An Open Letter to Our Readers:

March 4, 2011

Dear Loyal Readers,

As some of you may or may not be aware, this Sunday (March 6th), will be the one year anniversary of the creation of! It has been an incredible year to say the least. As we approach both our one year mark and our 24,000th view, we here at nygreporter would like to take step back and reflect on the year it was. Having started in March of 2010, this site has followed the exact path of a real year in the NFL. As you all know, the seasons official begins in March each year and we have been lucky enough to be here covering the ups and downs of the 2010-2011 campaign.

We were there through all of the botched punts, the 25 interceptions, the horrific and scary losses but we were also there to witness 4002 passing yards and 31 touchdowns, 1235 rushing yards for 1052 receiving yards, we saw 11.5 sacks twice over and a 5 interception season by one shutdown corner. We saw 10 wins, we saw no playoffs, we saw an IR list that looked more closely to the size of an active roster (kidding of course) but most of all we saw a ton of heart from a team that in the end was left defeated yet hungry. I strongly believe that the team has an incredible hunger to win; I see big things in the future for this group of guys!

As far as nygreporter goes? Well, we are hungry too! Hungry to improve, to write better, to write more, to see more traffic and ultimately more success. I see big things in the future for us too. You, as the reader, can expect big things this coming year. We will be here all season long for years to come covering your favorite team, so please, stick with us, support us, spark debate in the comment section, let us know you are here and what you are thinking! We would absolutely love to hear from you! We wish all of our readers the best in everything they do, thank you for sticking with us through our first year we hope you have enjoyed reading our work almost as much as we have enjoyed writing it. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!


Josh Berman –, writers and staff

New York Giants Valentine’s Day Wishes

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day Big Blue fans!

Do any of you remember all the way back to elementary school; making a bunch of cards and having the afternoon to pass them out to select classmates? Well, I was thinking it might be fun to imagine which Giants would be giving cards to who. I thought about the past season and the up-coming one (knock on wood), and I made up my list of top five Valentine’s Day givers and receivers for the Giants.

So lets jump into it!

  1. GM Jerry Reese wishes the NFL would be his Valentine and fix this CBA PDQ. I’m sure he is very excited to have the season officially start, so he can begin to make contract negotiations with some of his 21 free agents. Speaking of which:
  2. The 21 free agents the Giants have are all hoping to get candy covered cards from their front office man Jerry Reese. Not all of them will be signed back but bigger names such as Smith, Hixon, Bradshaw and Kiwanuka are all hoping to hear that the Giants are interested in further employing their services.
  3. Matt Dodge and Tom Quinn both are hoping for a bouquet of roses from Giants fans; a peace-offering perhaps or at least a shot at one more season. The other alternative is running one or both of them out-of-town. Both coach and punter with pitiful seasons should really be thanking Tom (Coughlin that is) for not putting them out on the street yet.
  4. Plaxico Burress hopes to get a dinner date this Valentine’s Day with Eli Manning, Jerry Reese, Tom Coughlin and the state of New York. He is scheduled to be released from prison soon and he is hoping that his ex-team is waiting for him at the gate.
  5. Eli Manning is hoping to fall head over heels, this Valentine’s Day, with a consistent, healthy, and ,one more time, consistent group of pass catchers. He needs a group in there that he can get comfortable with; the significant shuffling due to injuries did not help the franchise QB.

So there you have it! 5 V-Day cards being sent and received by various members of the G-Men. Hopefully, they all get what they wish for and Cupid can work some magic for our Boys in Blue. Let me hear who you think, from the Giants that need a Valentine’s card, or even better, leave some Valentine’s day wishes for your loved ones! I will be thinking very fondly of someone very special (she knows who she is), we cannot be together on this special day but she knows that I care very much about her. From all of us here at, have a very wonderful Valentine’s Day with the ones you love!

Josh Berman –

New York Giants Stranded in Kansas City

December 11, 2010

The New York Giants had to make an unplanned landing in Kansas City today. Their plan left from Newark earlier this morning, but was rerouted to Kansas City when a blizzard hit Minneapolis. ESPN’s Matt Mosley has been providing updates on ESPN’s NFC East blog.

