NYG Jacobs Throws a Tantrum; Asks to be Traded

NEW YORK – The morning after and embarrassing loss to the Indianapolis Colts, the New York Giants’ former thousand yard rusher asks for a trade, this according to Sports Illustrated and numerous other sources. RB Brandon Jacobs, who had back to back thousand plus yard seasons in 2007 and 2008 (despite missing a few games in each season) has not seen anywhere near that success since the departure of Derrick Ward. In this still very fresh season, Jacobs is averaging 3.3 yards per carry, and only had 8 yards on 4 carries last night.

It should also be noted that he had a mishap in the third quarter in which his helmet ended about ten rows deep in the lap of a Colts’ fan. Jacobs claims he was frustrated and told reporters that he did not attempt to throw his helmet into the stands it merely got caught on his fingers. The league is investigating the incident and it is likely that Jacobs will be fined.

Jacobs did not see another carry the rest of the night after the incident occurred and ESPN reports that when asked about this Jacobs once again lost his temper. This isn’t the first time Jacobs lost his cool over playing time. In the preseason, Jacobs was demoted to backup behind RB Ahmad Bradshaw and Jacobs was furious. While that was only a short while ago, it is discouraging to see that he was not able to work through this time in his career.

While seeing a Giant who was truly a Big Blue icon turn sour is sad, it is even worse to look at the depth chart and realize trading him may not be an option. Behind Jacobs, on the roster, are DJ Ware and return man Reynaud. D.J. has shown some promise, but his running style is none too different from that of Bradshaw and would not be a good change of pace back in this situation. The only way Jacobs would be dealt is if another back was given in return.

That being said, it is hard to gauge how much interest their will be for a seemingly washed up bruiser like Jacobs. Few teams play the bruising style and it is hard to know who would be interested in his services. A few name come to immediate mind though.

Buffalo may be the most obvious option. None of their backs have seen outstanding production as injuries have pushed C.J. Spiller into the starting role. There has been some speculation that they are trying to move on of their backs though so bringing another one in, or even trading one for one, doesn’t make much sense. Another name in the mix might be Oakland, although McFadden had a decent game yesterday nothing Al Davis does can come as a surprise anymore.

It would be very difficult to see Jacobs leave, especially on these terms. Unless he can turn it around just like Osi did earlier this year, I think he has to go. There is no sense in keeping around an unruly and unhappy back if he isn’t producing, what’s the point. If the Giants can find any hint of value, I urge Jerry Reese to pull the trigger on this one.

Josh Berman- nygreporter.com

6 Responses to NYG Jacobs Throws a Tantrum; Asks to be Traded

  1. robdomaine says:

    Hey Josh, I agree with you about the Jacobs situation, it is just sad. I’m not sure what happened to make things go so sour between the team and Jacobs but it is a shame.

    There are a lot of people wearing Jacobs jersey out there and I’m sure this is very disappointing to him. I hope he can bounce back by saying he was just angry and didn’t mean it. Brandon’s frustration is evident but it has nothing to do who the starter is, as much as it about his personal production on the field. If he is producing, then we are not having this conversation.

    The Giants will not trade him. At least, not until this season is over in my opinion. Why should they? Jacobs had a couple of back to back bad games, the guy is a proud man and isn’t taking it lightly. It will be interesting to see where all of this ends up on the table.

  2. robdomaine says:

    PS – Center and Running back will be two positions chosen in the first four rounds of the 2011 NFL Draft in April 2011. I would not be surprised to see two offensive lineman picked within the first six (center and tackle/guard hybrid). The G-men could end up using their number one pick on a RB. The linebacker position will also be chosen within the first four rounds.

    • Josh Berman says:

      Its interesting that you bring up draft choices, I agree that Jacobs won’t be dealt until at least seasons end (unfortunately he has a big contract and not a ton of upside at the moment). If he was to be dealt at all I would hope it would be for extra draft picks, maybe a 4th and 5th somewhere in that neighborhood. The Giants may also be able to save some money by dealing his big contract. Remember both Osi and Kiwi are FAs at the end of this season.

      • robdomaine says:

        Well, those are two position I thought they would have drafted this year with high picks lol. Now it is evident that they need to bolster the offensive line. Kiwi had a good game last night (1 sack) but I thought he would have done more. He is ready to catch fire this season.

  3. RENE says:

    Hey Josh,Actually, I agree with you about the Jacobs situation, it is just sad. I’m not sure what happened to make things go so sour between the team and Jacobs but it is a shame.

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