New York Giants: Seven Rounds in Seven Days, Rd.7

The 2010 NFL Draft is a mere 8 days away now and will be held on Thursday 4-22-10. I thought we could do something interesting leading up to the 2010 NFL Draft. I plan on writing about a different round every day for the next seven days, leading us right up to two days before the 2010 draft on Tuesday 4-20-10.

What I am going to do is take the last three drafts, all of which were done by Jerry Reese, and the last three drafts before that, done by Ernie Accorsi and compare them. That means we are taking a look back at the previous six draft years. I think you will find it very interesting how well these two men stack up with their drafting prowess. You will be getting three actual draft results each, from Jerry Reese and Ernie Accorsi, plus my position predictions by round, for the 2010 Draft. We will use a countdown style beginning with the number seven and ending with the number one.

On Wednesday 4-21-10, NYGReporter will do our “The Day Before: The 2010 Draft” segment and then LIVE coverage throughout the three day draft weekend.

So without any more delay, let’s take a look at how Jerry Reese and Ernie Accorsi drafted in round seven for the past six years.


Ernie Accorsi:

2004 Draft – Round 7 – OT Drew Strojny and CB Isaac Hilton

2005 Draft – Round 7 – No Picks available

2006 Draft – Round 7 – CB Gerrick McPherson

Jerry Reese:

2007 Draft – Round 7 – S Michael Johnson and RB Ahmad Bradshaw

2008 Draft – Round 7 – WR Marcus Monk

2009 Draft – Round 7 – CB Stoney Woodson


2010 Draft –  Round 7 – Position Prediction – Cornerback

Based on the information and history we have to examine, I would have to give the round seven edge to Jerry Reese for grabbing Ahmad Bradshaw in the seventh round. He also got Michael Johnson in the very same round and draft. Ahmad Bradshaw and Michael Johnson are the only two, round seven picks, that have remained on the team since 2004. Plus, Reese was able to hold onto all of his draft picks.

What do you think about the round seven comparisons? Did Jerry Reese win this round in your mind as well? Even though this isn’t a competition between two guys that we all love, it’s still fun to compare. I’m just trying to put an interesting twist on some pre-draft analysis.

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