Word is that the G-Men will spend the night in Kansas City and make the reported 1 hour trip for their 1 P.M. start tomorrow morning. The players are said to be in good spirits and Justin Tuck has even been quoted as having said “I bet we end up having a walk-through in one of the hangars”. Hard to tell if he is kidding or not with Coughlin calling the shots.

The league has made no indication as to intentions to move the game back at all, but I am sure they are closley watching how the storm develops and whether or not the team will be able to make it out tomorrow. This will be an interesting developing story to watch; lets just hope it doesn’t affect the players concentration or the way they play against the Vikings on Sunday. In a game that Big Blue is expected to win, and must win, the Giants will need to be focused and sharp as Brett Favre goes for his 298th straight start (he hopes at least) and Eli Manning goes for his 100th straight consecutive start. The Boys in Blue will have some help as Hakeem Nicks, Steve Smith, and David Dehil all hope to return to the field.

We will continue to monitor the situation and try to provide details as they come in.

– STORY UPDATE: The New York Giants vs. Minnesota Vikings game has been moved to Monday night (12-13-10) on FOX at 8 PM EST. It is unclear if the game will air in markets outside of New York and Minnesota areas, the NFL is working on it.

Josh Berman –


New York Giants, A Look Ahead

November 4, 2010

NEW YORK – Hey there all you Giants’ fans! Long time no see! It feels great to be back writing for what I truly believe is the best underdog blog that covers the New York Football Giants! So anyways, jumping right into things I thought I might talk about what is to become of this roller coaster ride we are calling the 2010 campaign.

No, no, no not the politics (voting day two days ago fyi) politics are great if you have insomnia or enjoy headaches haha. Important stuff, just not my cup of tea.

The Giants have been at it for 8 weeks now, 7 games and a bye week. They’ve looked great, awful, okay, and spectacular. If we put their season marking all the high and low points on a graph we could probably out design any roller coaster genius at Six Flags! But in all seriousness folks they finally look like they have everything under control and we can only hope for a smooth ride back to the loading dock.

Perry Fewell seems to have really gotten things going and the defense has never looked better. They haven’t played this well since Super Bowl 42 and all signs seem to be positive. The recent addition of DE Alex Hall from waivers combined with a healthy Keith Bulluck should do nicely to cover the whole Kiwinikua leaves behind, and Jason Pierre-Paul should get a few more looks as well.

Tom Coughlin praised JPP this week for drawing consistent double teams on special teams coverage which is an encouraging sign of his progress. The Dez Bryant return was unfortunate, but they are starting to get things together. Even Matt Dodge has been able to dodge a few critics recently (sorry had to do it) and punted a few good ones in a row now.

It is truly amazing how when things go right everything really starts to mesh. Ahmad Bradshaw is tearing up the field and all of a sudden Brandon Jacobs has 5 touchdowns in the last 4 games. The running game has looked solid and Madison Hedgecock is close to being back from an injured hamstring.

There has been some discouraging news as of late, Shaun O’Hara, center, is out again with another foot injury. OL Adam Koets played nicely in his absence before and I’d expect the same if Shaun is to miss anytime now. Also, the Giants have about ten players on the injured reserved list at this point. The newest of which being Bruce Johnson who is done with a knee injury.

Now that we have seen how the Giants have played and how the rest of the league has played lets take a look at some new predictions for the season. I would just like to note that despite the one surprise loss to the Titans I made some pretty good predictions at the beginning of the seasons and well…Toot Toot! (that’s the sound of my own horn haha).

So quickly here are my updated picks: Win at Seattle, Roll over Dallas, Lose at Philly, Stuff MJD in at home, Take one on the chin from the Skins, Beat a badly coached Vikings team, Take back some pride against Philly round 2, upset the Packers in a game that has home field implication, and roll over the Redskins gaining playoff momentum.

Overall, I see Big Blue headed to 12-4 and a first or second seat in the playoffs! This is contingent upon a few things however, staying healthy is number one right now, a close second is getting special teams in order (I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, Tom Quinn has got to go), and Eli has got to cut down on the turnovers (I strongly believe that at least 6 are not his fault, but he needs to sit his guys down and talk out what to do to improve). If the Giants can maintain their current path then there are great things ahead for this group!

