Former Giant Plaxico Burress Just Cannot Keep His Mouth Shut

June 15, 2011

NEW YORK – Our readers know how much I have talked about giving Plaxico Burress another chance in the NFL. I have written a few articles on him before and after his release from prison last week. I was on his side and hoping that he learned from the error of his ways and came out of jail with a fresh outlook on life. I was wrong. I was dumbfounded when I read what Burress had to say about Giants head coach Tom Coughlin and the New York Giants. I just cannot believe he would burn a bridge before he was anywhere near making amends. Really Plaxico?

Giants fans have not forgotten the facts of the Burress era. The facts are that Burress is a prima donna who has a problem with authority. He mentioned how he hated the prison system because of the way guards spoke to the prisoners in there. How he hated being told what to do and when to eat and all of that. What the heck did he expect? As I watched the video clip with a hot soup face (face scrunched up in disbelief), I shook my head and instantly felt a wave of peace come over me. It was time to say goodbye and good riddens to Plaxico Burress.

It is no secret that Burress has a big mouth but this was such a public relations fumble that Tiki Barber would be shaking his head at it. The unrepentant Burress came across as bitter and having a bad attitude. But you go on and keep imagining that you’re “keeping it real” Plaxico. You want to keep it real? You just dissed New York, the Giants and Coach Coughlin in one sitting and then chose to gloat about the possibility of going to the New York Jets? Now I feel like a fool for sticking up for Burress and I’m glad that Coach Coughlin recognized the headache Plaxico would become down the road.

Let’s not forget how many times he was fined for being late to practice, all his off the field legal problems and how he threw a monkey wrench into the promising 2008 season for the Giants as a team. He is acting like a 34 year old child by saying he doesn’t like the Tom Coughlin system or the way that he coaches. Hey Plaxico, why don’t you try joining the rest of us in the real world where 90% of the public hate their jobs and bosses. Real men stick it out because they have no other choice but to provide for their families. You threw away $12 million dollars and two years of your life because of your ego. Now you decide to call out the team who showed you love and gave you that fat contract to begin with? Why not point that finger at yourself and realize that grown ups don’t act this way. Could you imagine Ray Lewis complaining about practice or the coaching? I can only hope that Burress decides to go to the Philadelphia Eagles, so the Giants DB’s can knock him out while he goes up for a pass. Now that is keeping it real.

What do the fans think about Plaxico Burress calling out head coach Tom Coughlin and the New York Giants on TV?

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New York Giants Can’t Catch a Break

November 23, 2010

NEW YORK – The New York Giants have problems, big problems. The team has not been able to stay healthy since 2008. The 2009 NFL season may be one of the worst on record as far as injuries are concerned. The 2010 NFL season is slowly catching up to that infamous honor. There is absolutely nothing more frustrating then having a ton of talent on a team that cannot play due to injuries. I get physically ill when I think about the pro bowlers and supreme talent who have landed on the IR this year or who have missed significant playing time due to injuries.

The Giants have been making so many mid-season transactions, that it has become difficult to keep track of them all. It seems like the team is brining in a new player every single week. The news broke yesterday about star WR Hakeem Nicks having to miss at least 3 weeks with a leg injury and it was just another punch to the gut. The Giants already have players, who are playing games with injuries and legging them out. I will leave a current list of players who are missing significant time in 2010 below, so you can see for yourself what the team is dealing with.

Last year, the defense was the main problem and that has been fixed with the arrival of DC Perry Fewell and a bunch of new players. In 2010, the special teams has effected more games then I care to discuss and the offense has been turning the ball over at an astonishing rate. So far, turnovers and the special teams play are number one and two on my list of issues. Not too far behind and perhaps tied with one of the previous two items are the injuries. The Giants can’t seem to catch a break this year, after once again having a promising first half of the season. The Giants have had the No.1 defense and a top three offense for much of the first half of the 2010 NFL season and now it seems to be slipping away week by week. They are currently the No.2 defense and No.3 offense in the NFL with a 6-4 record.

