New York Giants sign QB Jim Sorgi

The New York Giants found the backup QB they were looking for after the departure of QB David Carr. Jim Sorgi was signed to a deal today after passing a physical with the team. Sorgi was Peyton Manning’s backup QB in Indy for six years. The 29-year old Sorgi said that he was excited about working with Eli Manning and helping him in any way possible. I’m glad that the team addressed an area of need rather quickly, locked in and pulled the trigger on Jim Sorgi. However, I do not think he is a better QB then David Carr. I would have preferred to have kept Carr but Sorgi might prove to be extremely helpful in the homework department. The fact that he has worked closely with the best Quarterback in the NFL, is a huge plus for Eli Manning, even if he is Peyton’s brother.

I’m not sure how much field time Sorgi will get, probably about as much as he did with Peyton, since both Peyton and Eli have Iron Man streaks going for the most consecutive starts. The Giants continue to make all of the right moves on paper and have kept their word by aggressively hitting the free agent market. I am looking for one more big signing before the NFL Draft next month. Middle Linebacker is the most blaring need as of today and a rookie simply cannot take command of a team the way a veteran can. This might be a position worth trading a player for, if one cannot be found via free agency. There is a never a dull moment during the off season!

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2 Responses to New York Giants sign QB Jim Sorgi

  1. Padua says:

    Rob Domaine is a machine gun right now. Dude, I feel like pressing the refresh button on my e-mail account every five minutes to check if you posted other breaking news.

    Thanks for making my life easier, Rob!

    BTW: great news. Ever since I read that Sorgi was coming in for a visit I thought it was a great idea. I read something about Peyton saying that Sorgi was crucial in gameplanning, and that his presence in the meeting room was very important.

  2. robdomaine says:

    Hey Saulo, thanks buddy. I find this way of writing much more to my liking, plus I’m doing it with the people I like the most.

    I am not sure how much Sorgi will play like I said but I agree with you about him helping Eli out with the mental things. This is a good day and most importantly, the Giants are addressing the issues quickly!

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