Josh Berman –

NYG Jacobs Throws a Tantrum; Asks to be Traded

September 20, 2010

NEW YORK – The morning after and embarrassing loss to the Indianapolis Colts, the New York Giants’ former thousand yard rusher asks for a trade, this according to Sports Illustrated and numerous other sources. RB Brandon Jacobs, who had back to back thousand plus yard seasons in 2007 and 2008 (despite missing a few games in each season) has not seen anywhere near that success since the departure of Derrick Ward. In this still very fresh season, Jacobs is averaging 3.3 yards per carry, and only had 8 yards on 4 carries last night.

It should also be noted that he had a mishap in the third quarter in which his helmet ended about ten rows deep in the lap of a Colts’ fan. Jacobs claims he was frustrated and told reporters that he did not attempt to throw his helmet into the stands it merely got caught on his fingers. The league is investigating the incident and it is likely that Jacobs will be fined.

Jacobs did not see another carry the rest of the night after the incident occurred and ESPN reports that when asked about this Jacobs once again lost his temper. This isn’t the first time Jacobs lost his cool over playing time. In the preseason, Jacobs was demoted to backup behind RB Ahmad Bradshaw and Jacobs was furious. While that was only a short while ago, it is discouraging to see that he was not able to work through this time in his career.

While seeing a Giant who was truly a Big Blue icon turn sour is sad, it is even worse to look at the depth chart and realize trading him may not be an option. Behind Jacobs, on the roster, are DJ Ware and return man Reynaud. D.J. has shown some promise, but his running style is none too different from that of Bradshaw and would not be a good change of pace back in this situation. The only way Jacobs would be dealt is if another back was given in return.

That being said, it is hard to gauge how much interest their will be for a seemingly washed up bruiser like Jacobs. Few teams play the bruising style and it is hard to know who would be interested in his services. A few name come to immediate mind though.

Buffalo may be the most obvious option. None of their backs have seen outstanding production as injuries have pushed C.J. Spiller into the starting role. There has been some speculation that they are trying to move on of their backs though so bringing another one in, or even trading one for one, doesn’t make much sense. Another name in the mix might be Oakland, although McFadden had a decent game yesterday nothing Al Davis does can come as a surprise anymore.

It would be very difficult to see Jacobs leave, especially on these terms. Unless he can turn it around just like Osi did earlier this year, I think he has to go. There is no sense in keeping around an unruly and unhappy back if he isn’t producing, what’s the point. If the Giants can find any hint of value, I urge Jerry Reese to pull the trigger on this one.

Josh Berman-

New York Giants 2010 Schedule Analysis

September 11, 2010

NEW YORK – It is the eve before kickoff and all through the night NFL fans are stirring with anticipation and delight. If I was a better poet I would probably finish this…

Anyways, I’m up and restless thinking about the new season which kicks off Sunday. For those of you who know me, you know I get the schedule in March, review it, make a prediction, then put it away. Then, I pull the schedule out after preseason is over and repeat the process. So here is a game by game break down of what I came up with:

Week 1: vs. Carolina

The Panthers, as all Giants fans remember from last season, have an outstanding running game. The Giants have improved on the defensive line but the linebackers are still unproven and a big question mark. Ultimately, I do think the Giants pull it out in a close one. Eli Manning’s proficient and experienced offense beats out Matt Moore this Sunday.

Prediction: Giants 28-24

Week 2: @ Indianapolis

Manning Bowl 2.0 rolls in and its much of the same. The Giants are a very different team from when they last met but big brother Peyton still has his way with Big Blue. The Giants secondary looks strong with Rolle and Phillips (who is now ready for the season) but injuries to Ross and Webster worry me, when it comes to going up against Peyton’s proficient passing attack.

Prediction: Colts 35-21

Week 3: vs. Tennessee

Chris Johnson is another great running back coming to the Meadowlands this season. I think the Giants have improved enough this season that they will have a good answer for great runners. I don’t think Vince Young has enough receiving talent in his stable and Johnson can’t do it all on his own. In a good strong bounce back game, the G-Men win.

Prediction: Giants 21-10

Week 4: vs. Chicago

Lovie Smith is on the hot seat this year and I don’t think his team is going to help one bit. I don’t think the Bears have any answers this year, so as long as the Giants arrive serious and play strong they should have no problem here.

Prediction: Giants 17-7

Week 5: @ Houston

Big Blue hits the road for another AFC South battle. Again, I have questions about the health of the secondary but by this point in the season hopefully everyone is a-o-k.  I think the Giants pull a small upset here as Bradshaw has his first really big day of the season gaining 12o yards or more.

