Giants Win Coin Toss; Will Open New Stadium

Well folks all the waiting is over. The New York Giants have officially won the coin toss vs. the Jets for the right to open New Meadowlands Stadium. Robert Domaine reported previously on the possibility of the coin toss. The story first broke when a post concerning it showed up on the Jets website. The National Football Post and the Associated Press both reported that the Giants and League officials contradicted the claim by stating that Roger Goodell “will make the final call”. The Jets pushed for the coin toss as the Giants were seemingly the front-runner for the opening game. None of my sources seemed to indicate the coin toss would happen so soon, most believed it would be sometime next week if at all. The schedule will be released sometime next month with prime-time games being released sooner than that. The Jets may have been true in their story, but when it comes to the winner the Giants were true blue.

Josh Berman –

One Response to Giants Win Coin Toss; Will Open New Stadium

  1. robdomaine says:

    Hey Josh, thanks for the update buddy. This is great news and well deserved if you ask me. The Jets were getting a little out of line by wanting everything under the sun it seemed. fate has a way of making everything work out for the best in the end! Great job posting the update!

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