Super Bowl XLVI Final Game Notes of the Season

NEW YORK – That was one heck of a way to end a great season. The Giants defeat the New England Patriots 21-17 in Indianapolis. It took a fourth quarter comeback to win a second Super Bowl for Big Blue as QB Eli Manning wins his second Super Bowl MVP Award. Most seem to agree this win puts Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, you can include myself among them. There really is no way to describe the joy I’m feeling now and will feel for a very long time. I’m stuck someplace between numb and bursting with energy. Some where in between shocked and exhausted. I’m running on empty but so happy that it doesn’t matter at this point. The true blue fans have been waiting and anticipating this moment and when it finally arrives, it’s wonderful. So enjoy it!

Thank you to the New York Giants organization including the Mara and Tisch families. Thank you to Head Coach Tom Coughlin, the rest of the coaches and players. Thank you GM Jerry Reese, who has done an outstanding job, since taking over for Giants legend Ernie Accorsi. Go back and read all of my articles about Mr. Reese and you will see I have always been a fan of his work and have praised his draft skills and player transactions. Some of his moves however, had even me scratching my head this past offseason. In the NFL Lockout riddled 2011 year, players were coming and going at will in the NFL and the G-men lost some key players like WR Steve Smith, TE Kevin Boss, C Shaun O’Hara and OL Rich Seubert to retirement or contract situations. Then they lost CB Terrell Thomas, LB Clint Sintim, OT William Beatty, WR Domenik Hixon, LB Jonathan Goff and about ten more guys to the dreaded IR list (injured reserve). 2011 marks three straight years of injury epidemics for the G-men with at least 12 going on the season ending IR list, per year, that’s about 20% of the team going down for three straight years. But the Giants and Jerry Reese made all the right moves that had this team clicking by the end of the season. Congrats you are now Super Bowl Champions!

I thought singers Kelly Clarkson and Madonna did a good job with their respective areas of the nights entertainment. I thought NBC could have done a better job with the trophy presentation and post game stuff but thats why we have remote controls right? I also noticed audio problems coming from the NBC channel during the game. I suggest that Giants fans out there savor this moment and really enjoy this win for a couple of days. Do not get into any talks about the draft or who is signing what contract and when, just relax for a few days and enjoy winning the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XLVI Champion New York Giants

QB Eli Manning – Super Bowl XLVI MVP Manning had a great game finishing with 296 yards 1 TD and 0 INT’s. Congrats Champ!

WR Hakeem Nicks – Nicks had a solid Super Bowl performance finishing with 103 yards 0 TD’s. Congrats Champ!

RB Ahmad Bradshaw – Bradshaw played like he wanted another ring and finished with 72 yards 1 TD rushing and 19 yards receiving. AB is a big part of this Championship. Congrats Champ!

DE Justin Tuck – Tuck was emotionally spent following his 2 sack performance in Super Bowl XLVI. God Bless and Congrats Champ!

LB Chase Blackburn – Blackburn was making a lot of plays out there and finished with 1 INT. Congrats Champ!

DE Jason Pierre-Paul – JPP will forever be double teamed now, so he will need to get bigger. He was still causing havoc and blocking passes. Congrats Champ!

TE Jake Ballard – Jake Ballard was injured during the game and finished with 10 yards. Congrats Champ!

CB Corey Webster – Webster played like a Champion and got his ring, great season Corey! Congrats Champ!

RB Brandon Jacobs – Jacobs ran hard and finished with 37 yards. Two rings for Mr. Jacobs now. Congrats Champ!

S Antrel Rolle – Rolle was playing his heart out and creating chaos for the Patriots. Congrats Champ!

WR Victor Cruz – The Salsa King Cruz caught Eli Manning’s only TD pass of the game. Congrats Champ!

CB Aaron Ross – Ross owned the first quarter and really made an impact in this game. Congrats Champ!