Prediction: Giants 24-14

Week 6: vs. Detroit

I think Detroit is going to have a better season, Stafford is a year older and a year wiser. I don’t think they get past the Giants. As long as the Giants don’t walk in acting like they’ve already won, then they will win. Play the game and get the results you know you can.

Prediction: Giants 35-14

Week 7: @ Dallas

First NFC East game of the season, Giants embarrassed Dallas in their home opener last season, it won’t happen this season. Big Blue falters here, Dallas takes the win in a shoot out.

Prediction: Dallas 42-28

Week 8: BYE

Week 9: @ Seattle

Pete Carroll takes one step forward but releasing T.J. is two steps back. I have a lot of faith in the guy (and not just because he’s sitting on my fantasy bench!) I think cutting him was a mistake. Hasselbeck is left with an unproven, and maybe even untalented group to work with. Giants take this one easy.

Prediction: Giants 28-10

Week 10: vs. Dallas

The NFC East rivals meet again, and again the Cowboys prove to be too much for Big Blue (the Giants get them back in the playoffs though).

Prediction: Dallas 28-13

Week 11: @ Philadelphia

Big Blue rolls in to town looking for their first division win. New running back, new quarterback, same old beating. Giants get them good this time.

Prediction: Giants 14-10

Week 12: vs. Jacksonville

The Giants really play the leagues best running games this season, MJD runs into town and the Giants better be ready. Unfortunately, MJD is a one man team and can’t make up for a poor passing game and a bad D.

Prediction: Giants 28-14

Week 13: vs. Washington

The Giants know McNabb well, they know the Redskins too. I don’t see the Giants having much trouble here. Of course, it is an NFC East matchup, so anything can happen but for this articles sake, it won’t.

Prediction: Giants 24-14

Week 14: @ Minnesota

Whoever made this schedule really wanted to test the Giants run D. AP is ready and waiting to tear Big Blue apart and expose any holes there may be. Normally seeing Farve late in the year could be a good thing but in his own dome? I don’t think so.

Prediction: Minnesota 35-14

Week 15: vs. Philadelphia

It’s the end of the year, the Eagles have had some time to learn, grow, and gel. They don’t let this division showdown go…

Prediction: Philadelphia 28-21

Week 16: @ Green Bay

Aaron Rodgers puts up MVP like numbers and the game is away at Lambeau Field in winter. Giants continue their skid in this game.

Prediction: Green Bay 17-7

Week 17: @ Washington

Giants stumble into the playoffs after this final NFC East showdown where they regain some of their steam. Should be a good confidence booster.

Prediction: Giants 35-17

So the Giants go 11-5, grab a wild card spot behind Dallas. They only go 3-3 in the division which is a tough pill to swallow. The G-Men beat Dallas in the Divisional round of the playoffs but Green Bay beats them in the NFC Championship game. This season should be an obvious improvement for Big Blue. I think the D is significantly improved. The linebackers are probably the weakest part of the team as of now but by the bye week they will be playing well. The O-line has some concerns so look for Eli to be on his back a bit and neither Bradshaw or Jacobs to have a spectacular season.

Overall, the Giants get better. I think they are set up very well for the 2011 draft. Either Osi or Kiwi will leave next season but JPP is a suitable replacement. I think next years draft will have the G-Men taking a running back in the first round, draft O-line in the next 3 rounds, draft a return man, and maybe a punter in the last. Then, after a healthy camp, the Giants win the Super Bowl 512 days from now in Indianapolis.

Josh Berman-

Possible NFL Schedule Change; 16 to 18 Games

August 25, 2010

Well hey there New York Giants fans and NYGReporter Supporters (has a nice ring to it huh?), no this article is not specifically Giants related, it effects the entire league. So, I am stepping outside my usual shell and reporting on a larger scale. Well, not so much reporting, more addressing. The difference? Reporting I might say “The NFL is considering changing the schedule from 16 to 18 games” (which it is), but in addressing that I am going to say “The NFL should change the schedule from 16 to 18 games”. See the difference?

