Lawrence Taylor: The Greatest Football Player Ever?

The NFL has started to do something very interesting, in honor of the 75th anniversary of the NFL Draft. They have started a versus section on, where fans can vote on one player versus another. You could have Joe Montana facing off against Phil Simms or Ray Lewis squared up against Mike Singletary. I know this is a question that has been asked for years and something that has been dissected and examined by all fans. But for all of our efforts, we still don’t know the answer.

How is it possible to figure out who was the greatest NFL player of all time? It’s impossible to me. I am a Giants fan, so of course I am going to say LB Lawrence Taylor. A Bears fan will most likely say RB Walter Payton. A 49ers fan might say WR Jerry Rice. It seems like for all of the effort put into this question, the best we can all do collectively, is choose a top 5 or top 10 list. Taylor, Payton and Rice are all on that list by the way. Some have to break it down by offense and defensive players. Some just roll their eyes when asked for their choice. I’m not sure what scientific formula could produce the answer but I am going to stick with Lawrence Taylor as the greatest football player of all time.

We all know he changed the game forever with his unique style of attacking. We all know that he has had off field issues that make some doubters dismiss his superiority on the field. If we start small, say at the linebacker position, can you give me the name of a better linebacker in NFL history then LT? OK I didn’t think so. On to the next question, can you tell me the name of any defensive player who is better then LT? Again, you would be hard pressed but here is where it gets tricky. When we begin to look at the NFL as a whole and include offensive players into the mix, the picture becomes cloudy. Payton and Rice to be specific are just as talented and athletic as LT was. The difference is what they made their bodies do with that athleticism. A running back, a wide receiver and a linebacker. I’m sure some of you have your own choices to throw into the mix and please feel free to do so. But out of the three players I mentioned, I’m picking LT because defense wins championships. I would love to hear what you think. Is LT the greatest football player of all time?

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10 Responses to Lawrence Taylor: The Greatest Football Player Ever?

    • robdomaine says:

      Well this is good news about Aaron Ross. He had me worried with all of his talk about not being sure about playing football. It’s good to see him back and in good spirits.

      What do you think of the LT question?

      • Kyle L. says:

        Lawrence Taylor is the greatest player of all time because schematically he could not be avoided. You can decide not to throw at Darrelle Revis if you want. LT doesn’t give you that choice. He will find a way to destroy you. And thats another reason hes the greatest… When he made plays, they typically ended drives

  1. robdomaine says:

    All-Universe LB Lawrence Taylor was on hand at the 2010 NFL Draft in Radio City Music Hall. When asked to reminisce about his own draft day experience, LT replied “I don’t remember any of it, except that I drank 41 beers (Coors Lite)” Who were you with?” the reporter asked, LT answered “My drinking buddies”.

    Check out for the short video.

  2. robdomaine says:

    By now, I’m sure that everyone has heard the reports about Lawrence Taylor and the alleged rape arrest. Nothing is confirmed yet but Taylor was arrested for supposedly arranging a prostitute to come to his New York hotel room. The girl was apparently beaten up prior to arriving and is underage. We will have to wait and see what happens with this situation because everything is speculation and rumor at this point.

  3. robdomaine says:


    Lawrence Taylor was released on $75,000 bail and will have to return to court on June 10, 2010. We will be doing our updates here in this comment section rather then posting a dedicated article on the subject because we do not know what is true or not. We want to be responsible in the reporting of a such a serious topic.

  4. robdomaine says:


    Lawrence Taylor was indicted on rape charges this past Friday. We will now have to wait and see what comes of all of this. This is a heartbreaking story for Giants fans and the kids. I find myself being silent about this story because I don’t want it to be true. I don’t want to hear any more negative press about a Giants legend. First because I’m a fan but also secondly for the man himself. LT is a legend and that chase for a rush must be exhausting to him.

    I hope LT can find some peace in his life and settle down. Even though, I know he would say “to hell with that!” but I still don’t understand why. I will not be doing a full article on this topic until the final verdict comes in.

    Until then, I will do these little updates in the comment area here, until there is some closure.

  5. robdomaine says:


    Lawrence Taylor pleaded “not guilty” today in the New City courthouse. He is scheduled to appear next in early August 2010. It has been just over two months (May 6th) since Taylor was accused of rape.

  6. robdomaine says:


    Lawrence Taylor will get 6 months probation for his actions in a New York hotel room last year. Taylor spoke the truth about the path some stars take but he did it in public which is not good. As good as a player that he was on the field, there is no way I can guide children to look up to him now. It’s just too much LT.

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