LB Michael Boley – Boley had an outstanding game and was the leading tackler for Big Blue. Congrats Champ!

WR Mario Manningham – Super Mario had the play of the game and finished with 73 yards 0 TD’s. Congrats Champ!

S Deon Grant – The veteran safety was fourth on the team in tackles and really whacking guys out there. 3 more years! Congrats Champ!

TE Bear Pascoe – Pascoe filled in nicely for the other two injured TE’s and finished with 33 yards. Congrats Champ!

DE Osi Umenyiora – Osi was causing disruptions for most of the game and really turned up the heat at the end. Pay Osi! Congrats Champ!

FB Henry Hynoski – Hynoski made a couple of nice catches and was blocking like a mad man. Congrats Champ!

TE Travis Beckum – Beckum tore his ACL early in the game and never returned. I’m sure the Super Bowl ring will help him heal. Congrats Champ!

DT Linval Joseph – Joseph did a great job in the middle and is a player to keep an eye on. Congrats Champ!

S Kenny Phillips – KP was second on the team in tackles and was throwing his body into every tackle. Congrats Champ!

DT Chris Canty – Canty had a nice game was clogging up the middle for Big Blue. Congrats Champ!

P Steve Weatherford – The Giants will sign Weatherford long term this offseason. The Weatherman had an outstanding game. Congrats Champ!

K Lawrence Tynes – Tynes had a great game by making both of his FG attempts and his lone extra point attempt. Congrats Champ!

Giants Offense – The Giants offense beat the Patriots defense for most of the game. Now, they are Champions of the World. Congrats Champs!

Giants Defense – The Giants defense held Brady to 17 points. They had 2 sacks and 1 INT. Great Game Champs!

Giants Special Teams – The special teams had a very nice game and have improved a lot since week one. Great Game Champs!

What did you think about the game and Super Bowl XLVI festivities?

RD – – I’m a bELIever!

Check out New York Giants Team Captain, Justin Tuck’s camp info here Justin Tuck ProCamps.

18 Responses to Super Bowl XLVI Final Game Notes of the Season

  1. ajcnj56 says:

    You cannot say enough how this was a total team effort. Eli made some incredible throws, MM, Nicks and Cruz made some great catches, Tuck and the Defense was solid and Special Teams, namely Weatherford, and the play of Hynoski, Snee, Blackburn and JPP was huge. As Tuck has been saying, 53 playing as one!!

    It was great seeing the involvement of the guys on IR supporting the team, like Weatherspoon, Thomas, Hixon and the rest. This is a class organization, as compared to the Pats who cut a player the night before the big game and the replacement player does not even see a minute.

    It is going to be a great off season!!

    • robdomaine says:

      Hello AJ, can you say wow? What a terrific game for the fans and to be honest I was nervous the entire game. A fourth quarter comeback to get your second Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP? Manning is eternal now. Great game and great fans. I haven’t been this happy in a while. Go Giants!

  2. Insane. Wow. Magical. How else can this season and game be summed up? Trailing for most of the game and then Eli pulls the win out of nowhere AGAIN!

    The win was made even better by the fact that the pub I was in was full of cocky Pats fans! Never saw a bar empty out as quick in my life after the game was over!

    I don’t know how else to describe such an amazing, outstanding, absorbing and enthralling season and the ending of that game pretty much typified the heart-attack inducing stuff we’ve had to go through all season! Thankfully it was all worth it in the end as every single person in the organization contributed something to this incredible achievement!

    Congrats to the champs and all the players, coaches etc. who made this happen!

    • robdomaine says:

      What an incredible season we’ve had Patrick. I still have to pinch myself to be sure it is real. I’m glad you had a great time and can celebrate a Super Bowl Championship buddy! We are all in and believers!

      • Might seem like a silly question but does anyone know if an official DVD of the game will be released by the Giants or what? Would love to be able to re-live again and again until next season!

