New York Giants QB Eli Manning is a Superhero

July 19, 2011

NEW YORK – The New York Giants have a superhero on the team. I know it sounds strange but it’s true. Can you guess which superhero I’m talking about? I’m talking about QB Eli Manning being an Iron Man in the NFL. I have talked about this in previous articles as one of the many achievements Easy Eli has accomplished so far in his short career. I simply added it to the list of other achievements such as Super Bowl MVP, Pro Bowl player and Super Bowl Champion. The NFL Iron Man title is reserved for the players who have the most consecutive career starts.

I was a bit shocked when I checked this out today and realized that Eli Manning is ranked 6th for quarterbacks on the all-time consecutive starts list with 103. Yes, you heard me correctly, he is ranked 6th All-Time in NFL history. He is also ranked 3rd among active players, his brother Peyton is ranked 2nd all-time with 208 starts, trailing only Brett Favre who sits on top of the list with 297 consecutive starts. Only Peyton and Eli have active streaks in the top 10 still going right now as well. The others on the list have had their streaks snapped at some point. That Favre record is amazing considering all of the injuries that occur on the field each and every year. If things go right for Eli in 2011, he will easily overtake the No.5 position on this list by week 5. By week 9, he will have surpassed Tom Brady for the No.4 position on the list and by week 14 he will hurdle over Ron Jaworski for the No.3 spot. I do not want to jinx Manning which is why I am writing this article before the season starts but it’s pretty cool to think he will be ranked 3rd on the all-time list by seasons end if things go well.

I will leave the list below for all of our readers to check out and I would love to hear your opinions on this subject. Is this a record that deserves more attention such as the Cal Ripken Jr. consecutive starts record for baseballs Iron Man title? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that football is much more violent then baseball. While Ripken’s record is extremely impressive for baseball, it cannot truly be compared to the staggering 297 consecutive game streak held by Brett Favre. This is just my opinion, what do you think?

The NFL All-Time Consecutive Starts List for QB (Iron Man Streak)

1. QB Brett Favre, retired – 297 consecutive starts. The number is 321 if you include the playoffs.

2. QB Peyton Manning, active – 208 consecutive starts. The number is 227 if you include the playoffs.

3. QB Ron Jaworski, retired – 116 consecutive starts. The number is 123 if you include the playoffs.

4. QB Tom Brady, active – 111 consecutive starts (*streak ended in 2008). The number is 128 if you include the playoffs.

5. QB Joe Ferguson, retired – 107 consecutive starts. The number is 110 if you include the playoffs.

6. QB Eli Manning, active – 103 consecutive starts. The number is 110 if you include the playoffs.

Are you surprised to find out about this ongoing accomplishment by QB Eli Manning?

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2011 New York Giants Free Agent Frenzy

July 18, 2011

NEW YORK – The New York Giants have a lot of work to do once this lockout ends. They have some really good players that need new contracts. WR Steve Smith, RB Ahmad Bradshaw and DT Barry Cofield are the top three in my opinion. Some will disagree with my assessment but some will also agree with me. There will be areas of need that will arise out of the pile once the free agency madness begins. DE Osi Umenyiora is one of the big time players seeking a new contract as well, even though he still has 2 years left on his existing contract. The guy backed up his talk by having an excellent 2010 season and in my opinion deserves a better contract. DE Mathias Kiwanuka and RB Brandon Jacobs are no easy fixes either.

Ahmad Bradshaw’s agent Drew Rosenhaus came out in the news today and said that although Bradshaw would prefer to stay in New York, he would also not mind playing for the Miami Dolphins if a deal could not be worked out. While this appears to be a game of trickery of the agents part to strike some fear into Big Blue, agents should be very careful when dealing with the Giants or they just might oblige. The weather might be nice down in Miami but they have not be relevant for decades in the football world. Going to Miami would be about the money and the weather, while staying in New York would be all about the Championship rings.

DT Barry Cofield was also in the news over the weekend and rumors have started swirling about him possibly going to Washington if things can’t be worked out in New York. I really like Barry Cofield and hope they can make a fair deal to keep him. Cofield has been the biggest anomaly on the team as far as I’m concerned. The previous rumors of draft day trades and the lack of a new contract really have me dumbstruck. Perhaps the coaches see something that I am missing because he seems solid as a rock in the middle of that defensive line. Another player and former Giant who may end up playing in the same division (NFC East) is WR Plaxico Burress, who could end up in Philadelphia of all places.