While this almost seems like a thesis statement (do you like the scholarly new college goer wording?) it is not. However, I do strongly believe that in order for the National Football League to progress forward it is necessary to expand to 18 games. And here’s why:

  1. Preseason Games: There are too many of them! Everyone knows the 3rd one counts the most, but none of them actually count at all and considering 3 Giants have had head injuries in this preseason alone I think we can all do without two of them.
  2. Injuries: Everyone keeps saying it will create more, but did anyone stop to think it will create less? Well not exactly, but it may give guys enough time to get back, especially if the season still starts the same date it will allow two extra weeks of healing time. Just a thought.
  3. Competitiveness: If we push more division games toward the end of the season it will ensure competition. Plus, who knows maybe it will allow some bubble teams to make up ground.
  4. NFL Expansion: Everyone knows Goodell’s plan to bring the NFL world wide, the extra games could mean an extra bye week or even just more time to go more places.
  5. Competing with other Leagues: No, no other football league has a chance, but the MLB and NBA and NHL all have longer seasons and less offseason waiting around time. I know the waiting builds suspense but right around now I just don’t want to wait any longer for football and the thought that I could be watching games that matter is enticing.

So anyways, this is simply my opinion, I don’t claim to be an expert on the matter but from a fan’s perspective, I would like to see more hard hitting, meaningful football. ESPN reports that owners are “eagar” while the players “aren’t so sure”. There is a lot that goes into this change. Ultimately, I wish we would all focus on the collective bargaining agreement rather than the schedule. Schedule changes are aimed to take place in 2012, the bargaining agreement is due up this year. Prioritize league, prioritize.

Josh Berman –

New York Giants Injury Report; Good News and Bad

August 23, 2010

Hey all you Giants fans! Bet you’re getting sick of injuries huh? Well me too! Here is a quick list of new developements with injuries. I stress new because I am not going to repeat the same old ones everyone already knows.

  • Eli Manning will resume practice this week, he had the tweleve stitches removed.
  • Coughlin says Manning will practice in a baseball cap for the first day or so but should be ready to go for the Ravens game. The quarterback will be non-contact in drills for now.
  • Ramses Barden has a stress fracture in his lower back, Ohm Youngmisuk is reporting. Aparently he has had back pain since before the Jets game. He will be out for the Ravens game.
  • Michael Johnson is also reporting back pain and is expected to be out.
  • Brandon Jacobs is indicating he is feeling better and should be ready to go.
  • Aaron Ross is dealing with plantar fasciitis, some may remember Manning dealing with this last season. Ross was having a good camp and even returning punts; this will slow him down and he is expected to be week to week.
  • Rich Seubert is expected back this week; he has been dealing with a broken bone in his left hand.
  • Jim Sorgi is expected to miss another week or maybe two with his shoulder injury
  • Chris Snee is expected to return from his knee issues.
  • D.J. Ware and Sha’reff Rashad (safety) both suffered concussions in the Steelers game, they will have further testing done.
  • Lastly, good news, Shawn Andrews is expected to practice after not playing since the second game of the 2008 campaign.

The injury list is long and ominous, not the way Tom Coughlin wanted to start the 2010 season. Injuries were largely attributed to the failures in the 2009 season so having such a long list already is not a good sign. I am still hopeful that the Giants will be able to pull everything together. Luckily Terrell Thomas can step up very well for Ross, Victor Cruz may find more opportunities with Barden out, and Bomar will get a greater NFL experience with the loss of Sorgi. The Giants do have some depth this seasons, something they showed very well against the Jets. I am confident that they will still have a successful season.

Josh Berman-

New York Giants, Victor Who? Victor Cruz!

August 16, 2010

The highly anticipated first game in New Meadowlands stadium had some seriously surprising story lines. None more surprising than WR Victor Cruz. Cruz entered the game with the second team offense and burned the opposing Jets defensive backs for 6 catches 145 yards and 3 touchdowns. All three touchdowns looked very athletic and impressive. His first touchdown was a 64 yard bomb from backup quarterback Jim Sorgi in which Cruz made significant contact with Jets defenders, even wrapping his arm around a helmet but the touchdown counted. Cruz is an undrafted rookie out of the University of Massachusetts and is vying for a shot at the 53 man roster. With no clear-cut return man decided, the elusive Cruz has a real shot of being there when its all said and done. Under achievers such as Sinorice Moss are hogging rosters spots, but I feel a new wind blowing and Victor Cruz may be forcing these dead weights out.