This season is far from over and the G-Men are capable of running the table when healthy but when your three starting WR’s are Mario Manningham, Duke Calhoun and Derek Hagan, you may run into some problems because those are your No.3, No.4 and No.5 WR’s on the depth chart. Not to mention that TE Kevin Boss has been banged up all year and has missed time, further taking away weapons from Eli manning who is having a solid season despite his meltdown against the Eagles this past weekend.

The 6-4 Giants will reportedly sign the 6’4″ former Tampa Bay WR Michael Clayton to a one year deal today, to help the depleted WR corps. Clayton is a young 28 year old player with six years of NFL experience under his belt. He will be brought in from his current Omaha team with the UFL. This might be just the thing this young man needs to live up to his potential. The Giants will need to clear the air and get focused for their next game this weekend against the Jaguars at 1PM EST in New Meadowlands stadium.

Let’s take a look at some of the injured players for Big Blue.

– QB Jim Sorgi – Injured Reserve List

– WR Ramses Barden – Injured Reserve List

– WR Domenik Hixon – Injured Reserve List

– WR Victor Cruz – Injured Reserve List

– DE Mathias Kiwanuka – Injured Reserve List

– LB Adrian Tracy – Injured Reserve List

– S Michael Johnson – Injured Reserve List

– CB Bruce Johnson – Injured Reserve List

– OL Adam Koets – Injured Reserve List

– S Chad Jones – Non Football Injury -Injured Reserve List

– WR Steve Smith – Week to Week

– WR Hakeem Nicks – Week to Week

– OL Shaun O’Hara – Week to Week

– OL David Diehl – Week to Week

– FB Madison Hedgecock – Week to Week

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New York Giants sign Rookie Safety Chad Jones

June 12, 2010

The New York Giants signed 2010 3rd round pick S Chad Jones to a 4-year contract on Friday. The former LSU standout is 6’2″ 218 pounds. He was asked to lose some weight when he first arrived at 230 pounds. He has cut 12 pounds since then and seems to be a sponge when it comes to learning the system. He is a tremendous athlete who could have played in the MLB if he decided to stick with baseball. He was a two sport athlete in college playing football and baseball.

Jones will wear No.35 for the New York Giants.

The New York Giants had one of the worst defensive backfields in the game of football in 2009. It was absolutely atrocious and painful to watch. The coaches and front office made swift and harsh changes to the team after one of the worst overall defensive performances in years. They signed safety Antrel Rolle via free agency and picked up safety Deon Grant. They also drafted safety Chad Jones in the third round. Jones is a player that I featured as a possible super star on the next level, so I was very happy to see the team steal in in the third round. I have big expectations for this kid and want to welcome him to New York.

I think it is safe to say that the defensive backfield has been thoroughly addressed. Let’s not forget new defensive coordinator Perry Fewell who is known as a DB coach. The 2010 New York Giants will look nothing like the team that took the field in 2009. Chad Jones will just add to the mix, in what is becoming a crowded backfield talent wise. If S Kenny Phillips can return to the team fully healthy, he will start opposite S Antrel Rolle. One of the three safeties, Johnson, Jones and Grant will surely not be with the team next season and possibly even this season. Kenny Phillips is the wild card in the whole DB scheme.

– Kicker Sam Swank was also waived by the team yesterday.

What do you think about the New York Giants signing rookie safety Chad Jones to a 4-year deal? Do you think he will become a solid NFL player?

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New York Giants: Seven Rounds in Seven Days, Rd.7

April 14, 2010

The 2010 NFL Draft is a mere 8 days away now and will be held on Thursday 4-22-10. I thought we could do something interesting leading up to the 2010 NFL Draft. I plan on writing about a different round every day for the next seven days, leading us right up to two days before the 2010 draft on Tuesday 4-20-10.