The player who is the most important re-signing of 2011 is WR Steve Smith. The Giants offense has a better rhythm with him in the games and QB Eli Manning has really leaned on the sure hands of Smith, now that the two have become more aquatinted with each other on the field. Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham are awesome wide receivers in their own right but Steve Smith is the glue that holds that passing attacking together. Smith and Bradshaw seem to be the two locks for re-signing in my opinion. With the lockout expected to end any day now, fans better get ready for the free agent frenzy that is right around the corner.

Which player signing should be the number one concern for the Giants during this free agency period?

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New York Giants Will Be Ready When Lockout Ends

July 16, 2011

NEW YORK – There has been a ton of viral chatter concerning the 2011 NFL lockout ending this upcoming week. After 127 days of back and forth meetings, it would be nice to see it finally come to an end. If the lockout ends sometime next week, it doesn’t leave much wiggle room for teams to prepare for the season. The Hall of Fame game is on August 7, 2011 (3 weeks away) as I have mentioned several times in recent articles. I firmly believe that ending the lockout is more about money then it is about love. Chalk one up for Captain Obvious!

The one thing that I do know, is the fact that Head Coach Tom Coughlin will have his team ready to play on September 11, 2011. Even the players themselves have been mentioning how it won’t be that difficult to get back into football shape. Antrel Rolle was even quoted as saying he would only need a couple of weeks. Most of the players have been working out on their own or putting together “player only” practices. The difference here is that you don’t have the entire team in front of you to evaluate. Tom Coughlin will be all over the player evaluations on day one. Let’s hope there aren’t any guys out of shape or overweight because that would only slow the process down and ultimately hurt the team.

I am still 50/50 on the lockout ending this upcoming week. Everyone seems extremely confident that it will end but a monkey wrench can get thrown into the mix at any time. My optimism has become pessimistic on this subject. However, I absolutely do not think the season will be cancelled. The owners aren’t that crazy. They will get a deal done that they can live with for a short period of time until the next round of negotiations occur. Fans can expect an absolute tidal wave of information to come at them from the first day business resumes. Everything will be illuminated and fans will be speed reading articles until the first game of the regular season. Free agency will be particularly fun to watch. The Giants still have a ton of talented players that need contracts and they will no doubt have to make some tough decisions. There is a ton of drama in this area. I am mostly excited to see what the rookies can do. This was a very good class of rookies that GM Jerry Reese was able to draft. Prince Amukamara and Marvin Austin are going to be beasts in the NFL.

The G-Men will surely bring in one or two new faces as well. If I had to guess a position, I would say a linebacker and offensive lineman but I wouldn’t be surprised if they grabbed a running back as well. These players would add depth and not challenge for starting roles in my opinion. The Giants defensive linemen and defensive backs are solid. They also have a solid wide receiver group. Those three areas need no help in my opinion. The Giants have learned from the past two injury plagued seasons and will not get caught without depth again. The coaches are fired up and ready to get back to work and the fans are going to absolutely explode once the news of the lockout ending is announced.

Are you excited about the recent news of a potential end to the 2011 lockout next week?

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2011 New York Giants Fantasy Football Companion

July 12, 2011

NEW YORK – The 2011 NFL lockout has now reached 123 days. Reports have been circulating with the positive news that a deal could be made within the next week or two. Of course, they have been saying the same thing for over 4 months now but with the preseason so close (August 7, 2011), they may be telling the truth this time. If the season is truly going to be saved, then it is time to discuss fantasy football for the millions of people who enjoy playing the game every season. I will only be talking about New York Giants players in this article.

The first player we must discuss is WR Steve Smith. This is the steal of the entire fantasy football world for 2011 in my opinion. I have completed drafts in several leagues already and have been baffled by the fact that WR Steve Smith has gone undrafted in each and every one of them. I have been very fortunate to pick him up in every single one of my leagues without even drafting him. Knowing Smith will be available greatly effects draft strategy because you know you will get a quality WR on the back end, which allows you to focus on the running game or other areas of need early on. Smith has said that he is recovering from an injury very well and he will be ready for the 2011 season. Steve Smith will be the steal of this draft year in my opinion.

The following player list will show the player values for the 2011 fantasy football season. The players will listed in the order of their overall fantasy value. This list reveals my opinions only and should not be compared to any other fantasy ranking system. I have won a ton of fantasy championships and have over a decade of experience which makes me a fantasy expert. Of course, anything can go wrong at anytime and injuries could seriously effect the following predictions.