The 6 foot 1, 200 pound, Cruz even talks a big game. On August 13th published a video interview of Cruz in which he claimed,  in jest, that he wanted to “kick the crap” out of  the Jets. Well it is no joke now, he delivered. In a contest that had a lot of smack talk back and forth, Cruz pulled through and embarrassed the opposing secondary. Keep in mind he played against second and third strings, but in a night where Ramses Barden (who is pushing to become the third receiver against Mario Manningham) dropped a sure ball, anything is possible.

It begs the question, who will be the Giants receivers? With Hixon out for the season there is roster room, I do foresee Moss missing the cut this season, and very possibly Smith and Nicks will be the starters with Barden (because of his unique height and style) pulling in at the three spot. That leaves Manningham, Hagan, and Cruz. Manningham is almost a sure bet to get a spot on the roster, but maybe he will become the return man with Cruz taking over the fourth slot and Hagan either heading to the fifth or sixth spot. These are all merely predictions but it will be interesting to watch a somewhat renewed wide receiver group battle it out.

Other notes from tonight’s game, QB Eli Manning left the game to receive 12 stitches in his head, after colliding with RB Brandon Jacobs on a botched play. The early reports indicate that he did not have a concussion and a statement from Eli indicated he was fine and ready to go; according to ESPN analysts. I do not want to go into more detail because I truly believe ESPN is milking the footage for all it is worth while hyping the incident to a larger importance than it has.

Also, Matt Dodge looked rather unimpressive. He had his first punt blocked and his next few were nothing special, he will need a lot of work before season starts.

Antrel Rolle looked good in his Giant debut picking off Mark Sanchez’s first pass of the new season and returning it to the one yard line after a 59 yard run.

Chase Blackburn left the game early with an injury, he is primarily a special teams linebacker and he hasn’t missed a game in his entire career, so we hope he can return soon. We all know the story of the Giants offseason injuries highlighted by their lone active tight end (Pascoe) in tonights game. They do not need any more injury concerns, although Bear did play well. We will continue to monitor the injuries and the progress of all players, as training camp and the preseason continues.

Josh Berman –

Josh Berman’s Giants Update: Edition 4

June 19, 2010

This week, the New York Giants began and completed minicamp activities. We here at the nygreporter, have gotten some excellent coverage from our very own Robert Domaine and already there are a lot of topics to cover. By far, the biggest story making headlines is the loss of WR Domenik Hixon for the season. Hixon tore his ACL during practice on the new turf of New Meadowlands Stadium. Hixon was not an intricate part of the offense, although he was second in the league last season in punt return average. The true story behind the story here is the safety of the turf. Safety Antrel Rolle and wide receiver Steve Smith both seem to believe the turf is to blame for Hixon’s injury, however GM Jerry Reese respectfully disagrees. Rolle claims to have seen the injury and remarked that Hixon “…didn’t make a cut or anything”. Smith thought the turf was “real slippery”, a sentiment Rolle also expressed saying, “I was slipping on each and every play”. Reese and Coughlin both expressed their belief that Hixon did not get caught on the turf and that “it could happen on any surface”. Either way, it will be a developing story to watch for the remainder of the offseason.

Osi Umenyiora has stated that he does not want to be a distraction in camp this season and that what has really been hurting is his pride. According to ESPN, Osi wants the best man to play this season. Osi, who was benched for the last four games of last season, spoke publicly about his unhappiness with his role in the team. Since then, Osi has gotten very quiet. I truly believe he and the rest of the defensive line, will have a good, productive, and effective relationship this season. If they can work together, the returning linemen and the new additions should be poised for a very good season, as Perry leads them back to an attacking pass rushing force.

Amani Toomer is still making headlines even in his retirement. Amani plans to run the New York Marathon this year; he will be running for the New York Road Runners youth program. Timex has sponsored Toomer, promising to donate 1 dollar for every runner he beats. Amani will be the first NFL player to run since Lynn Swan did so in 1993.

One final note, I was thrilled to see the Philadelphia Flyers lose the Stanley Cup. As I told you in my last edition, being close to Philly (as the city is affectionately called) is painful enough, but the comparisons to the Flyers’ post-season run to the Giants’ Super Bowl run was unbearable. Seeing a different outcome was a wonderful, and selfish, surprise.

Josh Berman-