Could LaDainian Tomlinson become a New York Giant?

I see LaDainian Tomlinson still on the market and I’m wondering how that is possible? Even a 30 year old Tomlinson (I choose not to refer to him as LT, out of respect for Lawrence Taylor) has still got some gas in the tank and can run circles around a lot of current NFL RB’s. To answer the title question, Yes. Tomlinson could and should become a New York Giant. I could see him signing a 2 or 3 year deal with the team and split carries with Brandon Jacobs. We would need to cut Danny Ware and use Ahmad Bradshaw as a third down back. In truth, Tom Coughlin could just start the hot RB and inter-change them at will.

The bottom line is that having Jacobs, Bradshaw & Tomlinson is a good problem to have. It instantly upgrades us to one of the best RB Corps in the NFL. It might also be just what the doctor ordered for Tomlinson, splitting carries in this point in his career would only extend it. I would keep RB Andre Brown on the roster because he has a lot of potential in the NFL and nobody got to see what the sophomore can do yet. He was injured early in training camp during his rookie season last year. Jerry Reese must have Tomlinson on his radar, even if it were to glance at the prospect of bringing him to New York. I will support what ever choice he makes because he is able to see more then we can.

The Giants still need a middle linebacker as their number one priority but nailing down Tomlinson for 2 or 3 years, will fill a lot of seats in the New Meadowlands Stadium and put the Big Blue running game into a higher bracket. We will have to wait and see where he ends up. Reports are claiming that the Vikings appear to be the most interested at this point.

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One Response to Could LaDainian Tomlinson become a New York Giant?

  1. robdomaine says:

    Tomlinson agreed to a two year deal with the Jets today. No more Giants deal for this guy.

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