New York Giants Fantasy Football

1. QB Eli Manning – Manning has been putting up big numbers in recent years and I expect that trend to continue. Easy Eli responds to criticism very well and after being snubbed from the NFL Top 100 list, I expect Manning to play with a chip on his shoulder. Look for Eli to throw for 4,000+ yards and 30+ TD’s in 2011.

2. WR Hakeem Nicks – Nicks has the potential to be an all-pro player. I expect 1,200+ yards and 10 TD’s minimum from him in 2011.

3. New York Giants Defense – The Giants defense is simply scary. If they can remain healthy they will be a top 3 defense in 2011.

4. RB Ahmad Bradshaw – I am assuming the Giants will re-sign the speedy Bradshaw. If they do, Bradshaw will rush for 1,000+ yards and 7 or 8 TD’s.

5. WR Steve Smith – Smith is another player I assume the Giants will re-sign. Smith can easily eclipse the 1,000 yard receiving mark and pull down 5 TD’s.

6. RB Brandon Jacobs – I believe the Giants will utilize Jacobs the proper way in 2011. They will give him the ball more and give him the goal line carries. I expect Brandon “The Bull” to rush for about 700-800 yards with 10 TD’s.

7. WR Mario Manningham – Manningham has shown flashes of brilliance and should have 750 yards and 8 TD’s. Mario might have more if there are any reoccurring issues with Steve Smiths injury.

8. TE Kevin Boss – Boss has been plagued by injuries but should still grab 600-700 yards and 5 TD’s.

9. WR Victor Cruz (sleeper pick) – I like this kid a lot. If he gets an opportunity to log serious playing time due to player injuries, he could really do some great things. Either way, I expect him to flourish on special teams in 2011.

Do you play fantasy football and if so, would you agree with the list above? Would you add/subtract anything to/from the list?

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nygreporter Sports Special: Derek Jeter Gets 3,000th Hit

July 9, 2011

NEW YORK – As our readers know, every once in a while we do a sports special here at nygreporter. These are stories away from the usual New York Giants news but extremely relevant in the world of sports. These stories mostly revolve around the New York sports scene. Our current story is no different. Today we congratulate a true Yankees legend and overall sports legend, New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter.

Derek Jeter hit number 3,000 in dramatic fashion this afternoon by hitting a home run off David Price in the 3rd inning to tie up the game 1-1 against the Rays. The fan who caught the ball, Christian Lopez does the right thing and gives the ball back to Jeter and asks for nothing in return. The Yankees respond by giving the kid a ton of free stuff including 4 championship seats for the rest of the season. The baseball world is full of Yankee haters but even the most jaded baseball fan has to respect Derek Jeter and what he has meant to the game of baseball in general. Derek is a first ballot hall of famer and will have a plaque in beautiful Cooperstown, New York one day. His resume reads like every little league baseball players dream career. He was the 1996 Rookie of the Year, 5x World Champion, 12x All-Star player, 5x Gold Glove winner, 4x Silver Slugger winner, 2x Hank Aaron award winner, World Series MVP, All-Star game MVP, Member of 3,000 hit club and a ton of other awards and nominations too numerous to list here.

Derek Jeter is my generations Mickey Mantle or Babe Ruth if you are a Yankee fan. I have watched him play his entire career from the very first game back in 1995 and have seen him do things that nobody has done before. DJ has spent his entire career with the New York Yankees and he will end his career with the Bronx Bombers one day too, the fans love him for that. He remains the benchmark for class and success for every kid who picks up a bat or glove. Mr. November is without a doubt one of the greatest baseball players to ever put on a uniform and nobody can deny this fact.

I’m writing this during the Yankees game being played LIVE right now and wouldn’t you know it? Derek Jeter just hit a double to go 3-3 on the day thus far (3,001 hits) and we are only in the 5th inning. So far, he has hit a single, a double and a home run. He is only a triple away from hitting for the cycle. The guy is simply amazing.

I would like to personally congratulate Derek Jeter on his legendary accomplishment. It’s too bad we have to get old DJ!

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New York Giants: 2011 Training Camp Update

July 8, 2011

NEW YORK – The New York Giants have officially cancelled their annual training camp at the University of Albany in favor of holding it at the Timex Performance Center in East Rutherford. This is not surprising news at all and I actually expected this type of press release sometime this week. The Giants have to make their plans now and cannot afford to wait any longer for the lockout to give them answers. I’m sure this must have been a very difficult decision to make but at the end of the day, they made the correct choice. I applaud them for waiting right up to the last minute to try and salvage their agreement with Albany but ultimately they need to take care of business and they have done so with this decision.

