Happy St. Patricks Day New York Giants Fans

March 17, 2011

NEW YORK (nygreporter.com) – I would like to wish everyone a Happy St. Patricks Day because as the saying goes, everyone is Irish on St. Patricks day. I won’t use the cliche that the NFL needs the luck of the Irish to have a 2011 NFL season but the truth is that the Giants will need to luck of the Irish to stay healthy in 2011. At full strength, the Giants will go deep into the playoffs and they won’t need luck. Maybe the owners and player reps should try the simple approach of sitting around a table and having a few Guinness beers. They most likely will not however and it looks like a one way ticket to Palookaville for the fans.

Get your four leaf shamrocks out and cross your fingers because the fans know a pot of gold is waiting at the end of the table. Sign the deal and get back to work. We live in fickle times and the fans attention span is much shorter then it used to be. I remember when my computer crashed a couple of years ago and I kept wondering what I was going to do without a computer until I got a replacement. How did people function without computers back in the day? Oh wait, I’m old enough to remember that. But you know what happened? I adapted to not having a computer rather quickly and replaced the time I had spent on the computer with doing with more activities. I also began to read more. Well, I began to read more books to be specific. I read pages of text daily spreading the current news or sports updates. Do you get the point NFL? It would not be good for business if 10%-15% of your fans realize they like life better without the NFL. Don’t be arrogant and think it can’t happen.

Not much news on the football front. The players are banned from all team facilities and the lockout continues on going into day six. I want to remind all of our readers to drink responsibly and don’t be stupid and get into a car drunk.  Anyone who drives a car while drunk is a fool. Do the right thing, not just for yourself but for the innocent people (kids too) crossing a street. Other then that, have a wonderful day and a ton of fun. If you see a leprechaun swinging from a Save-More convenience store neon sign, calling your name and cursing at you, then it’s time to go home. Just put down the drink and call a cab. Good Luck!

Have one for us!

RD – nygreporter.com

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