New York Giants GM Jerry Reese, Take a Bow

NEW YORK – The New York Giants are Super Bowl XLVI Champions. I might start every article this week off with that sentence. Giants GM Jerry Reese is a winner. He deserves to win the GM of the Year award at least once in his career. I hope the voters see what he has accomplished and consider him each and every year. It’s funny how quickly NFL fans, who do not like the Giants, get sick of the sports news already after less then a week, such haters.

What can I say? I can watch that stuff all day. I am 100% sure that Jerry Reese has already started digging into the 2012 draft class and is without a doubt on top of the free agent market and the contract situations of current Giants players. I know he went back to work the next day following the Super Bowl XLVI victory, even if it wasn’t from his office or even in the NJ facility, Jerry Reese was working on making the Giants a better team and continues to do that right now, I guarantee it. The G-Men will never be mediocre under Reese but the amount of player injuries is something that really needs to be addressed this offseason, we cannot continue to hemorrhage 20% of the team to the IR List each season, it will catch up to us eventually. But enough of the negative, the good news is that Reese has stacked the Giants with a ton of talent. I’m extremely excited to see the players who went on IR last year get healthy. I’m just as excited about getting star players back as I am for the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft, where Reese will kill it once again I’m sure. My opinion on the draft is go 10-year Offensive lineman in round one Jerry. Show Easy Eli that the team is committed to protecting him through the prime of his career. I believe the team should walk away from the 2012 draft with no less then two offensive linemen to throw into the mix. The name of the game on offense is ‘Protect Eli Manning’. I can see the G-men grabbing a TE or RB within the first three rounds as well. The rest of the picks will most likely go to DB’s and LB’s and hopefully they are able to grab a special teams star.

Other predictions and opinions are coming soon with more coverage on the Giants Super Bowl XLVI win. The upcoming NFL Draft in April, where the G-Men will have the 32nd pick, the very last one in round one. Minicamp coverage, Training Camp coverage, player interviews, injury reports, player transactions, trades and everything else related to New York Giants football. So be sure to come and hang out with us during the Giants offseason and discuss Giants football in the comment areas.

What are your thoughts and assessment of Giants GM Jerry Reese and the job he has done with Big Blue in his young general manager career? The man gets an A+ from me. I’m all in.

RD – – Congrats to the New York Giants Super Bowl XLVI Champions

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3 Responses to New York Giants GM Jerry Reese, Take a Bow

  1. bobbyg says:

    A+ from me also a jerry reese fan,and you always hit the nail on the head when you say as long as jerry reese is GM,the g-men will never be mediocre.still blown away and on cloud 9 that the g-men won superbowl 46 and i will never stop watching the highlights.i look at the run that was magnificent from the jets game throughout the 6 game winning streak ending with the nygiants superbowl victory and i agree 100% with you on getting o-linemen to protect eli.i sat and watched the hits that kid took throughout the year and through that playoff run into the superbowl,and told my wife that its amazing how he kept popping up with the hits he took.i think its time to build a bigger wall in front of the g-mens 2 time MVP winner and start calling him iron man.

    • robdomaine says:

      Good Morning Bobby, I can’t stop smiling either lol. We get to have the best comeback line in the world with fellow sports fans and that is “Who won the SUPER BOWL?”

      Protect Eli Manning is the number one priority.

  2. bobbyg says:

    Amen to that rob.lets build a bigger wall around iron man eli.

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