The G-Men have spent the past 15 years up at the University of Albany and have helped support local business’ there during that entire time. The influx of Giants fans to that area during training camp cannot be understated. The biggest question fans have now is about the possibility of being locked out of the practices due to a lack of space. Attendance for these training camps generally bring out tens of thousands of fans annually. I’m not sure how much money the team makes during these summer sessions but I can tell you that they have a ton of Giants merchandise for sale up at Albany. The team has to be losing money by making this choice. However, there was really no other choice that could have been made when you sit back and think about it.

There hasn’t been much reaction from the players or coaches yet because this news is still very new. I’m sure fans will learn more about the team plans and if they will be able to attend a session or two this year. I’m sure that head coach Tom Coughlin isn’t happy about the situation but he will adapt and overcome as always. We are less then a month away from the Hall of Fame game, so getting the players in proper football shape has become the top priority. The 2011 NFL lockout has now reached 119 days and has affected tens of thousands of people during the worst economic crisis in American history.

What do you think about the Giants having to hold camp in East Rutherford this year?

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My Question to the NFL: What Should I Do?

July 6, 2011

NEW YORK – After 117 days of the 2011 NFL Lockout, I have only one question for the NFL, what should I do? Taking a serious look at this situation has forced me to ask the question. Just like the thousands of NFL employees who make a modest wage working long hours for the teams and offices. What should they do? Just as the LeBron James commercial begged the question to the public, I pose the same question to you NFL, what should I do? I am a football writer and as such I need team news, game news, practice reports, transactions and scenarios to write about.

How much is enough? I am floored by the possibility of losing an entire NFL season because of disagreements over money. I am disgusted by the fact that a room full of adults cannot come to a friendly agreement and get back to work. There are millions of Americans unemployed right now and tens of millions on food stamps. Make a fair deal for all parties involved and stop embarrassing yourselves publicly. If you think the average guy on the street has sympathy for your situation, you are mistaken. The average guy on the street knows he is a small part of making that $9 billion pot of gold for the NFL each and every year. We are 32 days (8-7-11) away from the Hall of Fame game and there is still no deal in place? What should I do?

Should I forget my dream of getting a paid job writing for the New York Giants after almost 3 years of writing for free? What should I do?

Should I give in agree with my family and friends, who tell me that I am wasting my time writing about NFL football? What should I do?

Should I stop being an NFL fan and refuse to buy another ticket or watch another game on TV due to bitterness? What should I do?

Should I become an anti-NFL writer from now on and point out all of the negative aspects of the game and business? What should I do?

Should I drop all of the players on my fantasy football team and never play the game again? What should I do?

Should I delete this website and create a new one dedicated to the philosophy of labor negotiations? What should I do?

Should I take all of my football memorabilia and authentic Giants jerseys and sell them on eBay? What should I do?

Should I stop using any products that sponsor the NFL and their business in protest? What should I do?

Should I handcuff myself to the front gate of Giants stadium like some nut until the lockout ends? What should I do?

Should I stop using my twitter account to interact with other Giants fans and discuss NFL football? What should I do?

At the end of the day, it will be my decision to make and I’m confident that what ever I choose to do, it will be the right decision for me. I will know what to do when the time is right. The issue here should not be all of the questions I have asked above but rather why a loyal fan of the NFL should have to ask all of these questions? At a time when America is hurting, you assume that the fans will be at your doorstep once this lockout ends begging to see the show. After nearly 4 months of headaches, don’t be too sure. It is arrogant to assume that business will be booming following a lockout that should have never occurred in the first place. You reap what you sow and I fully expect the NFL to lose fans over this lockout. Despite the popular belief that the fans will always be there, the reality of unshakeable integrity is overlooked. Some people cannot be bought and some people will not trade honor for glory.

My final question in this article is simple, What will YOU do?

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Happy 4th of July to our Readers and Giants Fans Everywhere

July 4, 2011

NEW YORK – On behalf of the nygreporter, I would like to wish all of our readers and Giants fans everywhere a very Happy 4th of July! Our Independence Day has a ton of meaning and I hope that the kids reading this will do some investigating on their own to find out the true meaning of why we celebrate this holiday. We all belong to the greatest country in the world and you should be thankful and proud to be an American.

I would like to specifically wish the U.S. military a very Happy 4th of July because without you, there would be no us. You are not forgotten!

There will be a beautiful fireworks display on the Hudson river tonight (ranked No.1 in the entire nation) along with millions of barbecues and parties all over the country. Setting off fireworks has become the activity most associated with this holiday and I hope that all of you kids reading this will be very careful when handling them. Be sure to have your parents with you and do not go near any firework that doesn’t explode or looks like a dud. These are mini-explosives and could really harm you if you handle them the wrong way. My simple advice for the adults is don’t drink and drive.