        • Anonymous says:

          Thats not silly at all Pat, you can click on the Giants banners on the right side of the website here to go to the Giants official store!

        • Anonymous says:

          Hey Pat, click the Giants banners on the sides go to the Giants official store. I saw the DVD you’re looking for there, I believe it’s $24.99 dollars.

          • Thanks very much man!

            • Got any idea if there’s one including the highlights of the entire season?

              • robdomaine says:

                I think those DVDs include the season highlights but if you wait a couple of weeks, the price will drop some. I bought mine the first day back when the Giants won Super Bowl XLII for like 25 dollars and then I saw the same thing like a month later for 10 bucks, so its up to you if you want to wait or buy it now. There will surely be another DVD made before its all said and done but now you know where you can get the stuff.

  3. bobbyg says:

    Absolutely,i thank the whole nygiants organization for the amazing job they all did for us fans to be able to have this moment.i cried tears of joy and thanked GOD for this unbelievable nygiants victory.your so right about taking time as a fan for a few days to reflect on what was accomplished in the last 7 weeks.words cannot describe the happiness and joy im feeling today.but i have to wait until tomorrow to get my daily news and post because they run a day behind here in feels extra special this time because it seems like ive been on this rollercoaster ride with my new friends at the nygiants reporter.we been together through this amazing ride and i dont want it to wife just called me and asked if we are still celebrating tonight.i said tonight,im celebrating all of 2012 lol.just incredible rob and AJ and PATRICK and the rest of everyone at the nygiants reporter site ,from the fans comments too all the contibuters,and to rob domaine my new friend,thank you for letting this nygiants fan be able to have a voice and share an incredible season for our ny football giants.i cannot thank you guys enough.what a great ride.i still amaze myself by how much i dont know lol,i remember going through the lockout with you guys and doubting the organization throughout the draft and the players the g-men let go and missed out on.ive never been so happy to have been proven wrong by a guy named jerry reese who i have always been a fan of,but actually doubted this season.from a mash unit of injuries too 7-7 and a 6 game winning steak winning the superbowl.WOW,im all in and i always will be thank GOD.

    • robdomaine says:

      Good stuff Bobby, we did it man! I’m going to take a day or two to really enjoy this win and then dig into offseason stuff. I hope you had a great time with family and enjoyed yourself. Who knows when this will happen again right? Although I must say that I think they will win another ring before Eli Manning retires. My original prediction said Manning would have at least 2 Super Bowl rings, that has already come true and with Manning having another 7 or 8 years in his career left to work with (hopefully many more years), I think he will win at least one more.

  4. bobbyg says:

    Oh my GOD,rob,the samurai poem,you have to do another at the start of the 2012 season,its our tradition now.we cannot break the tradition lol.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Man, I’m glad you liked it buddy. I do them from time to time depending on the occasion. My head is still spinning from the Giants winning the Super Bowl last night!

  5. bobbyg says:

    Look at our ny football giants in that me its better then christmas.

    • robdomaine says:

      I’m still in a state of shock over everything that has happened the past few weeks. it has been incredible. The entire area around here is buzzing with excitement still.

  6. bobbyg says:

    Im ready to do it again buddy.i will never get tired of this feeling.we are all in forever.thank you rob for letting me share this incredible journey with big blue fans.great articles all season and i cannot wait for the draft and free agency. thing is for sure my friends,i will never again count my eggs before they are hatched or doubt the nygiants front office for anything ever again.the nygiants and jerry reese taught me patience and tolerance in a whole new way.and truly,nothing is ever over until its over and i will never give up on this nygiants team ever.big blue forever.let me know if your ever in the ft,myers area my friend,dinner is on me.

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Bobby, I’m ready to win another already too. We certainly have enough talented players and these rookies who were thrown into the fire will be even better next season. Plus we will have a new bunch of rookies carrying helmets and singing happy birthday in a diaper to the mess hall. Thanks for the invite buddy and enjoy your weekend. God Bless!

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