What I am going to do is take the last three drafts, all of which were done by Jerry Reese, and the last three drafts before that, done by Ernie Accorsi and compare them. That means we are taking a look back at the previous six draft years. I think you will find it very interesting how well these two men stack up with their drafting prowess. You will be getting three actual draft results each, from Jerry Reese and Ernie Accorsi, plus my position predictions by round, for the 2010 Draft. We will use a countdown style beginning with the number seven and ending with the number one.

On Wednesday 4-21-10, NYGReporter will do our “The Day Before: The 2010 Draft” segment and then LIVE coverage throughout the three day draft weekend.

So without any more delay, let’s take a look at how Jerry Reese and Ernie Accorsi drafted in round seven for the past six years.


Ernie Accorsi:

2004 Draft – Round 7 – OT Drew Strojny and CB Isaac Hilton

2005 Draft – Round 7 – No Picks available

2006 Draft – Round 7 – CB Gerrick McPherson

Jerry Reese:

2007 Draft – Round 7 – S Michael Johnson and RB Ahmad Bradshaw

2008 Draft – Round 7 – WR Marcus Monk

2009 Draft – Round 7 – CB Stoney Woodson


2010 Draft –  Round 7 – Position Prediction – Cornerback

Based on the information and history we have to examine, I would have to give the round seven edge to Jerry Reese for grabbing Ahmad Bradshaw in the seventh round. He also got Michael Johnson in the very same round and draft. Ahmad Bradshaw and Michael Johnson are the only two, round seven picks, that have remained on the team since 2004. Plus, Reese was able to hold onto all of his draft picks.

What do you think about the round seven comparisons? Did Jerry Reese win this round in your mind as well? Even though this isn’t a competition between two guys that we all love, it’s still fun to compare. I’m just trying to put an interesting twist on some pre-draft analysis.

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2010 New York Giants: The Safeties

April 7, 2010

This was the number one need for the New York Giants and it seems like Jerry Reese knew it. After signing Antrel Rolle to a big contract and bringing on Deon Grant, the Giants made a statement by these moves and by cutting safeties Aaron Rouse and CC Brown. This leaves the Giants with five safeties on the team as of today. With Michael Johnson as the number one backup to the Kenny Phillips/Antrel Rolle tandem, I see no reason why this won’t be one of the best defensive back groups in football. The only thing that could derail this plan is if Kenny Phillips is not fully healthy. Remember, it was not very long ago that Kenny Phillips was being compared to the great Ed Reed. The future of the Giants safety group resides with Phillips’ health.

Safety Deon Grant was brought in as a reliable safety, who doesn’t miss games. Grant is 31 years old and the oldest player in the safety corps, automatically making him the veteran voice. The safety position was the worst of the bunch in 2009. Having Perry Fewell work with the defense is a plus. Bill Sheridan was released after an atrocious 2009 campaign. The defensive backfield will be under a microscope in 2010 and I expect the Giants players to be ready. I am assuming that the signing of Grant means that Rashad will not be on the final roster for 2010. This is an area that was thoroughly addressed already this offseason.

What do you think about the current New York Giants safety situation? Is there any reason to pursue another Safety in the 2010 NFL Draft?

Here is a list of the current New York Giants Safeties:

1. Kenny Phillips #21

2. Antrel Rolle #26

3. Michael Johnson #20

4. Sha’reef Rashad #30

5. Deon Grant # TBA

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Welcome to the NYG Reporter!

March 6, 2010

This is a website for New York Giants fans and writers to come and discuss New York Giants football. There is nothing left out of the discussion here concerning the G-Men during the season and off season. We are looking to build a strong network of solid New York Giants writers.

We have been featured on CBS Sports, USA Today,, Giants 101, SB Nation and bleacher report just to name a few. The goal was to create a stress free environment for Giants writers to come and share their thoughts and strategies, without feeling suffocated or pressured to constantly write new material for the site. All are welcome here, from the established and seasoned sports writer, to the beginner trying to make sense of it all. Welcome to the NYG Reporter!

This site was born on March 6, 2010. I hope you decide to check us out and stay a while!

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