Thanks!

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