Final Goodbye to Giants MLB Antonio Pierce

Many fans wanted Antonio Pierce to be cut this upcoming 2010 season. I have had many discussions with fans about this topic and could not let the subject go without a final word on the Giants defensive general, Antonio Pierce. I understand that his skills have declined with age (33) but he was still a New York Giant. It seems to me like fans are forgetting all that he has done for the team. Without sounding sappy or mushy about the subject, the man deserves some respect now that he has moved on. He also left the team with a lot of class by publicly praising the organization and saying he understands the business move. He said he will cherish the time he had in New York and wished them well. What more do you want from the guy?

He has proven to be a great team mate and friend to his fellow players. He is a Super Bowl Champion and Pro Bowl player. He commanded the defense on the field and did his job extremely well, even if he lost a step due to father time. Personally, I was sad to see him go. Now here we are without a middle linebacker and we’re creeping up to the NFL Draft. I am confident that Jerry Reese has a plan and he will execute it shortly. You don’t get rid of a player like AP without having some sort of a backup plan. Perhaps, the team feels like it is time to give someone on the roster currently a shot, but who? Chase Blackburn? Jonathan Goff? No one knows the plan and we must all sit back and wait for it to unfold. I wish AP luck in everything he does in the future and nothing but success in his life in general.

What do you think about the departure of MLB Antonio Pierce and who do you think a good replacement would be via free agency, trade or the draft?

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11 Responses to Final Goodbye to Giants MLB Antonio Pierce

  1. Kyle L. says:

    Goodbye fat-ass

    Theres your final goodbye

    • robdomaine says:

      Hey Kyle,

      I was waiting to see how long it would take for you to comment about Pierce lol. I still don’t understand why you hate our former defensive general so much. Man you’re ice cold!

  2. Kyle L. says:

    He contributed greatly to the downfall of the team. Showing up way overweight in 08 and getting involved in the plax business. Thanks for 05-07, screw you for 08-09.

    There were games where this blow hard had 2 tackles. You wanna see a defensive general? Look at Jon Vilma who was covering receivers 30 yards downfield in the Sb meanwhile this guy consistently gets burned. Just because you wave your hands around does not make you the defensive general. Period.

    And this guy talked the big talk to go along with it an has convinced you along with so many others that he is “irreplaceable” and was a Great “defensive general”.

    He was a middle of the road middle linebacker who will easily be replaced by a rookie with some semblance of athleticism.

    Its so sad that he and his act has blinded you from seeing his OBVIOUSLY horrific play the last 2 years

    • robdomaine says:

      Look at the angry man over here. All I can say is WOW! You must have a short memory and no love for players who get old and lose a step. The man left with class and did the best he could do. Everyone has different genetics. You don’t know what happened to him or how severe his injury is.

      I’m surprised at how much you hate AP Kyle. I thought for sure you would show him more love then 05-07 thanks and 08-09 screw you lol? What the heck is that all about? He also didn’t contribute “greatly” to the fall of the team when he didn’t play half the season like the rest of the team on IR this year.

      I feel bad that you can discard real team mates at such a horrid pace with no love for what they did for the team during their WHOLE career with the team and not just the last season played.

  3. Josh Berman says:

    AP was a class act for sure, his leadership skills are wonderful and what he was able to accomplish with such young linebackers every year was remarkable. Honestly the guy deserves a few years off and then he can come back as a linebackers coach. I think he would fill that role very nicely for any team in the league. As for his replacement, I like Goff the most if the Giants decide not to add anyone, however I think the most likely scenario is Mclain in the draft (he has now admitted to having crohn’s disease) or scooping up Morrison.

    • robdomaine says:

      I agree with you Josh. I’m not sure if he will ever be the same again. I respect him and thank him for all he has done for the team. I just can’t see myself throwing a former Giants player under the bus for getting old. There is no arguing about his leadership skills at all in my opinion too.

  4. Kyle L. says:

    Rob- You have totally missed my message. I could care less about his play. It was his fake, stupid arrogance that got me going. How you don’t see it ill never know. Just go on Giants 101 and ask their opinion of AP and they will lay it out for you perfectly logically

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