New York Giants Get 2 Compensatory Picks in 2011 Draft

March 26, 2011

NEW YORK – After a news drought on NFL news the past couple of weeks, fans finally learned about the compensatory picks yesterday. Because the Giants lost QB David Carr and DT Fred Robbins in 2010, the NFL has awarded the team two 6th round picks (No.198 and No.202 overall). Not very exciting considering the level of talent that will be available in round six but none the less some good news. Having three 6th round picks tells me that the likelihood of a trade or moving up to get a coveted player is better then average now. Personally, I would have rather gotten one third or fourth round pick instead of two sixth round picks but the world doesn’t revolve around me.

Losing David Carr and Fred Robbins were both big blows to the team. The Giants have not been able to replace Carr yet with a backup QB of equal caliber and Robbins was a fan favorite who could have easily contributed to the team in 2010. The Giants are much deeper at the defensive tackle position then they are at the backup quarterback spot. They will need to correct that before the season begins. Even though QB Eli Manning has an Iron Man streak going for most consecutive starts (behind only big brother Peyton Manning), the team will still need to be prepared in case the worst possible scenario plays out.

Giants GM Jerry Reese will take what he can get. I’m sure he will turn these extra picks into something special on draft day by using his jedi mind tricks. Hopefully, this silly NFL lockout will be over in time for fans to see these rookies play in a game. The lockout has entered its 15th day and there seems to be no end in sight. How will this effect the draft, minicamp and training camp? Nobody knows. One thing I know for sure is the fact that the fans are really fed up with this lockout business. Let’s hope they settle their differences and get back to work soon.

– Everyone here at would like to say Congratulations to Eli & Abby Manning on the birth of their first child this week. The Manning’s had a baby girl they named Ava. Something tells me that Easy Eli will be playing with a new purpose this season and I fully expect him to have a career year. CONGRATS!

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Giants QB Eli Manning Will Be a Dad Soon

October 30, 2010

NEW YORK – It seems just like yesterday that QB Eli Manning was involved in the draft day drama that ultimately brought him to Big Blue. Since then, all that Eli Manning has done is win a Super Bowl ring, be named Super Bowl MVP, go to the Pro Bowl and win a lot of football games. Not a bad career at all and all of this before his 30th birthday (Eli is 29).

Now it seems like the perfect time for him to start a family of his own with his wife Abby. The local reporters broke the news yesterday about Eli and his wife, expecting their first child. I would like to say Congratulations on behalf of everybody here at the nygreporter and we wish you a happy and healthy child, be it a boy or a girl (boy, boy, boy). Easy Eli comes from a very good family and he has a tremendous support system. I’m sure he is going to make a terrific father and will raise the child the same way he was raised, which is to say properly.

Now for the inevitable debate on the baby’s name. Will they name the child Archie, after his father if it’s a boy? Will Eli and Abby decide to share in the “naming rights” or will they decide that Eli names the kid if it’s a boy and Abby names it if it’s a girl? Only time will tell but the most important thing is to pray for a happy and healthy baby and everything else will work itself out. I won’t drag out this story because I really just wanted to recognize a happy occasion for the Giants team captain. God Bless and Congratulations again!

What opinions can you give Eli and Abby on helping them name the baby?

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Eli Manning Donates One Million Dollars to School

July 26, 2010

Hello Giants Fans,

New York Giants QB Eli Manning and his wife Abby have donated $1,000,000 to Ole Miss. Both attended the college and Eli Manning held 47 school records when the Giants drafted him back in the day. Eli’s parents both attended the school as well.

It’s nice to see a positive story about a player giving back to the community. QB Eli Manning is worth every penny he gets in his contract. Besides improving his game on the field, he has been the consummate professional off the field. Clearly, the Manning boys were raised the right way by their parents. The entire Manning clan including Archie, Cooper, Peyton and Eli, were on hand for their passing academy recently as well. It is an annual event the family holds in Louisiana and yet another example of the guys giving back.

I think it is important for kids to hear about stories like this. The kids today need some positive role models in their lives. I think Eli Manning understands that star athletes become role models by default and players have a responsibility to do the right thing. It is part of the package when you live your life in the spotlight. It’s nice to see him embrace that role and live the good life. The Giants Nation tip our hats to you good sir.

Personally, I am glad that the Giants have a classy guy leading the team. We have all read the recent articles in 2010 about other NFL QB’s going off the deep end and being charged with some heinous crimes. It’s nice to know that Big Blue fans will be spared that kind of ridicule. To all of the kids reading this story, stay in school and follow your dreams. Stay out of trouble and remember that good things happen to good people.

Do you find it refreshing to hear a positive sports story for a change?

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