The NFL lockout has now reached 115 days and as our article stated yesterday, the games are coming up on the calendar very fast now. There isn’t much wiggle room left before the 2011 season is irreversibly effected. Let’s hope that the powers that be come to some sort of a solution this week and save their product the embarrassment of canceling the entire season over money. That is something that will not sit well with the American public during these hard economic times. We can discuss this more during the week but for today, celebrate and enjoy our Independence Day!

What are your plans for this 4th of July holiday?

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New York Giants: The State of the NFL in 2011

July 3, 2011

NEW YORK – The New York Giants are exactly 70 days away from their first scheduled regular season game on September 11, 2011 against the Washington Redskins. The Giants are also about 40 days away from their first scheduled preseason game against the Carolina Panthers with the game date yet TBA (to be announced) but will occur between August 11, 2011 and August 14, 2011. The 2011 NFL lockout has now reached 114 days and there is still no end in sight. Minicamp will be lost this season. The NFL rookie symposium has been cancelled and teams are changing their regular training camp plans. Free agency has been deeply effected and although team leaders such as QB Eli Manning take it upon themselves to organize player practices, there can be no exception for the real thing. These player practices should add to the shame of this NFL lockout.

Players are literally risking their careers to get in some work. This is absolutely unacceptable. What a sad state we find the NFL in these days. Here we are on this 4th of July weekend and besides talking about baseball, fans have to discuss the stupid lockout and try to guess when it will end or if there will even be a season. You know that things are bad when fans care more about the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog eating contest then they do about football. Still, Giants fans remain loyal because of how John Mara and the organization are handling the situation. The Giants front office have clearly been the most vocal and have taken the lead on more then one occasion during these discussions.

Sports fans will also have a new countdown to endure since the NBA has now started it’s own lockout. When does it end? These deals and new contracts are issues that should have been worked out months before the due date, so the fans don’t have to suffer. The only thing these lockouts accomplish is locking out the fans from their favorite teams and causing a ton of resentment. I think Ray Lewis was right when he said that crime would go up due to these lockouts. The boredom that could take over the minds of our sports society might be too much to handle. Think of a world without sports and then consider what those tens of millions of fans would be doing otherwise. The idle mind is the devils playground. End this lockout and get back to work before things get ugly.

What do you think about the current state of the NFL?

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The New York Giants Official Website Makes Big Changes

June 30, 2011

NEW YORK – Many Giants fans got a big surprise yesterday when they tried to visit the New York Giants website. The Giants have removed there old website in favor of a new one. During the late afternoon yesterday, the changeover occurred. The site looks wonderful aesthetically and appears to have a lot more video for fans to watch. It came as a surprise to most fans because there was no notice of the change prior to it happening. The functionality and overall shine of the website is much improved and fans will like the way it looks. There appears to be a clear cut programming schedule for Giants web events and shows. I like this format but hope they will also allow for some spontaneity in content.

A couple of issues have upset some fans (I’ve been getting emails and messages via twitter about this). The biggest one is the fact that fans have completely lost their old accounts. Giants fans will have to create an entirely new account, complete with screen name and password. Another change that was a bit of a let down, is the fact that there will no longer be any Giants fan blogs allowed. I think this will prove to be a big mistake because fans were really enjoying the ability to interact with each other. The old school message board that still remains has become outdated and unfulfilling after experiencing the fun of having used the other format. Also, if you had contributed any articles or stories to the old website, you have lost all of your work because it was deleted during the change over. Some fans would have liked the opportunity to save those stories for their personal archives.

In summary, I think Giants fans will eventually learn that the new website is a great source for Giants news and information. It has removed the fan interaction aspect, which I still believe is a mistake. By separating themselves from the fan in the age of social media, the Giants have clearly transformed the website into a two dimensional news destination instead of a thriving fan community. Instead of removing the fan interaction, I would have generated and encouraged more interaction between the fans, players, staff and writers. I understand that fans can still use facebook or twitter but why give away all of that web traffic when could be the place to be? The evolution of modern sports websites will only occur when they realize that they have the power and stop relinquishing it all to these third party websites. They need to stop using the main website to export popularity to these third party websites and start using the third party websites to import more fans to them. Of course, this is only my opinion and social media philosophy.

What do you think about the new official website for the Giants? Do you prefer the new style or the old one?

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